Dear friends,

        I have owned and managed this site since 2010. When Open Salon went away, I offered the site as a place for people to join and connect with one another. At that time, the goal was simply to keep people from losing contact with friends they had made over the years at Open Salon.

Over the past few years, the site has evolved into a functioning blogging site. While that was never my intention, I do not regret any decisions I made to allow that to happen and even to improve that experience. It has been a lot of work and sometimes a bit of a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and also it has been fun.

In the last year, the fun has gone out of it for me & the result of that has been my absence. The constant in-fighting, the lack of support for any efforts I have made to make this place financially self-sustaining. While I appreciate those who have contributed, it has always been the same few individuals. Overall there has been a lack of financial support from the majority... all of it has worn me out. What has kept me going has been the strong sense of community I would occasionally glimpse when for example we shared common losses of some of our members. That sense of community made all the crap worth it.

In the last few weeks I have received multiple complaints regarding the tediousness of the same old disagreements in comments, the constant barrage of political posts, the crazy behavior of certain commenters etc etc... As of today, I have emails from 9 people who are going to "take a break" or otherwise disengage themselves from the site because the fun has gone out of it for them as well.  They too are just plain worn out from it.

SO... now what? I don't know really, but first let me say that I will not just "disappear" the site the way Open Salon did. Your blogs are not in jeopardy of being forever lost (though as a rule I think you should always be backing up your work as a precaution against things beyond my control.) At this point, I am simply sharing this information with you all. As it stands, the active members are few and some people are leaving. This cannot continue.  As active members here, do with that information what you will. Each of you can choose to try to make this place better, or worse, or just ignore it all until there is no way to sustain the site. Its up to you. I am open to & will entertain & support any & all useful discussions about where we go from here.

Meanwhile, I have suspended Art James once again. He has become a negative influence and frankly, it will be easier for me to deal with the complaints FROM him (and possibly others) than  dealing with the complaints ABOUT him.

As I said, I am willing to listen to any possible solutions and to give this place a chance, I am just unwilling to live with the status quo or do it alone.

As to the financial needs, please do not donate or ask about donations at this time.  Until there is a viable plan for the future, I will maintain full financial responsibility for the site. Money is not really the problem & therefor not the solution.

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Comment by alsoknownas on December 2, 2017 at 1:12pm


I re-read lorianne's statement about political posts.

I don't think she is saying more than that some have complained. That is what I gathered from the message.

I do not see that she is voicing a personal objection.

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on December 2, 2017 at 1:24pm

The political posts engender the vitriol. That's sad and unworthy of everyone of us. 

I have stood amazed at what Lori has tolerated here in favor of speech freedom and I am sure i have shared that thought w her on occasion. 

Lori is a gem of a person and host and we owe it to her to make this platform what I know some others are:   more inviting of diverse voices bc they won't allow any personal attacks no matter how 'cleverly' couched, and no, utterly no foul language that is not part of  writing context in which it enhances pieces and are not throw-aways.

We owe each other better.

Comment by mary gravitt on December 2, 2017 at 1:31pm


I am sorry to hear/read about your distress.  One solution I can offer is to sell advertisement: Capitalism Will Out.  I look forward to Our Salon to relieve my stress.  My interest in politics now seems to be overwhelming, but I see it can be annoying to others.  If you decide to continue, please post the rules in future.  Remember freedom of the press is the only freedom most Americans have left.

Thank you for all the time and space you have allowed me to vent my spleen.

Comment by lorianne on December 2, 2017 at 1:32pm

well, as to who "complained", i think you would all be surprised. these are not the "usual suspects" and i may not have spoken correctly. More than complaining, they for the most part expressed frustration and there was no finger pointing as to who they were frustrated with. It was a general, non-specific frustration being expressed.

The only actual complaints I have received are regarding Art & again, not the usual suspects.  I allowed Art back with certain conditions which he instantly violated. He is now emailing me (multiple times within one hour)  with threats of legal action. He has no standing, its just another nuisance.

Political posts - I dont personally care, but I do understand that some people find the volume overwhelming.

