I wrote this the day before my mom passed away. I guess I'm ready to share it now. Sort of a downer before Valentine's day, but it is about love...


Life is so short

And it is coming to an end

So sad

And I want to cry


Mommy is dying

I feel like a little girl

I know they do

But how do I say good-bye


So many lost chances

We never got to be friends

It was close once

Then her brain took flight


I still don't know how

I never will 

How does anyone

Say good-bye


entrance to heaven 


(I just thought of Waldo Kitty. He was a tiny black kitten that my Mom loved. We lived out in the country, it was winter, and all of our cats lived outside. We had a nice place for them in the garage but Waldo got caught out in a storm and froze to death. We found Waldo by the cemetery on the other side of our house. Mom was devastated and he was her last cat. I guess she'll get see Waldo again soon. And her dogs Cindy, Yevette, Mimi and Susie. Hope she keeps an eye on my pets, too.)

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