Maybe we needed the Weiner email regurgitation to bring us back to reality. After all, 2 weeks ago, there was the feeling that Hillary was moving towards a really big win, maybe even a landslide, and if a landslide, perhaps Democrats would win both houses of Congress. That feeling is fast subsiding. Yes, Hillary should still win, but as far as Congress is concerned, even if the Democrats manage to take the Senate, they won’t get 60 seats, and the House will remain in Republican hands.

We will have another 4 more years where Republicans will block most legislation. Obamacare won’t be corrected. The minimum wage will stay where it had been (which is low) and tax rates will not be increased for those earning over $1 million. And with the House in Republican hands, they will harass Hillary with endless investigations that serve no legislative purpose.

Truth to tell, it was always going to be like this. Even with a landslide.

In the heady days 2 weeks ago, we were only building ourselves up for a big disappointment. Now that won’t have to worry, we can enjoy our disappointment now.

Whew. That’s better.

PS: It really is time for us to stop imagining that it will ever get any better. It won’t. Yes, Democrats can win the presidency, but they won’t win the House, and at the state level Democrats have been crushed. Structurally, our constitution thwarts Democracy. We tell ourselves lies like that the Senate is the world's greatest deliberative body. And we monitor elections of others as if we had a lock on Democracy. We don't. Our elections may not be able to be stolen, but our legislators are bought and paid for.

We need a revolution. (But revolutions never work).

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