Yours is the first face I saw after a pivotal, brutal day. Handful of senators my white ass I’ve always said.  I appreciate all your glorious words since, well, down through the ages.You should know if I still have your Flannery Conner’s book (the story where she rambled down highway 41 selling shower rings with the fat uncle?) well slap me left and right!

 Not  much, anda some photography.

  Especially last night as it was spectacular out on the roof.

 Dead of night and all that Holden Claufield  kerplunk. I’d one of those earpieces anda kept looping Detroit City, Ella's version and, once I figured how to work the darn thing, it was a helluva shoe.

 Youre’ probably busy all weekend

 (too busy, take it S L O W)

 for too much of this ‘Radio Free Hart’ anda I just wanted to tell you how muchI respect you.Since then, well I’ve been behavin’ since the arrest in the Playboy Towers (the hard hat and peanuts? Haha. Least I thought it was funny!)  Well it weren’t too bad. 

 The commodes were filthy; otherwise it was probably the last time for one for the ditch. Not that I was driving. Sherri amore was sober as a judge and even back then we had ‘nuff God-given grey matter to walk and not run.  Oh I’m not going to lie bout nothing, I’ve been essentially clean for at least (2011-1971 is there a calculator on this sucker?) years.

Vick and I have been day trading our little hinnies off.

  Win some, lose some (pause) whowasit said that in a joking way that every generation (how’s it go?!) every generation once in every generation everybody gets kicked in the balls, stuff threatens  zero and then the real money picks it up.  Haha. Fruggin oversold oscillators! 

 Dont get me wrong I am not a bitter man (ha, not a better man really) but you always knew me even back when the brakes went out north of the City.   We never did find out if that was Van Morrison, did we? No, I’m never too busy to call, actually. 

 How’d the mantra go? Fight Racism sexism, bigotry and anti-Semitism? Militarism/ corporatism?

There’s that gin mill out toward Otis’ grave. X 3:00?

Maria is not off until midnight. Angela has enough space at _______ ands been filming her tushy off.

 And it’s cool if you can’t make it. 

 There’s always another day. 

 Tell me there is.

 Best regards, 


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Comment by Foolish Monkey on October 4, 2017 at 1:44pm

There’s always another day. 

 Tell me there is.

There is. 

It might get worse but at some point, it's got to get better. 

- the law of averages


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