gender/ sexuality zeitgeist 2015, massive link pile

hi all. just read today that Playboy magazine down to 800K circulation (from ~5.5M in the 1970s), and losing money ($3M/ yr) in the US, just decided to take out the nudity from its future issues, in an attempt to increase its circulation/ relevance.[c19] they found on their web site that hits went up when they took out nudity. SHOCKING! and this is not an april fools joke! (hefner is almost 90 now...) 

grew up some on playboy and consider it a cultural bellweather/ milestone. it seems to be nearly the end of an era. playboy brand is one of the worlds top recognized brands despite in some ways, massive decline.

oh yeah and Holly Madison of Girls Next Door fame (one of my favorite shows) has come out with a new scandalous tell-all book & making tabloid headlines, describing her life at the mansion which sounds vacuous and miserable (surprise!)... she says she contemplated suicide (despite the typical frivolous/ flippant style of my writing, am defn not laughing at that!). havent bought it yet but definitely intend to soon. has anyone read it? whaddya think?

this is a massive pile of links. plz dont hate me for it. am just posting random flotsam/ jetsam ran across in cyberspace. its all well written but ofc will be overwhelming/ inundating looked at all at once. hey its the information age, remember? hey its organized into sections. just remember, you dont actually have to do anything with this. :)

ah my excuse is that open salon died along with my big readership/ audience built over 5yr and then did not have any incentive to work more and post more often. but ofc as they say "there is no excuse." :p

did ~35 of these blogs back in the day on open salon, some got big piles of hits. it was my own mini-playboy with me as a mini-Hef. boy those were the days. :|

its a bit of a cyber rorschach test for myself, but also for humanity in general! (two top sections by link count: sex & research.)

have you heard of that HBO series on masters & johnson? this is kind of like that except in cyberspace without leaving the clinic or using human subjects. it uses their "cyber-footprints" instead which are quite copious these days.

ok, ok I admit it. am a cyber-bookmark-hoarder. (or maybe a sex addict wannabe, with this as a cyber-sublimation?) at least it doesnt all clutter my garage ok? (er actually I delete all my bookmarks put into blogs. so now you know the truth! blogging as a sort of online wastebasket, lol! j/k, kinda!) :P

anyway the game here is, if you see any link title that catches your eye, will be happy to hear you comment on it. but if you complain about the (self-evident) size of the collection, that will be a drag for me & help me feel the big exercise was a waste of time. :(

