there’s an imaginary man who lives in my bed,

a distillation of all that i’ve known.

he changes forms from time to time,

but he’s mine and mine alone.

his legs might be bowed, but they’re long and lean,

and his arm’s sweet muscles enfold me;

his hair might change color or disappear

for he’s from my own conjuring, you see.

some times i rearrange him

to keep the facets of those i chased,

so he melds, and grows, and changes

to incorporate all i embraced.

so i rarely if ever get bored with him,

a tweak to his face or body

gives me a new someone to adore,

one who lets me be free and naughty.

he keeps my home fires burning

so i’ve no need to go astray.

he satisfies my every need,

and i let him have his way.

he’s been around for ages,

long ago, i didn’t even notice him there.

for he was all about, in little evidences,

crushed butts, or a shirt on a chair.

some times he came, but he went again,

for he didn’t get to shine his light.

i was so busy trying to be myself

that i forgot he’d be back that night.

but there he was when i went up,

right there, tucked into my bed.

yes, it’s true sometimes he’s made of pillows,

but at others, he actually steps out of my head.

i’ve seen him both in the body,

and in the Spirit he walks within.

I know him well, and not at all;

i sure hope he comes again.

for then i will enfold him,

the Recognition finally realized,

and i’ll flesh him out to who he wants to be,

and he’ll live there, forever, in my eyes.


Graphic: Wayne Kral, Drawing

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Comment by marilyn sands on September 12, 2017 at 8:13pm

Yes, imaginary can fill a void until genuine appears.

Comment by The Songbird on September 12, 2017 at 8:16pm

Imaginary voids fill appearance!  Haa!  Hi, M.  I like the sudden longevity of this. 

Comment by ABG 2.0 on September 13, 2017 at 3:17am

it is always a pleasure to read and enjoy your offerings ...

as for imagination, man/woman would be lost without the ability to visualize their hopes, their dreams, their futures

it is the shadow we carry thru out life

Comment by The Songbird on September 13, 2017 at 9:55am

Hullo, ABG .. Thanks so much for the compliment.  I love this idea of the shadow we carry.  It speaks of the mechanics of the mind, in outfitting our lives by being drawn to what attracts us.  Discernment, I guess.  I will keep this idea with me.  Thank you.  

I read a couple of your pieces, and Flame was succinct to me.  It sounds as if you were the victim of a lie, and all that creates, but being left with your own passion's flame is the evidence of being the only true innocent in a situation that was fabricated around you.  Lovely work.  Thanks. 


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