I remember 

Do you remember 

Can we remember without having a total meltdown? 

It wasn't that  long ago, 

The shifting of the mindset is based upon the movement of the mind's eye. 

I can see the truth. 

The truth is out there.  It’s been wounded bleeding and hiding but it is out there.  You must look with the heart. 

A cup of Joe on a brisk November afternoon. 

Locked in the nursing home with no place to go. 

Can’t run away, can’t even run away. 

How did I get here 

How do i work this 

How does this work me 

Is there an exit from this garden? 

The stem hangs from the flower 

The flower appears to be a freshly fucked vagina with the stem hanging out with the juices running down for the birds and bees to feast. 

Same as it ever was... 

Leonard is gone.  The sad poet speaks no more 

There are days in this nightmare dream of infinite time and space where your nurse becomes your aid for lack of help and you are exposed to the power that you have placed on these people.  You just hope and pray there is no reason tonight to expose your vulnerable nature to your image of a super nurse. 

Slept away the game day 

One of these days I'm going to dash you into little pieces 

Mind is drifting 

Checked on mom 

Waiting for  food 

Waiting for the floods 

Frozen, staring out my window in my little room. A broken heart for my daughter and every other woman who watched their warrior go down in such a terrible way. 

She won the popular vote by a couple million and still lost the election.  Something is not right somewhere. 

We have elected an idiot with  his sleazy wife and the kids. The grand old house has been invaded by a billionaire who is now a millionaire with the finances of a nation at his bidding. 

Here I sit with nothing but what is in my room and on my back wondering if this asshat will really put a damper on humanity.  We've been close before but never this close and this vulnerable. 

So what do we say to each other now.  I told you so.  That's not going make the destruction of a nation any easier.  Being right is still hitting the dirt with the rest. The armchair pacifist liberals need to get up and make2 themselves noticed.  That's me.  I know what needs to be done but I don't do anything but speculate.  We need million soul marches.  We need communications and cyber gatherings that reach millions upon millions of people.   We've been sitting on our stoned asses for too long.  time to get up and take our stoned asses to the streets.  We need to be counted.  Obviously our vote means nothing when our candidate can win an election by 2 million votes and still lose the election overall. 

It's time for man to step aside, especially white male.  The hate has gone on long enough.  It's time for peace and love.  It's time to remove the hate at any cost by all means. 

Limbo is the state of being right now.  We all watch or read the news every day and see our lives being pushed back a hundred years and there seems to be nothing we can do.  We can order a citizens arrest. I mean transferring campaign funds into a business account to the tune of twelve million is a crime. 

We finally got snow.  I''m not sure what my feelings are toward it.  Making any kind of emotional analysis at this point seems futile. 

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Comment by Phyllis on December 11, 2016 at 5:32pm

Welcome back! I wish it was under better circumstances. If you come up with a solution, let us know. I would love if the collective consciousness were activated for a better world.


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