a. sex
  • 1. Inside Miami’s Wild Museum of Sex - The Daily Beast
  • 2. Young, Attractive, and Totally Not Into Having Sex | WIRED
  • 3. Stop Telling Me My G-Spot Doesn't Exist | Alternet
  • 4. Why So Many Women Don't Enjoy Sex As Much As They Could | Alternet
  • 5. Confessions of a sex addict: From juggling three men in a night to bringing sex toys to work, woman reveals lengths she'll go to 'get her fix' | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. HuffPost Love And Sex Podcast: Inside New York's Chemistry Sex Party
  • 7. Can Smoking Marijuana Lead to Great Sex? | Alternet
  • 8. What It's Like to Date As a Demisexual | Alternet
  • 9. The Sexual Partner Who Rocked My World In Middle Age | Erica Jagger
  • 10. Why I Haven't Had Sex in 10 Years | Alternet
  • 11. 10 Craziest Ways Sex Has Changed | Alternet
  • 12. Cosmo's Female Orgasm Survey Tells You Everything You Need To Know
  • 13. A THIRD of women fake their orgasms to spare their partners' feelings | Daily Mail Online
  • 14. What Happens When a Country Doesn't Puritanically Freak Out About Teenagers Having Sex | Alternet
  • 15. How to Have Shameless Sex | Alternet
  • 16. 11 Things That Will Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life After 50 | Erica Jagger
  • 17. This is what your brain looks like during an orgasm - Vox
  • 18. My Husband And I Haven't Had Sex Since 2008 -- And We Couldn't Be Happier | High50
  • 19. 'It Feels Good' and 'I'm Horny' -- The Shocking Reasons Women Have Casual Sex | Alternet
  • 20. Professor Live Tweets Her Son's Abstinence Only Sex-Ed Class with Hilarious Results | Alternet
  • 21. Millennials Are Very Mixed Up About Sex - The Daily Beast
  • 22. 8 Facts About The Female Orgasm Everyone Should Know
  • 23. 'How To Make Me Come' Tumblr blog reveals the secrets of women's sexual desires | Daily Mail Online
  • 24. 10 Sex Secrets I Wish I Knew Before I Was Married | Brian Orme
  • 25. What Old People Know About Sex That You Don't | Karl A. Pillemer, Ph.D.
  • 26. Young, Attractive, and Totally Not Into Having Sex | WIRED
  • 27. Are You Holding Yourself Back From Orgasm? | Pamela Madsen
  • 28. Couples reveal secrets on Whisper app about what married sex is REALLY like | Daily Mail Online
  • 29. 'Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am!': Why You Should Have More Quickies | Alternet
  • 30. 8 Steps To Hotter Sex After Divorce | Divorced Moms
  • 31. Here's Why People Are Freaking Out About An Expo On Sex And Porn Heading To Dallas | Jenny Block
  • 32. 6 NSFW Reasons Why Robots Are The Future Of Sex
  • 33. 10 Reasons Why Young People Should Stop Freaking Out Over The Thought Of Old People Having Sex | Erica Jagger
  • 34. I've Slept With 99 People -- Why I'm Looking for My 100th and Feeling Not the Slightest Bit of Shame | Alternet
  • 35. What Schools Should Teach Kids About Sex - The Atlantic
  • 36. Meet The Women Secretly Suffering In Sexless Marriages
  • 37. The Sex Talk You Never Had With Your Parents | WIRED
  • 38. Rise of the Yogasm: With 20 per cent of women getting more from their Ommm We reveal the top poses that can induce the Big O | Daily Mail Online
  • 39. How To Reclaim Your Sexual Voice Through Orgasmic Yoga | Pamela Madsen
  • 40. 7 Simple Ways To Be A Better Lover | MiddleSexy
  • 41. I Chose Pretty -- Friends With Benefits Over 50 | Jodi Brown
  • 42. The Rules of Airbnb Sex | Map Happy
  • 43. Why The New Sex Drive Pill For Women Is Not The 'Female Viagra'
  • 44. Tracey Cox on why men and women SHOULD fantasise about sleeping with other people | Daily Mail Online
  • 45. Agony Aunts from the Eighties reveal their fears for the next generation of lovers | Daily Mail Online
  • 46. Pretentious Is Not A Sexual Orientation - The Daily Beast
b. work
  • 1. The Muslim Call Girl Who’ll Marry You First - The Daily Beast
  • 2. More bang for your buck | The Economist
  • 3. Inside Paris’s Kinkiest Sex Club - The Daily Beast
  • 4. Camming Is Not Like Any Other Kind of Sex Work - Features - The Stranger
  • 5. Escorts reveal what their jobs are REALLY like on Whisper app | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. Tracey Cox reveals why a rising number of women are using male escorts | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Meet the Women Who Risk It All to Sell Fantasies on the Etsy of Sex