I can organize the front cover by category,  but that requires people use the drop down "tags" menu when they write blogs in order for the blogs to be suited properly. Past attempts at getting folks to remember tag use have not be successful. That said, I would be willing to give that a try if others also thought it was a good idea.

Comment by lorianne on December 2, 2017 at 1:37pm

I would also like to address a few points mentioned while i was formulating my previous response:

Yes, i strongly believe in and want to encourage free speech & that is why i bother. In addition, i want to encourage freedom of the press. At this time in our history, both of these freedoms seem threatened, and i would rather be part of solutions than problems.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on December 2, 2017 at 2:44pm

well, as to who "complained", i think you would all be surprised.


I also probably would find out, if I asked, that they had been "prompted" either via PM or via the effect of assholes who "interpret", take out of context or twist the shit out of things that were said... or often were NOT said.  I know you see that shit too, L (and you have my sympathy for putting up with it and my apologies for any PMs that were aimed at me... cuz we both know those regularly fly your way too). 

As for Artie?  I get it.  I sure as hell don't like it, but I get it.  The thing is, it isn't just him, is it?  There is a hard core cadre of "you will believe what I damn well tell you to!"-ers here that disapprove and censure anyone who DARES have another opinion (and yes, I am very guilt of it as well).

I'd also ask you to look at who is leaving.  Some have "more important" thing going on, but I'd betcha that most are like Foolish Monkey, Green heron, etc.  I'd also bet the VAST majority are women who are sick of being "man'splained" an being told what to think by the paternalistic gits over running this place (not that the offending parties would ever admit it because we are all good "progressives" here, right?)

As for a solution?  I frankly ain't got one.  As for who is to blame?  Fuck it, I'll join the choir and blame the damn Russians.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on December 2, 2017 at 2:56pm

I think what we need to do is just post pictures of kitties...

Image result for cute kitties

Of course, the only kitty pictures that will be tolerated are of male, multi-colored calico kitties who hate Trump, vote party line Democrat, love Israel & Zionists and who call people on their BS only after gaining approval of the "cadre of manly, 'progressive' men".

Comment by Anna Herrington on December 2, 2017 at 4:08pm

Ron, "If this place becomes a mecca for exhibitionism and voyeurism, I'm out..."

WOW, that's a leap - what do you mean? 

Your 'gush and blush' means 'human interest stories,' to me, but not sure what *you* mean by it. It sounds as if you feel sharing personal stories is worth nothing and to be avoided at all costs. Fair enough if it is what you mean, but I ask you as I'm trying to understand where you're coming from, thinking I must be incorrect in interpreting.

....and also thinking voyeurism and exhibitionism must mean something different to you, too, as I've not noticed one tendency for anyone here to do or see anything sexual here in the slightest... you must have a broader meaning. 

Sorry if I'm seeming obtuse. I'm feeling obtuse reading your comment.

Who knows?  Lorianne?

Voyeurism, exhibitionism.... maybe that's the ticket  ; )

(I'm kidding!)

Comment by Anna Herrington on December 2, 2017 at 4:27pm


Off in Kansas selling his house, right? maybe over it all, too... or is just happy in his leathers, showing off for Kansasians ; )


(I got a little scared, there, nana all in leather...waving nail guns around...)

Greeenie could pull off Lady Godiva, all that fabulous hair  : )

Comment by Ron Powell on December 2, 2017 at 4:38pm

I'm not going to argue my point except for this: There is absolutely nothing sexual or of a sexual nature in my comment.

 " must have a broader meaning..."

The terms, for me, aren't and never have been limited to sex or that which is sexual. That's a manifestation of your limitations, not mine...

You will see what *you* want to see in what I have written...

Re gush and blush I'm uncomfortable writing about myself...

I'm extremely guarded about sharing personal details...

Interesting that you would pick up on something *you* find irksome to comment about.

If you're having difficulty ascertaining my meaning, it's there if you can get beyond what *you* think (or would like) it to mean.

I made a substantive positive suggestion re finding a "solution". Lorianne reacted and no one seems to be interested in following up on something that isn't likely to result in a squawk or dust up of some kind....




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