At once the sunshower well on its way east, the wet greens of ensuant summer thought: y'am.

Barefoot K.D.Lang soulfully sang Hallelujah...

Badgerland blessed by soft breeze, Gulf of Mexico perfect winds danced the serene drops upon elicit final

astonished magnolia, a warm wash of peace.

The yearling nuzzled alert with monifique tranquility.

She saw me and kept her eye on hunger.

ICAN the acronym spoke the watch, wait, mine own deep breath sought its own words: the hands of fate: curious yet, who would relate.

Listening still.

How far then, that sea of love,

0 hill of hope.

So what's the Irish bar of soap doin' in my pocket.

I bought her something, LO;}

a locket...YAY...that's IT a peace sign:

full gold circle three silver lines arranged soldered just /!\

so as ICAN*

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Comment by J.P. Hart on May 19, 2019 at 2:51pm


YIKES and HAND-CARVED YOKES! Life is not but a joke!

file: graveyards of the rusted automobiles ^Arlo Guthrie^
mood: Where are you Carl Sandburg, the rustling breeze, tousling your bangs?
mood: the fourth the fifth
e.g.: LO;} = learned opinion (junctures well with DEATH SHALL HAVE NO DOMINION)^Dylan Thomas^
Preponderousrization: LO;}Joann!


Comment by Robert B. James on May 20, 2019 at 8:01am

It’s whats for lunch, Dear. C2 to you to wicked blue, Crow vs Jay at the feeder.  I’m going to tell you....

fifty plus ‘69, I being twelve...but soberly listening to Black Magic Woman,yet.

Vote Union, fly United, and weather Underground. 

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 20, 2019 at 8:06pm

gone too, that modulated sanity of our Al Franken

I see the venerable Our Salon is open for membership---

Or has the memory slipped, new deck shoes on that worn clutch pedal

settin out over the line? A singer has sung

wisdom: we're at least a fortnight

whatsIT: A time allowance?? Some reprieve up your sleeve?

Are we the longest day prior to quantum entanglement from EVENT reversal?
micro biological/macro compassion

for every mistake I must surely be's it been sad/said


I see the Good Senator is 68 nowadays. And no those endless chains of Leon Urus

render a past-tense of reprieve, recollection,substance or real political geo

Nth degree. Land of the free. From every mistake.

belated, too, no excuse for tomorrow's rain

a vast misuse

The resources are there, ladies and gentlemen.

Future looks bright. At hand, the darkest hour.

file: John Coltrane
file 2:] Blue Train
file 3:] Red Bull
mood: fog shrouds onyx mirror


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