I’m not shut down. This is the new me. The old me drove more than twice as much. It is just coincidence that not long after I backed off the feds shut down. I’m not driving, but I’m still going to the diner. It’s been two weeks since I gassed up the aging red rocket...and I still have half a tank. I good possibly get down to once a month from almost twice a week. 

      I looked at the gauge on the way to my regular Wednesday meeting on the edge of the closest state road to the coast. It’s dead now. Just me and the staff of immigrants of several nations exchanging ideas. I’m too old to work the diner, otherwise I’d be there working right along side them there, or at some other joint. 

      None of the winter staff are in school. Half are legally in the states, the only one with college is the owner, who bootstrapped himself through a two year then a four year program waiting tables in the city. He owns the building and business, but still has not become a citizen. His heart is still over there, on the other side of the ocean. 

      His father and brothers are big fish on a small Island. There was just not enough room for four of them, so they smartly established a beachhead in the US. The political situation of the island has been such that having a plan b is always good strategy. 

       I’ve met almost all of them over the years. I’ve never been to their Island. I thought I would have by now, but I’m not feeling it.  My co2 footprint has been getting smaller and smaller.  My frequent flier miles were recently confiscated due to lack of participation. I’m ok with that too.

        I do miss the legroom, but am happy not to have to rationalize the expense and stress of what appears to be a one historian show on the road. I could do far less here for half as much, even before winding down.

         This not driving is working out. I’ve applied for social security too. I might get rich doing less...or at least not not broke twice as fast. I might live long enough to make a short movie, or at least help a little...I won’t even start the red rocket today. I’m walking the trail to the bay and back, leaving the half tanked red rocket’s  big six cylinders  to rest.  It’s getting easier and easier to be getting greener and greener. 



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Comment by Tom Cordle on January 10, 2019 at 10:33am

"His father and brothers are big fish on a small Island. There was just not enough room for four of them, so they smartly established a beachhead in the US"

What is not well-known by most Americans, and even less well acknowledged by the power structure, is that in the still-feudal British Isles of the 1600s and 1700s, family holdings and fortunes were for practical reasons usually passed-on to first-born sons. Second-born and later sons usually had but two choices – join the military or depart for the Colonies. Daughters, including first-born daughters, often had but two choices as well – marry an eldest son or depart for the Colonies.

I exaggerate only slightly about all that, for in relatively short order, the Colonies were teeming with masses of immigrants seeking to improve their lot in life absent the oppressive feudal system. Needless to say, this did not bode well for the Natives who already occupied those lands. Sounds like nothing much has changed.

Comment by J.P. Hart on January 10, 2019 at 2:10pm

Comment by J.P. Hart on January 10, 2019 at 2:16pm

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Comment by Robert B. James on January 10, 2019 at 11:21pm

Thanks for reading and commenting gentlemen.  

In my case TC, both the heir and spare went west to avoid persecution, leaving me the entire east coast to wrangle upon the death of Jameson...a fate for myself that I never desired. Life During Wartime

Dr. Hart: My 34 years of night school did not prepare me for a day job. There used to be only four ways to get unraveled. One of them was to grow old and live in the hills. 

RAYTHEONE ! Raybetheone. 


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