I don't know how you Snow People do it!

                   I don't know how you snow people do it.   The February/March run of winter used to do me in when I lived in Alaska.   Here in Southern California I have been basking in year round Spring weather and Blam!... we had two days of COLD weather.  Really cold for us....and it hailed today.   Waaaah   Wahhh.   I finally turned the blankety blank furnace on and am sitting here watching the dollar bills go out thru all the cracks in this place.  

                  It rained all day yesterday and it was miserable.  I loved it at first.  The sound of the drops woke me up at four am and I drifted back to sleep with the thankfulness for the beautiful sound of raindrops.  Today I was cursing them.

                   Two days is enough.  How did I survive twenty five years in Alaska!  I guess you turn the heat on or chop the wood and survive.  I made lots of quilts.   I am so spoiled in this desert place.  I even saw a rainbow today after the deluge.  

         I stomped outside by the road to get a picture of it.  Then I stomped back in to a cold house.  I don't like it.  On the news today I heard that Russia is going to shut off the gas to the Ukraine because it hasn't paid for it in awhile.  Big debt.   It will also affect Europe.  Not Fun.  It brings the whole cabin fever, February/March madness to a head.  A big nasty game that humans seems to play with each other.  Survival of the fittest.

         Obama is into the sport of it all.  He has that competitive spirit that works well in complicated games if winning is the objective.   I know he makes plays that are not the usual dribble and he also loses big time in some of the other ways to play the game.   There are no rules in this global game.  No timetable and no referee.  In fact, in my opinion, it isn't' a game at all.

          Putin is playing his hand forcefully.  Netanyahu is playing his Aces wild.  The Cops in LA just shot a homeless man and it is all on camera.   When there is power there is corruption.  Does it always have to be like that?  

   In the Walking Dead the band of survivors have been taken in by a very fancy gated community.  There is running water and food.  The band has been out in the wilderness a little too long.  They are tired, hungry and scared.  Zombies are still everywhere and so the tight knit band takes the offer from the gated community and moves into one of the fancy houses.  They all take a shower.  They are offered two houses but they choose instead to all sleep together in the living room of one house while they explore and get to know the place. 

    The comfort is deceptive.  They are wary of becoming SOFT.  After cleaning up and joining in with the community they realize that there are a few problems with the people who are running the place.  They hope it wont end up like the last community they tried to join where the people in charge were cannibals.  They have left several other outposts of humanity because things got crazy.  It isn't the zombies that are the worst of it all....it is the human dynamics of the survivors.

    We are not that different from survivors in the wilderness.  Walmart outposts and Wild West taverns dot our landscape.  We fight and suffer.  It is not a game to have no heat in the winter or food to eat.  ISIL has threatened Twitter and their San Francisco offices.  It is not funny. 

   My big furnace just came on again.  Cranking out the warm air that makes me believe it is all ok.  When I poke my head out the door I see the moon getting full and the clouds scattering.  Thunder and lightning today was lots of fun but I am done now.  I want it all to be peaceful and warm...not too warm.  Sigh.  This living stuff is complicated.

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