  • 8. 'Pretty Woman' and the Ugly Truth About Prostitution | Marian Hatcher
  • 9. Inside Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the World's Most Famous Brothel : The Daily Details: Blog : Details
  • 10. Girl For Sale tells the story of a middle-class girl groomed to be a sex slave | Daily Mail Online
  • 11. The Real Lives of Phone Sex Operators - The Daily Beast
  • 12. The Amazing Things I Learned from a Male Sex Surrogate | Alternet
  • 13. What It's Like Being a Male Sex Surrogate Helping Women Get Over Sexual Dysfunction | Alternet
  • 14. Chinese billionaire hires porn star Rola Misaki as his 'personal assistant' | Daily Mail Online
c. media/ art
  • 1. The Danger of Viewing <em>Fifty Shades of Grey</em> As Sex Ed | Soraya Chemaly
  • 2. 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Author: Hit Books Were My 'Midlife Crisis' - ABC News
  • 3. Women in Film - Silk
  • 4. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’s’ Batshit Sequels: Ice Cream Sundae Sex, Rita Ora, and the ‘Butt Drawer’ - The Daily Beast
  • 5. <em>Fifty Shades of Grey</em> and the Sexual (Mis)Education of Boys | Jackson Katz
  • 6. The Christian Grey Rumors Are All Wrong - The Daily Beast
  • 7. How Pretty Woman REALLY should have ended (if the scriptwriter had got his way) | Daily Mail Online
  • 8. Sam Taylor-Johnson Leaves 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Franchise
  • 9. Women Orgasm While Reading... For The Sake Of Art, Of Course (NSFW)
  • 10. This Is What Happens When You Bring Nudists To An Art Museum (NSFW)
  • 11. Viral 'Terre Des Femmes' Photo Series Shares An Important Message, But Not An Original One
  • 12. Texas college student poses naked and blindfolded at library for art project | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. 3D porn film by Gaspar Noe sparks brawls at Cannes | Daily Mail Online
  • 14. Andrew Tarusov transforms Disney princesses into vintage pin-up models | Daily Mail Online
  • 15. Cannes’s 3D Porn: High Heels, Tuxedoes, and Midnight Money Shots - The Daily Beast
  • 16. Meet the Woman Who Critiques Hundreds of Penises Every Day | Alternet
  • 17. It's the Sexism and Ageism, Stupid: 7 Bleak Ways Hollywood Shafts Actresses No Longer Deemed 'F*ckable' | Alternet
  • 18. Terrance Smalls' the Lines Series challenges society's views about female perfection | Daily Mail Online
  • 19. Playboy to Drop Nudity as Internet Fills Demand - The New York Times
  • 20. A New ‘Sex and The City’ Movie? These Are Our Demands - The Daily Beast
  • 21. Getting Down And Dirty With Playboy Centerfolds
  • 22. Girl attempts to kiss strangers in Grand Central Station on camera | Daily Mail Online
d. porn
  • 1. China Has a Japanese Porn Addiction—and That’s a Good Thing - The Daily Beast
  • 2. Has Porn Overwhelmed Our Brains? The "NoFap" Movement Thinks So | Alternet
  • 3. Sex Addict Russell Brand’s Unexpected Anti-Porn Crusade - The Daily Beast
  • 4. Oghosa Ovienrioba, the woman who has watched over 400 HOURS of porn since age of 14 | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. The Alternative: Why Porn Doesn't Have to Be All Cum Shots and Demeaned Women | Alternet
  • 6. The Overhyped, Unsexy Reality of Virtual Porn — Matter — Medium
  • 7. I'm a Married Woman and I'm Addicted to Porn | Alternet
  • 8. Pornography blamed for 'sexist' military culture that led to soldiers' photoshoot with models | Daily Mail Online
  • 9. 7 Classiest, Smartest Sites for ... Porn? | Alternet
  • 10. Czech teacher sacked after her porn video was found by pupils | Daily Mail Online
  • 11. Your Porn Addiction Isn’t Real - The Daily Beast
  • 12. Your Dick Pics Are About to Be All Over the Internet | WIRED
  • 13. Pornhub top site as children do ANYTHING to feed their porn addiction | Daily Mail Online
  • 14. A Brief But Totally Fascinating History of Porn | Alternet
  • 15. Pornhub video of Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins to be shot in space | Daily Mail Online
  • 16. Women Like It 'Just as Dirty as Men': Meet the Pornographer Who Films Women's Sexual Confessions | Alternet
  • 17. Who's Afraid of <i>Hot Girls</i>? | Mary Anne Franks
e. crime/ legal
  • 1. 'King of revenge porn' Hunter Moore faces up to seven years in prison | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. Trial nears in high-profile Silicon Valley sex bias case | Daily Mail Online
