Hawking Predicted Wealthy Will Create Superhuman Race

Hawking Predicted Wealthy Will Create Superhuman Race:  In a collection of articles and essays, the late physicist Stephen Hawking is still creating controversy by suggesting a new race of superhumans that could destroy the rest of humanity may develop through wealthy people having their and their children’s DNA edited.  Sounds like a dire prediction.  On the other hand, if it helps eliminate all the idiot drivers on the road, I’m all for it. 


Kidman Claims Tom Cruise Marriage Kept Her From Being Sexually Harassed:  In a recent interview, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman claimed that she felt that being married to an extremely powerful man like Tom Cruise protected her from being sexually harassed.  Hell, if that theory is correct, then it sounds like probably about the safest thing an actress could do back in those days - would have been to marry Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein.


Pair of Human Lungs Found on LA Sidewalk:  The LA Times is reporting that the Los Angeles County Coroner's office has just taken possession of what appears to be a pair of human lungs that were found on a South Los Angeles sidewalk.  County officials say anyone who finds that they’re having extreme difficulty breathing, may wanna head over to the Coroner's office as soon as possible. 

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Comment by Ron Powell on October 15, 2018 at 10:22pm

They're more likely to unleash the Neanderthal hidden deep within their  DNA, and in so doing they'll get what they deserve....


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