Hope Hicks and the Dark Triad (Prequel to the Temple of Doom)

Hope Hicks has had a meteoric rise within the Trump organization. Now, she is in a precarious position because of relationship with one of the men close to Donald Trump.
Who is Hope Hicks, how did she make this rise to fame and notoriety, and how has her position been compromised?

Hope Hicks is a 29 year old Communications and Public Relations consultant. She attended Southern Methodist University, but she has been steeped in the field of public relations since birth. Two grandfathers and both parents have had careers in public relations. Additionally, she has had “contacts”. Greenwich, Connecticut where she grew up is hedge fund central. Her first contact in the Trump family was Ivanka Trump, with whom she worked on promoting Ivanka’s clothing line. From there she went to the political campaign where she has apparently done everything from writing copy to taking tweet dictation.

What Hope has done well is stay in the background. This video illustrates her reticence to steal the limelight.

Is this because she is shy, as Donald Trump claims, or does she understand the constant hazard of contradicting Donald Trump involved in personal statements?

Most of us did not know who Hope Hicks was until it became known that she had a relationship with Rob Porter, Trump’s strategy advisor, when photographs were circulated of Porter’s second wife, allegedly following a beating by Porter.

It then became public knowledge that Porter had not been able to get a permanent security clearance because of a restraining order taken out by his second wife after he refused to leave her apartment and broke the glass out of the door with his fist.

Porter has reportedly abused both wives, verbally, emotionally, and physically, and called his second wife a f**king b**ch on their honeymoon.

Could Hope Hicks possibly not know about his history?

She may and for reasons that have to do with the human psyche ignored them.
Here is Darcy’s cartoon about Hope’s valentine to Porter:

Rob Porter and David Sorenson (the second person in the white house to suddenly resign following revelations of domestic abuse) both exhibit behavioral traits that suggest that they have the “Dark Triad” personality, as does their former boss, Donald Trump.
Psychological research has shown that abusive spouses – most are men, but they may be women – exhibit a triad of personality traits; narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. In popular parlance such men are called “bad boys”. Women find them attractive until they are not. In a study in which they constructed characters exhibiting “Dark Triad” traits and a control personality. The women taking the test preferred the character displaying the Dark Triad.

What is the Dark Triad and how is it manifest?

Narcissism is marked by dominance, a sense of entitlement, and a grandiose self-image.
Psychopathy is manifest by callousness, lack of empathy and erratic anti-social behavior.
Machiavellianism is marked by insincerity, duplicity and extraversion. Manipulative behavior is characteristic.

Individuals with the Dark Triad are fairly common in society, and one of the reasons put forth is that their behavior promotes short-term attractiveness, success in mating and non-monogamous relationships.

Rob Porter and David Sorensen each have records of domestic abuse allegations. Corey Lewandowsky, a former Trump aide has been charged with sexual harassment by a singer at a party. The singer said he slapped her on the bottom hard enough to leave a bruise elsewhere. She told him to stop or she would bring charges to which told her, ““Go ahead, I work in the private sector” before slapping her a second time. This version of events has been confirmed by another person who attended the party.

Apparently, Trump likes to surround himself with other creeps.

A Durham, England research team suggested that women are torn by two desires. On one hand they want a caring, sensitive man for a mate, and at the same time they are attracted to “bad boys” for short term relationships.
Also, the research group was composed of undergraduate students who are less mature, and who tend to look for short term sexual relationships.

The problem, of course, is that those men with the Dark Triad tend to be abusive, controlling and possessive and breaking off a relationship with one of them is difficult and hazardous.

Maybe the fact that Hope Hicks is only 29 and therefore somewhat immature plays a factor in her relationship with a two time wife abuser. Narcissistic, psychopathic, Machiavellian men are often in positions of wealth and power and that is attractive in itself to many women. Maybe Hope just likes playing with fire.

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Comment by koshersalaami on February 12, 2018 at 3:38pm

As much as I find it strange to say this, Hope Hicks in an abusive relationship is not our problem. She’s an adult with power, influence, and connections who should handle her own life and if she were long on empathy herself she wouldn’t be doing PR for a monster. As the Polish expression goes: Not my circus, not my monkeys. 

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on February 12, 2018 at 3:38pm

As to the study, men and women both...may well like people/partners... who are edgy. No one vaguely stable seeks out abuse. 

