Hello and Help... Am I a democrat or a republican?

  I don’t fit anyone’s political platform. If you can label me, more power to you. I try to write on many things. I often find it hard to convey a complete thought when writing, so it takes me a long time to write things; If you dont understand something I write please ask me to clarify and I will do my best. To some there may seem no clear logic to my comments, thoughts and/or beliefs; but they seem clear to me. I consider myself a better speaker than a writer; that is one of the reasons I am here and I write. In my life, I have had a lot of experiences that are pretty unique and that is another reason why I am here. I would like to share them with people who may seem like they are the only ones out there with a particular problem. For example:

Single Parenthood: I was a single father raising my 3 children (all under age 5, two of which were in diapers) for almost 5 years I was also on a state funded child care supplement while working full time in the military during this time. I did not qualify for food stamps, welfare but was on WIC.  Also, when the world seemed to have only “dead beat Dads” in its crosshairs, I was the one who hasn’t received any court ordered child support for years and was making it the best I could. Try going to the child support enforcement agency, typically run by woman and being seen “As the enemy”; you just learn to keep quiet and take the beating (yes I can understand the plight of the discriminated). How about having (on so many occasions) bruises, lacerations and marks across the face from an abusive spouse, iron skillet anyone? And people question why do you stay and I tell them because the children and I am trying to keep the marriage together because my vows mean something. Where do men go when they are on the receiving end and not the abuser? Try sitting in a “support group”, again as the sole male and seen as the assailant and not the victim (Are you seeing a pattern here? I am very much an equality kind of guy. I don't like people targeting only certain groups no matter who they are when there is plenty of blame to go around. But, I elect a politician not a business or a business owner. And through my representatives at the local, state and federal level do I put the responsibility on more. They are the ones that allow people to abide by or abuse the rules.

I have since married again, our 10th anniversary was in 2012 and we have 2 wonderful children together making me the proud father of 5.

You will find I will write about many subjects other than family life. Politics are a relatively recent interest in my life. I will write about a broad point of view issues to help me better understand the dynamics of the problems we face. I am always trying to find a solution and I believe there may not be one and we may have to settle on the best of a bad situation at times. Here are some of the issues I am interested in…

Welfare programs: I see the need for state and federal “assistance” programs and I have a 1st hand appreciation for them, but look to find ways to get the “best bang for the buck” without segregating or discriminating against anyone. I think it is very important that our local, state and federal governments use our tax money in the best way it can, but do not think it is the governments sole purpose or their primary purpose. If you misuse money in these programs and allow people to abuse the system you have failed. And social programs are not the only kind of “welfare”. I truly understand that there is “welfare” at the top as much as it is at the bottom.

As an example our government spent $50 BILLON dollars to bailout the auto industry. What else could $50 billion dollars have been used for? How many teachers? How many Millionaires could this have made in America? How many jobs did this save? Was it even wise or smart to use this money this way? Look I am not saying this money was right or wrong in being used this way, all I am saying is $50 billion dollars was spent, could it have been used better and allowed capitalism do its thing? Fiat obviously saw an opportunity and capitalized on it.

Abortion: I am for women’s right to choose from governmental point of view; but government needs to stay out of this all together and this would be a political answer if anyone would ask me my opinion. However in the same breath, I believe it is killing a human but it is up to God to judge, not me. If you are wondering, I use Matthew Chapter 7 as my guidepost for those who think this is not right, how could I, being a Christian say such things.

War on Business: There seems to be this underlying war on business and the wealthy now a days I find interesting: Besides being a business major and my wife owning and operating a small business, I grew up having experienced the best in moral and ethical business. I don’t know how we could have survived in the athletic department without sponsors with our recreation and school teams, how well our chorus and drama departments would have been, how our school newspaper and yearbook would have been as good without cooperate and small business help, how many successful missions trips our church could have gone on without their donations and help and how many children could attend camp without businesses assistance and support? For those who don’t think every business gives back I have to ask how many kids in HS would have part time jobs, adults full and part time jobs without these corporations? The list goes on and on. However, would these businesses done this if it wasn’t a tax write off? My answer: Some would and some wouldn’t. I also would say a larger consumer base is a wonderful idea, but they have to be able to earn money, thus having a job. If there is no business then who cares how much of a need there is. Government has to create the environment where business will want to come to and stay in America.

