Contempt for governance at the statehouse generally, and the local level specifically, is why Houston is wiped out. They did it to themselves in the name of "freedom". So, they want to be free to do as they please. The Blue states shouldn't send them a dime, because they'll just do it again.

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Comment by Robert Young on September 1, 2017 at 9:36am

no zoning.  no environmental requirements.  and so on.  as it happens, I saw the tail end of an interview with an author of a book on the history of Federal flood insurance.  didn't catch his name or the title, but the end of the interview he said that Houston has had a 500 year flood each of the last three years.  and the rest of us get to pay for it.  Katrina and Sandy were true anomalies.  Harvey wasn't.

Comment by alsoknownas on September 2, 2017 at 7:13am

Cities on the west coast, already struggling under an onslaught of transients, many hooked on heroin and meth, using petty theft as their main means to acquire funds are soon to be hit with a wave of housing dispossessed souls.

They will not have jobs and housing to come and use easily. Local services, already taxed to the bursting point will not have the resources, yet they will as "do-gooders" scramble all they can.

In the melee, the citizens most deserving of help will not be easy to discern from those in the area bent on creating havoc, spreading their disease of addictions.

Citizens have hit the fatigue breaking point and may not respond in a significant fashion.

That's just part of what a complete live and let live mentality creates. It's a fool's paradise.


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