IMA Fly On The Wall...President Trump's, that is..."The 2020 Wall Update"!

The latest in the further adventures of Ima FLY ON THE WALL...

Fast Forward to the year 2020 where President Donald Trump has served 3 years in his 1st Term & is in a heated discussion in the White House with his Construction Liaison, Jose Gonzalez.

Ima flies into the Oval Office & lands on Trump's hair getting stuck in the Dippity Do:


You know the Wall...


Which one - Melania's bed or the one in Texas?


Well, it's gonna cost a little more.


Stop right there - you guys are all the same - you see someone with a little bit of money...


No - we already stole sand from Egypt in the dark of night; like you said, boss.


They won't miss it - now on to Coney Island...those kids have dug enough!

Look, Mexico's been playin' me; but I'm good for it - see, Christie just lent me a 20!


That guy at your desk?


Shh...he's eating!

As Ima frees herself from Trump's hair; he swats & misses.


On my first day - I said "Kill all Flies" - Government is so frigin' slow! 

Stop smiling, Fernandez!




Same difference!

Remember - I want The Mall on our side finished first; so I can cut the Ribbon.


A Mall & a Wall all before your 2nd Term...hmmm.


Break a few codes - it's only the illusion of a Wall, right - just like fake Movie Sets!

Americans will buy anything - I'm here & it proves it!  ha ha


Now, how high did you want it?


3 of me or 4 of Hillary!


In heels?


Yes - I was given some jammin' Boots - Texas loves me, you know.

Okay, just one - but it's huge!


You want a Splash Guard?


Where'd you get your training, "House Beautiful"?


No, your wife suggested it & the Crown Molding.


I don't give her everything she wants.  I love to see her know, sexual tension.


You white folks are strangewe just play "Hide the Beano"!  ha ha

But - all Glass, Mr. T?


That's my idea - I want their noses up against it; to see what they're missing!

And, no Weather Vane on top - I want a huge T.R.U.M.P like the HOLLYWOOD Sign in L.A.


If they're payin' for it - why shouldn't they name it?


Because I'm the one who went to Wharton & they hit Pinatas!


What does that have to do with anything?


Pfft. If I knew why I say things; I wouldn't be sitting here in the Oval Office & you'd still be cleaning out Porta-Potties - so let's have a Cigar.


I thought you said you don't smoke!


I don't - but help me light up these Tax Returns!

When Trump hits Ima with his "1040EZ - Year 2015" - Ima plays dead to rue another day!

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Comment by JMac1949 Today on March 4, 2016 at 8:36am

Funny thing is that it's no longer that hard to imagine.  Here's hoping that Hilary isn't indicted for her Bengazi/Server scandal a week before the election.

Comment by Zanelle on March 4, 2016 at 9:53am

Government is so friggin slow.....I can hear him saying that.  He would shake things up for sure.  yikes.

Comment by marilyn sands on March 4, 2016 at 1:04pm

Thanks jmac!  The Trump/Clinton Debate will be the Hot Ticket to watch - but I'm not worried about Hillary - she has an extra set of cojones in the car!

Comment by marilyn sands on March 4, 2016 at 1:11pm

Thanks Z!  "The Great Wall of Trump" will also be a Tourist destination - so it's a win-win!


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