how many times did it take before you got high?

The first comment I saw at OS this morning was (paraphrasing as the post is now down), "Neil, do you really think it's wise to state right here on your blog that you purchased illegal drugs sometime in your past?  Really??"
Next thing that caught my eye was a post by zanelle titled "smoking a bowl" and thought, HA... alrighty then, that kind of a day!!
zanelle opens thusly:
"The first time I smoked Pot I loved it.  We were all in the basement apartment of my college friend.  We had purchased a half full baggie of primo weed on the University Avenue for twelve dollars.  Someone passed me a joint as I was sitting in front of the fire place and within moments I was in the fire.  Not literally, but my imagination was like a spider crawling on one of the logs.  It was hot."
It's a must read (so go do it... peer pressure ya know)!
My comment-- "Far out z..

A joy to read this and so much I want to say
but think I'll go get my bit of groceries, then come
back here, take a couple of hits and read again.
(god forbid I get high and go to the grocery store-
I would never get out of there)"

.... later in the thread: 
Linda~ "Only smoked pot twice in my life and did LSD twice. It just never did anything for me..." 
Just Thinking, replies to Linda-
 @ Linda: "...Pot notoriously takes three to five tries for most people before they 'feel' anything..." It was try #4 for me, all those years ago.
Oh my! 
No, don't mind admitting; I once, in the seventies, purchased 'illegal drugs.' Guess I was born to question 'authority.' The laws against pot, to my (our) mind(s), were somewhere between discriminatory.. and just plain stupid and wrong.
So, I-we endeavored to ignore them!
My personal memory, to answer my title question of "how many times did it take" goes like this.
First time- a friend from school (was like 28, greasy, and hung out by the back fence... KIDDING!) gave or sold me 'a joint.' Prior to that day I would have sworn on a stack that I would NEVER "do drugs" I still can't recall exactly what was going through my mind that day- why I took it.
Curious? Yeah, I suppose!
Smoked it... with another, already 'initiated' friend, who became stoned, but I did not. I felt cheated! In a conversation to that effect, that day, my bud-dee told me, looking at me like Johny Depp might today, "it takes a few times before you feel it, man."
So I didn't give up! And yes, I believe it was the fourth, or maybe fifth time, before "I was in the fire" zanelle.
So to re-cap... zanelle, first time (and I've known many that way... no rule as such)... LOADED! 
Linda... two times but gave it up, maybe in frustration.. no matter. It's not for everyone.
Just Thinking-- with the great memory, lol.. the fourth time.
Me, about the same as JT. We would put on "the tape," on a huge reel to reel-- a recording of Paul McCartney's "RAM," drink iced tea, and... philosophize! 
Your experiences... or thoughts?

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