As a supposedly intelligent species we humans tend to think of ourselves as something special when, in truth, our recollection of significant events is flawed and as Emmanuelle Velikovsky once would attest to, we have a problem with collective amnesia in great cataclysms that are often forgotten in the great millennium of the ages. This reduces man often to a short sighted voyager who not only refuses to acknowledge bitter lessons but tends to repeat those same mistakes time and time again.

The illusion

We as individuals are now being presented with a version of reality in our world controlled by propaganda, holograms, intentional disinformation, and our lives are being influenced in ways we may be unaware of by powers that are being hidden from common knowledge. Science, for instance always canonized as the search for truth is often just as political and capable of persecution of those innocent enough to dispute consensus when they know it in not based upon objective fact. Emmanuelle Velikovsky could testify to that. He theorized based upon multiple types of evidence that the extinction of the dinosaurs was due to an asteroid strike that scoured the face of the earth with a massive shock wave and nuclear type winter in the aftermath.

Institutional fallacy

However, rather than champion Velikovsky for his revolutionary theory and allow the facts to illuminate our backwards gaze into the past, he was vilified! The scientific community signed petitions to discredit his work and humiliate him! They were not worried about seeking the truth so much as they were perpetuating the reputations of those who had constructed monuments to themselves in the academic community and didn’t want something like the truth to interfere with their self-importance. Much as our modern day political parties who would prolong their rule over the people and impose hardship rather than do what’s right by their constituents in a way that furthers their ideology rather than the best interests of the society they were elected to serve.

It Can’t

So we know that denial is a big part of the human consciousness. Many would sum this up as the skepticism that once existed over UFO’s, “It can’t possibly exist therefore it doesn’t exist!” Much is the same with the continuing mystery of unknown entities, beings from other realms, strange creatures from time and space, as Author, John A. Keel once described. Are these merely undiscovered manifestations that our normal senses can’t detect? Keel spoke of human beings may be like plants are in relation to our own intelligence. Plants live, breath, eat, move, and sense things like light and stimulus, but their capability is limited compared to man. Could there be entities who exist on a different frequency, light spectrum, dimension, and we, like plants, are simply unaware of their presence?  

The Enigma arises on the screen

In his book, “Mothman Prophecies” later adapted to a full length motion picture starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney, a character in the movie played by Allen Bates, is a researcher, much like John Keel, in real life, who has tirelessly pursued the unknown into a rabbit hole that has cost him his marriage and reputation. He is sought out by Richard Gere who has lost his beloved wife to an unknown power he cannot ignore or cope with. Alan Bates warns him not to get caught in the trap of obsessively pursuing an unfathomable mystery that can only ruin his life in the process! Alan Bates then proposes an analogy to Richard Gere about who and what the Mothman really is. Was it an entity that can see into the near future just like a man perched on a hilltop who can see further down the road than the traveler who lacks the same vantage point but is headed in that direction? Is this mysterious being a harbinger of disaster or merely gifted with a different form of perception?

Real or imagined?

All of this conjecture centers around the collapse of the Silver Bridge over Gallipolis, Ohio December 15, 1967. In recent weeks leading up to this disaster that left Christmas shoppers idling in rush hour traffic on the bridge when it collapsed into the dark icy waters of the Ohio River drowning many local townspeople. Citizens reported sightings of a dark winged entity with red glowing eyes, teenagers terrorized by a flying creature that chased their car, a woman who saw a strange figure with a mesmerizing glare standing alongside the tree outside her window, these bizarre reports practically panicked the small town! A lady carrying her infant was so frightened when the winged entity stood up from behind her car parked along the curb in front of her house that she dropped her baby! These were a mere sampling of the outbreak of sightings preceding the disaster.

A tragic anniversary

Not only ominous eye witness reports but it seemed clairvoyant activity accompanied the rash of the unexplained incidents. Some townspeople claimed to have had the same exact dreams of Christmas packages floating on the river! Whatever the case, John Keel was actually there in town investigating as the bizarre sequence of events unfolded. Could it have been demonic activity? Some people are convinced it was. Could it have been UFO related? The jury is still out. One thing is for sure, with events now centered around the anniversary and a tourist business now generated by whatever did actually happen we can be assured that this particular event in history will be categorized under the “Unexplained” column of the past!




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