  • 3. Revenge porn creepsters ordered to pay $900,000 in default judgment | Ars Technica
  • 4. Reddit CEO Ellen Pao testifies against Silicon Valley Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield & Byers | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. Charlotte man has stood naked at front door for ten years and the police can't do anything | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. Reddit CEO Ellen Pao LOSES gender bias case against Silicon Valley firm | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Florida couple face prison after having sex on the beach in front of children | Daily Mail Online
  • 8. Sex on The Beach Could Land You in Jail - The Daily Beast
  • 9. Cormega Copening and Brianna Denson charged as adults over sexting nude photos | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. Ambra Battilana, Weinstein’s accuser: Naïve Innocent, Gold-Digger, or Neither? - The Daily Beast
  • 11. Man drugged and raped by three South African women tells of his horrific ordeal | Daily Mail Online
  • 12. Eleanor Hawkins pictured on Malaysia mountain before stripping naked | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. The Media Is Making College Rape Culture Worse - The Daily Beast
  • 14. Pao Asks Court to Dismiss Kleiner’s $1M Reimbursement Claim | WIRED
  • 15. It’d Be Crazy if VC Firms Didn’t Fix Their Gender Problem | WIRED
  • 16. Columbia University's Emma Sulkowicz takes mattress to graduation over rape case | Daily Mail Online
  • 17. Inside the Sex Cult of ‘Christ’ - The Daily Beast
  • 18. Inside the Secret World of Arab Playboys - The Daily Beast
f. research/ trends/ factoids
  • 1. Science Explains Why Men Like Women With Curvy Booties
  • 2. Men like women with CURVED SPINES as they are better at food foraging | Daily Mail Online
  • 3. Scientific Advice For A Better Sex Life: Sleep, And Watch Porn
  • 4. Ads Featuring Hot Male Models Make Straight Men Panic-Spend - The Daily Beast
  • 5. Music videos make teens believe their peers are more sexually active than they are | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. Whatever woman approaches 100 men and asks them to sleep with her | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Dating Friends Brings Benefits - The Daily Beast
  • 8. Research shows that men are most attracted to women in their early 20s | Daily Mail Online
  • 9. How female objectification in ads creates low self-esteem for guys | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. What makes the perfect partner? Wealthier people emphasise attractiveness | Daily Mail Online
  • 11. Six Minutes in Heaven: Most Sex Does Not Last Very Long
  • 12. Beware the one-year itch: Survey finds passion in a relationship starts to fade after only 12 months | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. Porn watchers think more highly of women
  • 14. Watching Porn Is OK. Believing In Porn Addiction Is Not - The Daily Beast
  • 15. BBC - Future - The mystery of the female orgasm
  • 16. Women Want More Sex, Survey Says
  • 17. 7 Drawbacks Of Online Dating, According To Science
  • 18. Sexting study finds naughty texts could lead to a better love life | Daily Mail Online
  • 19. Orgasms are good for your HEALTH and protect against heart attack | Daily Mail Online
  • 20. Couples who indulge in extra nights of sex end up more miserable | Daily Mail Online
  • 21. 5 Types Of Orgasms -- And How To Have More Of Each | Prevention
  • 22. 8 Fascinating Things All Women Should Know About Orgasms |
  • 23. Why College-Educated Women Can't Find Love - The Daily Beast
  • 24. People who watch porn online may hold deeply feminist views | Daily Mail Online
  • 25. 'Uneducated, jobless and jailed' black men blamed for US marriage decline | Daily Mail Online
  • 26. 12 Crazy Amazing Facts About The Clitoris | Pamela Madsen
  • 27. Study suggests you are ‘drunk’ when in love
  • 28. More women than men in a society means more and better sex for everyone | Daily Mail Online
  • 29. Men who hold doors open and smile may actually be sexist, study claims | Daily Mail Online
  • 30. Why DO humans have such large penises? | Daily Mail Online
  • 31. The Fascinating Reason There Are No Female Genitals on Statues | Alternet
  • 32. Can Porn Enhance a Couple’s Sex Life? | Alternet