Here now we reach the real issue about business and the discussion about business and their moral and/or ethically obligation (or not) to the community. I personally believe a business’s first and foremost objective should be to make a profit. And quite frankly this is their only real goal, before they can do anything else. It would be a bonus if they did donate and give back to the community for different things but I don’t feel them obligated to. They already provide jobs, some of which will have health insurance, they provide a product or service that I am willing to buy rather than make myself or travel to get it somewhere else. Do they really have an obligation to do more? Is this why so many businesses are leaving the US to set up overseas? Is it really greed or is it survival?

Fair Tax reform: Please see my post: Tax the Wealthy; but do it wisely.

Discrimination: Please see my post: BREAKING NEWS: I have never owned a slave

Death Penalty: Does not deter anyone from committing a crime but have no problem with it at state level. From a belief stand point life without parol in prison would be fine by me also.

Ok you get the drift of me I believe… what do you think? From what you have read thus far… Democrat, Republican or something else?

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Comment by I wooden DoDat on December 5, 2012 at 3:30am

Republican or democrat? there are no such animals. I tend to classify people as "Individuals" vs "Units of the Borg"  ( Obviously not split along "party lines". you seem like an individual worth discussing things with.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on December 5, 2012 at 8:07am

Republican or Democrat?   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

You whine about the "abuse" you "entitled" str8, white, male asses have to endure from the mean "minorities"; you tacitly condemn public assistance to people in need by comparing them to a program that saved hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs AND WAS PAID BACK IN FULL;  you weasel around taking away my right to choose by tossing freak'in bible quotes at me; your  excuses for big business having raped and manipulated the American people for decades would do the Koch brothers proud; you revert back to the old stand by phrase of all "entitled" straight, white, male xians by saying "don't blame me, I've never owned a slave" while spouting intolerance & BS and then you top it off by stating that killing a convicted murderer or rapist will not prevent them from killing or raping again, but life time incarceration is okay too (without giving any reasoning).

So no, dude...  you reek of tea and Rand Paul.

Comment by John Fleshman on December 5, 2012 at 12:51pm

Hi Safe Bet, I think either I failed to convey the point of view clearly or you didn’t really read what I wrote.

From my post you believe I am whining about being discriminating against. If that is what you gathered from it - so be it - but, I was just trying to convey an obvious fact that we all face hardships and challenges in life. Do you disagree that we all face hardships and challenges?

From my post you think I condemn public assistance. Wow. I was pretty clear the need for it, so I thought, but maybe you misread it or I wasn’t clear enough in my post. I have no problem with assistance as long as it is not wasteful. But this goes for everything in using our tax dollars. We as Americans should hold our elected officials accountable are the point I was trying to convey. Do you not agree with that and think our elected officials have no responsibility?

From my post you gather I disapprove of the government bailout 100%. Actually, I wanted to express other ideas of how $50 billion dollars could have been spent; I am sure I wrote I am not saying it was right or wrong to bail out the auto industry. But you then follow it up with… we have been paid back in full. I assume you have not done any research on how much cash has been paid back and how much of the Stock, as per the agreement, has been sold versus our government is holding onto in the hopes it will reach the target number to sell to break even. I would really encourage you to read to find out more about how we have been paid in “not” so full, but they met their obligations through the contract that was written. It wasn’t a simple I loan you $50 billion cash and you pay the government back $50 billion in cash. No, there is more to it, I am not sure you realize.

From my post you gather, I am pro-life, but totally miss the point of separation of church and state, so on this earth you are free to do whatever you want with your own body, at no time should government even try to interfere… but you missed that part. My Christian reference was for those who believe in Pro-life and don’t understand why I would support pro-choice.

From my post you couldn’t infer that, life in prison has as much success as the death penalty in deterring crime, which is zero. That is the reason; I am neither for nor against capital punishment. It is a state issue.

I hope this helped clarify the misunderstanding you may have had with my post. Thanks again for the comments.


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