Giuliani Claims Truth Isn’t Truth on Meet the Press

Giuliani Claims Truth Isn’t Truth on Meet the Press:  Responding to Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd’s assertion that the President has nothing to fear about perjury if he simply tells the truth, Rudy Giuliani began claiming “facts are in the eye of the beholder” and “truth isn’t truth.”  And with that - the Trump Train has just pulled into Orwellia Station - “all aboard!”

Studies Show the Fountain of Youth May Be in Blood:  Researchers from Harvard and Stanford are reporting that reversing aging may soon be as simple as a blood transfusion from a younger person, as three separate studies have shown that injecting elderly mice with blood from younger mice rejuvenates their brains and muscles and reverses many signs of aging.  Human trials are expected to begin in Transylvania after the first of the year.

Woman Who Donated Kidney To Husband Wants It Back:  A U.K. woman wants the kidney she donated to her dying husband back after he left her just a few years after recovering from the operation.  The hospital said they’d consider her request for taking the kidney back, but only if she still has her original receipt.  Guess the moral of this story is “if you love someone - give them your heart, but not your kidneys!"

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