  • 33. From Kim Kardashian to wasp-waists, how the ideal body shape has changed | Daily Mail Online
  • 34. Having More Sex Won't Necessarily Make You Happier, Suggests Hope-Crushing Study
  • 35. Laughter, then love: Study explores why humor is important in romantic attraction | The University of Kansas
  • 36. Woman creates 'thin' and 'fat' profiles for OKCupid dating site | Daily Mail Online
  • 37. Do you have a male or female brain? The simple test that investigates your 'gender personality'... and the answer will surprise you | Daily Mail Online
  • 38. Here's More Evidence That Good-Looking People Can Get Away With Anything
  • 39. American men place FOURTH in a list of the world's sexiest nations | Daily Mail Online
  • 40. 3D printed Venus de Milo model suggests Aphrodite spun thread like sex slave | Daily Mail Online
  • 41. The Internet Talks Like a Woman -- The Cut
  • 42. Why Do Bi Women Smoke So Much Weed? - The Daily Beast
  • 43. The Truth about the G-Spot | Alternet
  • 44. America’s Sexual Hypocrisy Addiction - The Daily Beast
  • 45. Perfect Wives In Ideal Homes book lays bare how things were for women in Fifties Britain | Daily Mail Online
g. dating/ mating
  • 1. Indian bride walks out of wedding when groom fails math test
  • 2. I'm a Sex Worker, and Dating Is Awkward | xoJANE
  • 3. 9 Important Lessons My Single Mother Taught Me About Love and Dating | Bustle
  • 4. BeautifulPeople dating site hijacked by internet trolls after ditching 3k members | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. Inside the world of the super cougars: The 31-year-old man who juggles SIX women aged 68 to 92 (including a pensioner who has slept with more than 1,000 men) | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. Seven Women Confront The Same Catfish They Each Had An Online 'Relationship' With
  • 7. Three submissive wives lift the lid on their unique marriages - and reveal why they believe female submission in the key to a happy life | Daily Mail Online
  • 8. 9 Things I Learned During A Year Of First Dates
  • 9. This Is How You Avoid The "Dark Days of Dating" | Shannon Smith
  • 10. The New Dating Scene -- Sugar Daddy Anyone? | Tammy Bleck
  • 11. The Dating Market Might Actually Be Worse For Educated Straight Women
  • 12. Sugar Baby of the Year: 12 Women Compete to Be Named the Sweetest - The Daily Beast
  • 13. The Real Life of a Sugar Daddy | GQ
  • 14. Sugar Babies -
  • 15. LoveHoney sex survey says women wait three weeks or five dates | Daily Mail Online
  • 16. My Adventures On Tinder: By The 61-Year-Old Woman Who Dated Guys In Their 30s | High50
  • 17. The Dickonomics of Tinder — Matter — Medium
  • 18. The Tinder Wars | Vanessa Garcia
  • 19. How a computer found me love—32 years ago
  • 20. Danielle Page asks New York City cab drivers their top relationship tips | Daily Mail Online
  • 21. The Big Secret of Every Dating App -- The Cut
  • 22. Download This App Or Don’t Have Sex - The Daily Beast
  • 23. Why Sex With Younger Men Is No Longer Taboo (By Two Women Who Know) | High50
  • 24. 10 Reasons I've Been Told I'm Single | ReeRee Rockette
  • 25. The P**sy Test: How to Know If You're With the Right Person | Jenny Block
h. looks
  • 1. Brazilian Bikinis Somehow Get Smaller - The Daily Beast
  • 2. Meet The 'Sexy' Street Sweeper Out To Challenge Stereotypes
  • 3. Strangers can tell if you are powerful, intelligent or even criminal by a quick glance | Daily Mail Online
  • 4. Not All Sororities Value Bikinis Over Brains - The Daily Beast
  • 5. Woman pens Cosmopolitan essay lamenting her 'pretty' looks | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. Project Harpoon Facebook page edits images of plus-size models to look thinner | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Dear Men: Stop Staring at My Butt | Maja Tosic
  • 8. Why has buff become best for men? – Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore – Aeon
  • 9. Photos Of Women Around The World Show Beauty Is In Our Differences
  • 10. The stunning tattooed U.S. models making it big on the catwalk | Daily Mail Online
  • 11. I'm a Woman and I Love Being Catcalled | Madeline Wahl
  • 12. Now Vaginas Have Their Own Beauty Contest - The Daily Beast
  • 13. My Vagina Is All Over The Place | Lottie Lomas
i. celebrity
  • 1. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Star Dakota Johnson’s Bright, BDSM-Free Future - The Daily Beast
