Men and women who live close to the earth and to nature like farmers and ranchers do tend to develop a sixth-sense when it comes to the weather. Being one of those who has lived close to nature almost my entire life, I too have developed this warning sense.

“Storm coming.” How many times have I said that even while the sky overhead was clear and blue. More often than not I am proved correct before the end of the day as the clouds begin to gather and the rain begins to fall.

Of late I have begun to sense another impending storm.  Though the skies remain more or less clear, I can feel a certain electricity in the air…a heaviness that is oppressive. Off on the far horizon I sense, more than see, a gathering of black clouds, heavy and pregnant and ready to burst forth with their savagery upon us all. Distant, barely heard thunder kettle-drums behind the clouds and faint light flashes amid the clouds, back lighting them and adding to their menace..

I am afraid. This is not just your run-of-mill Summer thunder storm that is approaching stealthily upon us. No, this is a monster the like of which, has not been seen in over a hundred and fifty years. This is a Human Storm.

Its origins can be traced back to many generations of people, some rich, some poor, some disenfranchised, all angry from being largely ignored by administration after administration in Washington. Fermented amid broken promises and neglect, the anger gathers from all sides and seeded with mistrust, cynicism and dogma from both right and left the storm has slowly gathered strength until, now…today…it is almost ready to burst forth on our heads.

I fear this perfect Human storm will finally break after the next election. No matter who wins I fear a tipping point will be achieved with the election and the storm will break. It is entirely possible that this storm will prove an Extinction Event for our nation.

Decency, Common Sense, a desire to put aside party dogma for the common good, all the things that might deflect the coming storm seem to be gone or at least unreachable. So, this storm I sense will most likely break upon our heads. What will we have left when it has run its bloody course across the country? What will be left and how do we rebuild…or do we?


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Comment by MarkinKentuckiana on August 29, 2012 at 5:43pm

One of the commenters on Open thought violence would be more likely if Republicans lost this elections.  I'm not predicting anything will happen, but I think it will be more likely if they win.  Because regardless of food prices or fuel prices, there will be many more desperate people if they take House, Senate and White House.

Comment by David McClain on August 29, 2012 at 6:35pm

Mark I agree with you. No matter who wins the election there will be a large segment of the population that will feel desperate, disinfranchised, and abandonded by their government. Coupled with coming food shortages and higher prices, this will be a very dangerous time. I am further amazed at how many people, especally on Open, have no trouble seeing the radical right as the ones who turn to violence but not those on the Left or Liberal side. Both extremes are teetering on the edge right now and it wouldn't take much to tip either group over into violence.

Comment by Sirenita Lake on August 30, 2012 at 9:01pm

I wonder. I sometimes think that the powers that be have cleverly divided us from each other. People who used to obviously share a fate--labor, women, blacks, those who could be conscripted--now inhabit different tiers of society. It's harder to find commonalities. Look at Occupy. It fragmented because, while it represented a wide-spread left wing dissatisfaction with the current system, there was never an agreement on an agenda. Compare that with civil rights, or, for that matter, the French Revolution. Simple lines, simple issues. What would be the unifying issue that could create either an organized, progressive resistance or a series of violent incidents? It's probably the mood I'm in, but I think we're in an era of every man for himself, and we're more likely to see more tiny fringe groups with their arms caches and compounds than anything like a human wave. But definite food for thought. 

Comment by alsoknownas on August 31, 2012 at 8:03am

Sirenita Lake's comment sums up my perception well.

I don't see organized resistance or revolutionary actions to be nearly so likely as a total fracturing of direction. Total fracturing would seem to me to provide a greater reason for a whole scale clamp down as well. Groups can be ignored and/or coddled until they fizzle. Stunned and directionless individuals en masse would create a new threat to the allusion of cohesiveness.

Comment by alsoknownas on August 31, 2012 at 8:04am

That was "illusion".

Comment by anna1liese on September 6, 2012 at 2:02pm

I keep feeling that we are Aleppo ... if we are honest with ourselves ... in far too many ways ... or very few steps away.  Here as there ... is anyone still listening ... and does anyone still care ...

Comment by Poor Woman on March 20, 2015 at 2:05pm

We are not fighting a comic book fantasy war, but a real live one against the forces of greed, hatred, and ugliness.

The impoverished lose first--unless, of course, some of us would just happen to be useful to those in power or are clever enough to stay clear of the trickery that's abroad. Propaganda. media pundits love that stuff. I've learned over time to never trust what we get thru most media outlets.

I've been sensing just that same storm you mention with this post, with pregnant clouds brewing beyond my horizon, for some while now.

Blessings with Peace to you and Mel and the animules. Always.



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