Goupil: The Terrible Horrible Inevitable End

I've come across many assassins in my time. We naturally despise and draw away from one another. It's a peculiar trait of perverse pride each of us thinks only he knows "right" way to kill. I'm not speaking method here, but of kind of morality. You see -

Goddam kid squealing downstairs! What they doing to him? I hate that little fat bastard walking with his sugar drink and video from the car!

You see, a need to feel "justified" cannot be resisted. We are all frauds in that sense. American military type do it for Jesus. I kidding you not! Some try to be cynic, say only money is good. But money not enough for doing this. Something push you into it, drive you. We professionals hate the clowns who get in for what they think -

Shut fucking kid up! Crap studio is living hell! I can't live like this. Drive me insane!!

- they think is quick, easy dollar. Cop catch them like flies. Must have drive to be professional. But assassins are like magnets that repel. That Spaniard in Lisbon, how I hate working with him! He never find out it I put cockroach in his bed. Went right up his arse! Truth is we bunch of weirdos. They like to show quiet efficient killer in movie but those twisted the most. They -

I hate these people downstairs! On and on and on! I'm going to kill them! I'm not joking! This torture very must cease!

- they hide love desires they cut off from. I remember this turmoil. I around Holly Marie Combs actress many, many years ago when in Los Angeles city. Such struggle for acceptance! I like her very, very much. She between relationships and not happy. Just like regular person! But I could not enter her world. I was dying to be something real, have something real to offer. Not even for sex, but for friend -

Goddam! Goddam that brat! I'm kicking shit out of him squeal one more time! Whole life here is merde! Shit job, shit money, shit life. Stop pressing on my brain!!

- for friend like I wish to have, person of quality. This aching like drowning man no one can hear. Those actors types around her with dreams, make me feel small and lost. Most unhappy hit I ever do. If target in movie business I would back out for sure. Taste of that crowd still linger, still sting the heart. That when I should leap off train to start over, back then when still time. I debate! But too scared. Too afraid find out I really nothing. I wonder this too late now?

That's it! I can't take that sound anymore! I'll give him something to scream about! I put end to it NOW! Where my gun!


Police arrived on the scene of a triple homicide and suicide in a rundown south side apartment building involving the long hunted French born assassin Goupil. An immigrant family of three was shot dead apparently by Goupil who then turned the gun on himself. According to police the child was brutally kicked and thrown across the room by Goupil who had matching bloodstains on his shoes and hands. The boy, however, had previous burn marks on the soles of his feet which had been routinely inflicted by his parents according to neighbors. The parents had stepped out to bring in their laundry from the complex's laundromat but were greeted by two fatal shots each from the gun of Goupil.

No one knows what set off the killings but police believe this was an impulse kill. Goupil is a suspect in many foreign based assassinations including the highly contested rumor of a contract ordered by California representative Dana Rohrabacher who had no comment on Goupil's death. Legendary for his ability to elude capture and tracking by law enforcement, the killer is suspected to have "imploded" according to officials. "He was able to run from the law but not from himself." A note was found in his apartment stating: "There really no such thing as demons, just love you can't get out."

Late arriving reports that his employment was as a fry cook for a nearby Burger King have yet to be confirmed by a company spokesman who yet vigorously denied fast-food work drives employees to murderous rampages.

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Comment by cheshyre on February 6, 2018 at 7:51pm

The Lord met me where I was at.


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