  • 2. An Ex-Porn Star Blasts ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: ‘A One-Dimensional Peek at Kink’ - The Daily Beast
  • 3. How the Female Stars of The Breakfast Club Fought to Remove a Sexist Scene, and Won | Vanity Fair
  • 4. Exposed: Belle de Jour releases photograph of herself at work to prove that she used to be a prostitute | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. The 'Bizarre' End Of Holly Madison's Relationship With Hugh Hefner
  • 6. Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness: Suzy Favor Hamilton: 9780062346223: Books
  • 7. Kate Middleton and Cara Delevingne make up part of the world's most desirable female | Daily Mail Online
  • 8. Donald Trump was AMAZING in bed says ex-Penthouse Pet Sandra Taylor | Daily Mail Online
  • 9. Director Woody Allen admits one of his greatest pleasures is 'looking at beautiful women' | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. Champion Runner Suzy Favor Hamilton On Why She Became A Vegas Escort
  • 11. Candace Bushnell: ‘I’ve Had a Lot of Great Sex in My Life’ - The Daily Beast
  • 12. Why So Many Supermodels Are From the Midwest - The Atlantic
  • 13. Hugh Hefner denies Holly Madison's tell-all about Playboy Mansion | Daily Mail Online
  • 14. Porn stars reveal film industry secrets in Reddit thread | Daily Mail Online
  • 15. 28 Stars You Probably Didn't Know Are Bisexual
  • 16. Holly Madison's Playboy Hell reveals how Hugh Hefner tried to ply her with drugs | Daily Mail Online
  • 17. Nicki Minaj Is Right: Women Deserve Orgasm Equality | Alternet
  • 18. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini slams today's crop of scantily-clad singers | Daily Mail Online
  • 19. The 12 Ultimate Sex Symbols Of Yesteryear We'll Never Forget | Pat Gallagher
  • 20. Holly Madison out with daughter after revealing Playboy Mansion suicide thoughts | Daily Mail Online
  • 21. 'It's degrading and disgusting': Tobacco tycoon who calls himself The Candyman leads his wife around their mansion on a LEASH - as grandparents fear for the young children growing up in a house where guests party naked | Daily Mail Online
  • 22. Miss Venezuela Damarys Ruiz who spent her last 15 years homeless dies | Daily Mail Online
  • 23. Last F**kable Day - Uncensored - Inside Amy Schumer Video Clip | Comedy Central
  • 24. Meet The Funniest Porn Star On Earth, Alia Janine
  • 25. Dear Patricia Arquette: Here's What Your Oscar Speech Failed to Mention | Alternet
  • 26. Ariana Grande split from Big Sean after 'billion dollar p***y' lyrics | Daily Mail Online
  • 27. Married at First Sight's Jaclyn Methuen hits out at groom over lack of intimacy | Daily Mail Online
  • 28. Lebanese TV host Rima Karaki stands up to sexist Islamist scholar | Daily Mail Online
  • 29. Former Porn Star Nails The Bullsh*t Way We View Female Sexuality
  • 30. My Wild Night at the Playboy Mansion—But Where Was Hef? - The Daily Beast
j. news/ commentary
  • 1. What Kind of Man Joins the Men's Rights Movement?
  • 2. The Pickup Artist Too Sleazy for Pickup Artists - The Daily Beast
  • 3. China Says Please Stop Hiring Funeral Strippers - China Real Time Report - WSJ
  • 4. Can I Hate Its Sexism, But Love Victoria’s Secret Underwear? - The Daily Beast
  • 5. Britain’s Crazy Decision to Ban ‘Beach Body’ Ads - The Daily Beast
  • 6. Illiberal Feminism Is Running Amok - The Daily Beast
  • 7. The bare truth about the growing trend for naked cruising | Daily Mail Online
  • 8. Huge numbers of Muslims are turning to ISIS because they want SEX, reveals former Islamist, who says many resent the freedoms Western youths have | Daily Mail Online
  • 9. Today’s Bad Idea: ‘Frexting,’ The Sexts You Send Friends - The Daily Beast
  • 10. The Problem With The "Wife Bonus" Is That It Fuels Sexism | Angelina Chapin
  • 11. What Kind of Man Joins the Men's Rights Movement? | GQ
  • 12. Philippines' Angeles City filled with children fathered by Australian tourists | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. Pornhub: Our New $25,000 Scholarship Is Legit - The Daily Beast
  • 14. Hookers For Hillary: Nevada sex workers come out in favor of Clinton for president in 2016 | Daily Mail Online
  • 15. Black Boston University professor Saida Grundy told white rape survivor to cry | Daily Mail Online 

