Hail to the Chief!

What explains how a successful businessman with no prior political experience and with no mercenary motive is now being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States?

Add to the question that Donald Trump has withstood from every conceivable source attacks from the silly to the scurrilous, from the childish to the churlish. Fortunately, due to the magic of videotape, Trump can relish forever the sneering and laughing reactions from serious political commentators to first, his entry into the race, later to his primary victory, and most significantly, his final electoral victory on his own behalf and for his party country-wide. I wish that I could capture on tape some of the reactions of my friends and family calling circle to the prospect of a Trump victory. But, no matter; I’ll remember them.

While the staggering, shattered, disbelieving opposition has been drumming up super-anemic smears, e.g., the ridiculous recount efforts of a candidate who has been more universally rejected than Elizabeth (Minnie Ha Ha) Warren is going to be, the Twinkie Defense (the Russians made me do it), the Manchurian Candidate theory (John Podesta’s emails transfixed me), ignoring the dirty tricks that Donna Brazile and others played against Trump, and mounting activities designed to obstruct the Inauguration involving a greater drain on the Secret Service and other law enforcement resources, Trump has been at his post nominating stellar replacements for what is really Obama’s home grown J.V. team now occupying key cabinet posts. With surgical precision, Trump has chosen leaders who are truly weaponized to do away with Obama policies that have had serious negative effects upon U.S. businesses and ordinary life for the past eight years.

Trump’s inauguration is, in a very real sense, different from most that have gone before, and this is probably the reason why it has driven the left ‘round the twist. Most are eager to celebrate this uniqueness and will contribute to an inaugural weekend that will have a special sheen due in no small part to the relentless good looks of the new First Family. The absence of petulant and jejune lefties, whether from Congress, Michigan school teachers, or Hollywood, will only add to the glow.

Obama, in his last (thank God) presser, had a unique opportunity to speak against the divide in Congress that he has so enthusiastically encouraged, but he did not. He could have encouraged Dems in the House to take an expanded view of history and attend the Inauguration as those before have done, but he did not. He was too busy offering a defense to the totally indefensible gift to Ms Man(sic)ning. In the black and white world of Obama there is no middle ground between walk and 35 years, a decision which also stupidly let Julian Assange off the hook by not complying, literally, with JA’s conditions for surrender. Given BO’s affection for bombers, harking back to the good ol’ Bill Ayers days, it was no surprise that the Fraunces Tavern bomber also found his way out of prison and under the coziness of Obama’s collapsing umbrella.

As Hope and Faith and other useless bromides scurry out the White House with their tourist-biting pet, one of the most spectacularly endowed First Families moves in with reason, common sense, and proven accomplishment and expertise to offer.

As I watched the Inaugural Eve festivities at the Lincoln Memorial, the image I could not get out of my head was that of the Prodigal Son (America) returning home. Welcome!


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Comment by koshersalaami on January 20, 2017 at 7:06am

"Against the divide in Congress that he has so enthusiastically encouraged"

That's as libelous as it gets. President Obama was absurdly conciliatory in the face of overwhelming hostility that was initiated before he'd even done anything in office. From a liberal standpoint, his unabating conciliatory tendencies were his greatest fault as President. He didn't have to choose a health care plan authored by the Heritage Foundation but he did and was somehow called radical for it. 

You don't agree with the guy, fine, but please leave the fiction to Vega. 

Comment by Gordon Osmond on January 20, 2017 at 12:20pm

Not at all what happened, but I doubt the facts can dislodge your prejudices.

Comment by Barbara Joanne on January 22, 2017 at 1:02am

Thank you for referencing the tavern bombing.  It is despicable that Rivera will walk out of jail while Frank Connor is forever dead and his wonderful son, Joe, will spend the rest of his life knowing that the man who murdered his father when he, Joe, was nine, is walkng the free world, meeting women, drinking beer, swimmng in the sea, being praised by the Left.  (Connor?  Google it guys.) 


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