I have received notice that I can resume working for the government without pay! This is a revised version of the stand down message that came up with the shut down. 

     How delightfully generous  of them!  I’m cutting this short today so I can rush back to doing half as much as I was doing before Thanksgiving,  which no longer includes driving. I’m not driving. 

     National Security? I’ll keep working on that until my end of watch, no matter who or what is acting as if they have a clue on the federal payroll.  The buck?  The buck goes where it may, and stops where it may. I’m not chasing it for any doe. National security is my security, and I’ve applied for my social security. 

     A letter came in the mail saying that the check might soon arrive in the mail, and I have no reason to believe it won’t be. Good news! I have government permission to serve it at my own expense until further notice. Thank you President Drone! You are the greatest. God bless America.

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Comment by Tom Cordle on Sunday

All I know is the buck seldom stops where it ought to go. But enough fruitless talk about money and the working class ...

On a related note – obviously, Truman's metaphor has fallen from fashion. Truman meant responsibility, which is to say blame. Back then, the buck did stop at the President's desk ... that was true when LBJ was blamed for the Vietnam War ... and it continued when Nixon was blamed for Watergate ... Carter was blamed for the Oil Crisis and the Iran hostage crisis. But that changed with Reagan and "plausible deniability", John Pointdexter and Ollie North became sacrificial lambs; and after that, the blame stopped at the lowest possible plausible level. But then things went from bad to worse, and nowadays plausibility has been thrown under the bus, too; one glaring example – Hairball is blaming the Democrats for not financing a stupid wall he promised Mexico would pay for.

Bottom line? 1984 came early; 1980, I'd say, and I can't think of a more glaringly obvious example of that than hundreds of thousands of checks mailed-out to government workers in the amount of $00.00. That's also a sign we are rapidly moving beyond that dystopian nightmare; we are headed straight for Mad Maximum.

Comment by J.P. Hart on Sunday

funnie how the night moves! dangling chads! we've been had. time to read the news, chase the reds (world is a stage! wish i were on it!)
stuck as an op-so-lete (whoa! sweet petite) word guy accompanied x strangers: who what where when (salutes Lee Roy) (let there be thumbs, bongos) HOWL!

RBJ: I'd rough drafted the above in yellow chalk on an antiquated blackboard from St. Joanne - Tinas. Why my filmic doctoral eyes choose to read your news lead as GRATE ... so I lapse into that unforgettable still frame of Marilyn Monroe (spike heels,no?) once upon that sub.way g.r.a.t.e!)

Lonely days, lonely nights! Gloria's on my shoulder, going: another blurb whoa-is-thee Y not focus on the The vulture and the little girl

Om's still high from their Seth Meyers close encounter. All duded up in his Alan Hale, Jr. yachting outfit!

To the nines I shout!
To the nines!

...still on the line .........

Comment by Robert B. James on Monday

Thank you for reading and commenting my fellow ‘mericans.

Brother Tom! Yes. But wow! Checks sent for 00.00? No shit?  I’ve never had a federal pay check. Looking flowers to my SS, which will not cover half of my health insurance payment. But nice to get a bit of what I paid back, maybe when I get it anyway. Hoping to live long enough to get a few. Not holding my breath, so might just make it.

Dr.Hart : Grate full  Natalie Schaefer...the millionaires wife would visit our small but well heeled town. My sister was a Gilligan freak. Poor MM...revenge is a bitch, but I’m not going to take it.  I’ll just sit at a counter talking movies...who reads? Still warm up the Bolex...there’s shooting to do yet!


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