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Comment by koshersalaami on October 13, 2015 at 12:01pm

No point in complaining about an index. There's no drawback to it. 

I've done indexes before, though usually to put a bunch of posts of mine on a shared subject in one place and mine are way, way smaller. 

The question of what to do to get old posts recognized here by people who didn't know you then is a good one. My suggestion is repost your few favorites, not at the same time of course so they have a chance to develop new threads.

Comment by Arthur James on October 13, 2015 at 12:25pm


index in stinktanks are

fun? use index and shun

porn. a mature Human?


Says ` Robert J. Lifton 

can view ` Porn - but

Society ` Individuals

are generally ` Ill '

and Porn nay ` invoke?

Bah Wet Night ` Mare?

Mule Heehaws ` Panic?

Wet Bad Nighttime ` wet?

Nasty Bed Wet-goo ` dream?


It best to no be Porno- ` horny.




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Comment by Zanelle on October 13, 2015 at 3:56pm

I grew up with Playboy too and this is truly the end of an era.  Glad Hugh Hefner has the smarts to adapt to the new age.  Nudity isn't so interesting as it was in the fifties.  It is all out in the open now and it truly is about the articles.  

Comment by vzn on October 13, 2015 at 4:16pm

hey KS, have some urge to put up my old blogs sometimes, but it appears all my "fans" disappeared with my old site ... maybe they were all robots? :(

hey Z... when you say you "grew up with playboy" it surely has a different meaning than if a man said it, right? :P

re "nudity isnt as interesting as it was in the 50s"... huh, lol, to me it never ceases to be "interesting" :)

Comment by fred hallman on October 14, 2015 at 4:24pm

I had a friend once in Lake Tahoe named Joe Cano who had a Salsa band and was hired to play at the John Denver Celebrity Pro-Am ski tournament at Heavenly Valley on the Nevada side in 1980, but his P.A. head and mixer died and he called me to ask if he could borrow mine.  I turned him down but agreed to be the sound man for the event hosted by Gran Marnier and Playboy..

After I'd set them up I was free to hang with the stars and wannabes, starlets and half a dozen Playmates that were serving Gran Marnier from oaken casks any way that one could possibly enjoy it.

I still have a soft spot in my heart for Gran Marnier, but the pictorials definitely went sleazy over the years from the girl next door stuff that made them famous. 

Comment by vzn on October 15, 2015 at 3:48pm

wild story FH thx for sharing! its a small world! missed my own chance at the playboy mansion. maybe after getting world famous for solving a difficult math problem? yeah right!


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