i haven't any scars to present you,
even though it might be expected that way;
everyone seems to Have them,
it's the norm, it seems, these days.

i have no rant to chant to you,
i have no problem, no grievance, no doubt.
i have no fingertip to point at you;
within, i seem to be Without.

i won't dare you, scare you, wish you Ill or Nil;
i wish you only Onward, and to come along, aside me.
a mirror, a bridge, a river, lake, or hillside
will be the Questions, not the Answers, you see?

scars don't matter much to me;
only in that they keep smattering my view.
i just want to live in a benign, quiet place,
but aberrations keep spoiling anything new.

the tickertape News downtown was broken today;
in its place was a blank, so insert what you'd like.
imagine the absence of News, abuse, and be true
to what your actions create in your life.

let go of preposterosity, atrocity, and aberrant lesions;
escape the capture that enraptures All in it's embrace.
explode, destroy, take vengèance Ye?
to what end? no one has yet to Face.

where answer?  bother?  start? purpose?
betwixt doubt and beauty, let alone, Rest A Soul?
an image, icon, likeness, or even Familiarè
is rare, for Path, or Goal.

i wish upon a Bird's Eye View
to see unfoldings, underneath.
but try as I do, from the ground here,
I can't see further than the parameters' reach.

media.  heeed-ious.  if it's on-screen, it's immediate.
i saw it on the internet! it must be So!
but anything written there is only as reliable
as the person who input it, and their goal.

i don't want to scream for equality;
i just want to be the girl i Am.
and to be with a boy of some Likeness,
two by two, to build what ever we Can.

it's soo, so easy to be weird, or different.
just pick a Some something to oppose.
but in the end, to be Fine is the quiet
that allows Life to naturally unfold.


Graphic: The Rare Black Flamingo; Unnoticed.

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