How You Were Enslaved Without Ever Knowing It

How You Were Enslaved Before You Were Ever Born

Few people in the US population, or for that matter, in the rest of the world know about the intended hidden conspiracy concerning the Federal Reserve, the IRS, or the bogus system of monetary value that has plagued United States citizens alone for more than a century now. You were unsuspectingly born into enslavement before you ever had a chance to make an informed decision as an adult. Yes, you and millions of other Americans who have toiled away paying exorbitant taxes, being threatened by a rogue agency that is the terrorist arm of the Federal Reserve or the fact that you were being denied your Constitutional rights in the process.

Where the process began

Based upon theoretical earnings calculations that established your worth on the stock market linking your earnings not only to your Social Security Number but to a sequence of numbers upon your birth certificate your relative worth was listed as a taxation asset by the time you were born and your parents registered you as part of the state health department birth records. Demographics were applied to your statistics while your legal status became that of a corporately owned entity no longer falling within the bounds of Constitutional Rights or citizenship as we think of it, as we were led to believe in school, that is if civics are even taught by most public schools anymore. You lost your status as being a man or woman on the land you became part of a legalistic definition as a living asset subject to the elites who are the owners of the Federal Reserve, a separate but connected entity to the Corporate United States of America.

Indentured servitude

You were sold off as an unknowing slave to an unofficially announced system of taxation based upon your projected ability to generate income and then to have that income assessed over a lifetime for taxes that satisfied a debt owed by the Corporation of the United States of America to the faceless entities of the Federal Reserve, a cartel of elite families who centuries ago established a worldwide central bank. That bank owns a parcel of land within Great Britain’s major business district called “Citi” under the registered ownership of one of the families who control the Federal Reserve. In the news, the mass media propaganda we call US news agencies you will be lied to and made to believe that the Federal Reserve is a part of the US federal government but it is not. It is a privately owned entity.

Foreign currency

The original 13 Colonies were plagued by the European Central Bank forced to tender British currency, and suffer the devaluations and planned inflations that profited the foreign entities that controlled Americans forcing them to be at the mercy those who did not have the best interests of the colonists. Eventually through the War of Independence with the King George government and the establishment of American currency the ties were broken only to have a central bank controlling American monetary concerns again. General Andrew Jackson, soon to become President, abolished the central bank and for 75 years even as he survived attempts on his life by European assassins, America managed its own monetary supply and policy with independent banks that used real gold and silver as assets to back the US dollar.


In 1913 under President Woodrow Wilson the Revenue Act came into existence and even though not legally ratified, the 16th Amendment was enacted allowing direct unapportioned taxation upon wages and earnings. Now for the first time since 1838 the European Central Bank was once again empowered and a handful of elites took control of the US money supply, credit policy, and banking regulations. President Woodrow would lament years later that he had foolishly allowed the control of the American banking system into the hands of a few men! This marked the beginning of the present draconian system of slave ownership tied to a felonious system of fiat currency and credit created out of thin air by a foreign entity!

Part of the machine

Today you and I have been assigned a number and a marketable status of worth that is the equivalent of an exchange traded fund, just like a performing investment, you as a person are owned and valued like a stock or annuity that earns money over your lifetime. How did this come about? How did such a monstrosity of deceptive slave ownership materialize? Remember your status is essentially in two part definition. You are nothing more than a legalistic performing asset to be appraised and then taxed for value. Then there is your rightful definition as being a man or woman living on the land with inalienable rights, yet you have to break free of the tax system and Federal Reserve to truly experience your real rights and privileges.


Unknowingly, you have become subject to fees, regulations, taxes, licenses, seizures, searches without consent, non-existent privacy, and literal ownership by a worldwide entity that creates credit and paper money out of thin air. This is the enslavement you must bow to unless you want to exist in a truly free realm devoid of these invisible chains you have been told by society and the law that you must submit to. When did the full extent of this monstrous perversity emerge? Some identify the point in times as during the Great Depression when Federal Emergency Acts were undertake to deal with massive bank failures and run on accounts happened that sucked up all the liquidity in the system and closed down banks that still had people’s life savings within safety deposit boxes along with worthless stock certificates and bonds! Some researchers say it all happened even before then. Essentially, when the US banking system went bankrupt, the Federal Reserve used the American people as collateral to pay off a debt created by the bankers and owners of the foreign entity and in the words of one Morgan Bank Manager. “Never will US banking be conducted under sound principles again.”

What now?

There are people today who through enlightened maneuvers are freeing themselves of this bondage and positioning themselves in a manner that restores their original rights back to them again. It takes study and proper techniques but it is possible. It behooves one to do so as without the establishment of personal sovereignty an individual is merely a victim of the state with too many intertwining rules and regulations that make them virtually subject to any potential tyranny that illegitimate governments, worthless FRN’s, and unconstitutional laws can impose. Within the system of Federal Reserve slavery we are subject to the whim of rogue agencies who do not honor true ownership or inalienable rights only the appearance of such.







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Comment by Doc Vega on December 4, 2018 at 6:40pm

Once again when I write for the sake of public service I get no reply or views because people here are determined to live under the veil of draconian  imposed law because you are stupid enough to submit to it! You people are like a walk though a veterinarian's clinic! Animals waiting for the doctor, no independent thought.


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