Golf, Baseball, and the Tango

Obama has resorted to all three as his presidential response to radical Islamic terrorism.

And his excuse? If we alter our normal way of going about our lives, the terrorists win.

Has it ever occurred to this dunce that lives are different depending upon whether you’re a regular guy or a person charged with the responsibility of leading our country through a killing crisis? Probably not.

It’s all fine to tell people who have done nothing to precipitate terrorism and certainly have no responsibility in dealing with it on a national scale that they should go about their normal everyday activities. But for Obama to claim the same exemptions is obscene. Did George Bush or Rudolf Guiliani ignore 9/11 and go about their normal activities in order to deprive the terrorists of their victory. No, hell no. Those were the days when we had leaders, not dance partners.

This absurd failure to determine context and distinguish situations casts further doubt on the fiction that Obama is bright. What evidence is there of that?

His academic performance, the records of which have at his insistence never been made public, are the result of affirmative action preferential treatment, and let’s not forget Joe Biden’s endorsement of Obama on the ground that he was clean cut. Would the history of the last seven years been different had Obama donned dreadlocks?

His big book was, according to some historians, ghost-written, and his off-teleprompter utterances are hardly inspirational. His other gaffes, too humorous to mention, would have not been committed by a twelfth-grader.

And now we hear Obama, on an international platform presumably concerned with loftier issues than current U.S. politics, criticize a man who has done everything that Obama never has—create jobs, hotels, resorts, all of which Obama may at some point take advantage of in his much anticipated retirement.

At that point he and Hillary may have cause to wonder why, with all that brain power and experience, they managed to leave the world in a substantially less settled safe and secure place than it was when they took over.

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