Sad and Happy were walking down the street. Sad was blue and Happy was red, of course. Where their hands touched it was purple. That is what you get when you mix red and blue paint. Purple! Sad and Happy were old.

They weren't frolicking about carefree and secure holding hands while walking thru the daisy patches of young love. Sad and Happy were seniors who had begun to see too much. Holding hands and turning purple together seemed comforting.

Happy tried to help Sad not be too Sad. Sad was always worried Happy was too Happy. Happy and Sad did not always get along. Sometimes Sad yelled at Happy and requested Quiet. Mostly they just strolled along together holding hands.

The Sad Blue family liked to watch the Happy/Sad handholding but the Happy Red family wasn't too thrilled about the connection. They saw Sad as bringing their precious Happy down. Being blue all the time is such a drag but being happy can be really annoying too.

Sad and Happy really didn't care what people thought about them holding hands all the time. They did it every time they got together. They even hugged sometimes but Happy was always so dam hot that she kind of melted Sad's blue ice so they were careful not to harm each other.

When Happy jumped, so did Sad. They sometimes formed a circle with Angry, Mean and Stubborn. Mostly they just liked to hang together. Happy and Sad seemed to blend together. Some people said you have to choose to be Happy. That kind of makes Sad sad because he feels equally important with Happy. They are friends. They hold hands.

As time when by Happy and Sad kind of slowed down. They started leaning on each other and eventually turned into a big pile of dirt. Someone shoveled they all over the garden of the world and they sprouted everywhere. Happy/Sad spawned clones riding in the wind to catch humans unaware.

Whenever you see a little Happy/Sad situation blooming you can think of this old couple holding hands and walking down the path. Sad and Happy hold hands.

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Comment by JMac1949 Today on December 2, 2014 at 9:15pm

R&R ;-)


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