Comment by Rodney Roe on February 12, 2018 at 3:46pm

Both of my daughters were in relationships with men who fit these characteristics.  Neither was physically abusive.  Both were verbally and emotionally abusive.  They didn't start out that way.  They were charmers at first.  Gradually - in some way I can't imagine - they made our daughters believe they were stupid, ugly and undesirable to anyone but them.  One stalked our older daughter for years.  They younger daughter went through an horrendous divorce/custody battle.

kosh, it is true that they make their decisions.  i just think when they are young and inexperienced it can be easy to get sucked in because the are, after all, duplicitous, insincere, entitled, and totally callous, without empathy.  I wish them all the worst fate possible.  While I believe in good, I have a hard time accepting them as part of the family of man.

Comment by koshersalaami on February 12, 2018 at 3:56pm

What’s the point of the post? That even connected powerful women end up like this? That she is a visible example of someone becoming a victim? When I started reading I thought this was about someone influential in the Trump organization we didn’t know was influential and that that was the point. Is the point that Porter making her feel worthless is why she stays in the background?

Comment by alsoknownas on February 12, 2018 at 5:29pm

I'd guess that Hope Hicks' days at the White House are soon to end unless the WH can find a black person to blame for the Abuser-in Chief not getting the scoop on Porter.

Comment by Maui Surfer on February 12, 2018 at 6:57pm

I sometimes wish other people could feel what it is like to be an integral part of either or both the Polynesian Society or what might be referred to as the Big Wave Cadre. Because those of us who are members nearly, in fact, all, based not just on size and weight but pure guts, have an instant tendency to protect what is "right" we often instantly, or as quickly as possible in situations like stalking, put an immediate end to the behavior through very rough physical assaults. You  might not agree with this, or find it primitive, (I find it advanced) we simply see it as the only solution to behavior we will not tolerate under any conditions. In certain situations, where there may be a small amount of grey area that needs to be straightened out, we use a form of Hoʻoponopono where the behavior is corrected in whatever way is necessary. Regardless of how "big and tough" the perpetrator is, he, usually a he though not always, is surrounded by as many big and tough humans as are necessary to prevent escape and is then confronted by both victims and Kupuna (elders, teachers) who demand a permanent end to the crime. In certain cases, whether it is mental illness or just a super bad case of being a total asshole, the situation is finalized through a brutal attack, one which will take weeks or possibly never be recovered from. That's how we roll.

Comment by Rodney Roe on February 12, 2018 at 7:20pm

In answer to the question about the purpose of the post; it isn't about news.

I have not been able to get used to the fact that we have a totally vile person in the White House, and that person has surrounded himself with similar scum.  Furthermore, our legal system is actually, at all levels, set up to protect such people from censure and prosecution.  Society, maybe, needs to bring back shunning. 

I agree that Hope Hicks is an adult who may know exactly what she is doing.  Her choices are her own.  What is so awful is that society - at least about half of society - excuses the behavior of such degenerates.  While I never had much use for television evangelists the idea that they can be saying that Trump was sent by God to restore what they see as natural order is beyond disheartening.  Imagining that that portion of society; the portion that continues to support Trump and his cronies, doesn't know who is in the White House and bringing the facts out in the light is foolish.  They know and don't care.  Not only that, they encourage the anti-social activity of the Trumps of the world.

Maui Surfer, the stalker followed our daughter from high school to her mid 30s haunting her on-line, finding out her phone number and so on.  He called once after she married.  Our son-in-law goes about 275 and has a voice to match.  He explained that stalkers can be found and dealt with and that put an end to that. 

Comment by Rodney Roe on February 12, 2018 at 7:29pm

AKA, I suspect that you are right; the Donald does no like to be surprised.

He probably had no curiosity about why Porter could not get a security clearance.  He probably assumed that Porter was just another Agent for a Foreign Power like the others in the White House staff who can't get a clearance.

Comment by Ron Powell on February 12, 2018 at 9:06pm

Hope Hicks is an opportunistic status seeker and social climber who has been able to substitute connections for competence and credentials her entire life.

To her, Porter  is just another rung on her ladder of and to access....

Her ultimate goal is to be the wife of -------(fill in the blank), she is trying not to be someone of competence and stature in her own right...

If she coul have assistef in getting the White House through this PR gaffe by working behind the scenes and under the radar,  Porter would become history in her personal life and she would get to move along quietly without so much as an honorable mention....

Howevere, she's been outed and now in the spotlight. Her problem now is getting herself through this without getting thrown under the White House  PR bus...

She'll need a good lawyer and publicist...On her current salary she's in over her head...

At this point the last thing she wants to hear is;


Comment by Rodney Roe on February 13, 2018 at 3:07am

Ron, I'd say that's a pretty good analysis.  When she's gone there won't be any "we're all sorry to see her go." statements.  And if she writes a book about her experiences she'll become a "lying little b**ch".

She was an English major.  Maybe she will actually be able to write the book that her mother said was the reason she should take the job on the campaign trail.


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