gender/ sexuality studies/ zeitgeist massive haul/ pile 2017

hi all. this is a bit triggered by the marines sexting photo sharing scandal.[s] it doesnt seem like its reverberating around the media much, but what a scandal. it has all the elements. its also a very 21st century angle with the social media angle. also, there are new actual laws against "revenge porn". am shocked it is not a bigger deal and wonder if the so-called "controlled mass media" is involved in low-profile suppression of it. one wouldnt want any bad stories about a key component of the US War Machine.

anyway went to go look at my link pile and found it quite large and deep! yikes! took quite awhile just to pound it into sections.

sometimes the real Killer App feature of the internet is all the amazing writing on certain subjects. have not actually read all this "yet", part of the fun is just collecting it. hope you have some fun with it too. like to collect links the way some others collect pictures or facebook friends. its quite a glimpse into the "collective unconscious". esp with social media revolution now in full sway. (Kinsey, say, would have had an utter field day. just think of me as his 21st century alter ego, wink, hey its glamorous instead of geeky now that theres a cable show on his life, right?)

could write an entire essay on all these contents, and used to do nearly that years ago a bunch of times on open salon with a bigger audience and more feedback (ofc, the good old days). still trying to build that up on this site.

am thinking lately of dabbling with Medium. is anyone here using it? suspect it would be very hard to build up audience over there also. it looks nearly impossible to find writers who arent featured on the main page. is there even a way to browse most recent blogs on that site? the quality of featured writing is high but cant find a way to get the full list of new content. bummer!

will note that Trump is sure causing a lot of shockwaves in this area of study, there are a lot of angles here.[f] hes a misogynist and his wife is a very hot/ beautiful (ex)model who has scandalous/ delicious pics from her past (posing naked with other women). holy cow, 4 years of Trump will be total agony. or rather, ecstasy of watching his wife. ah, but melania so far is shunning the spotlight. a so-far astonishing reverse/ upset given her past, personality and todays era of celebrity.

~400 links for your perusing enjoyment! admittedly as always its a bit exhausting! gender/ sexuality in cyberspace is on totally full boil these days. but havent posted on the subj in quite awhile either. might add some more writing if "you guys out there" drive up hits/ comments on this post. after all this work/ effort/ energy/ time, now its your turn, wink :)

a. art/ entertainment
  • 1. What TV Show 'The Girlfriend Experience' Gets Wrong About Sex Work | Alternet
  • 2. The Girlfriend Experience’s Riley Keough on Playing a Call Girl: ‘Who Are We to Say What’s Right?’ | TIME
  • 3. The Unbelievably True Story Of A 'Good-For-Nothing' Artist And Her Revolutionary Vagina
  • 4. The Naked Woman in Chains Who Scandalized America - The Daily Beast
  • 5. Watching These People Orgasm Is A Startlingly Intimate Experience (NSFW)
  • 6. Dennis Cooper fears censorship as Google erases blog without warning | Books | The Guardian
  • 7. U.K. Dating Show ‘Naked Attraction’ Lets It All Hang Out - The Daily Beast
  • 8. Noor Tagouri Becomes The First Woman To Wear A Hijab In Playboy | Huffington Post
  • 9. Ballet Dancers Glide Their Way Through NYC — Naked — In Stunning Photos | Huffington Post
  • 10. The Hard Business of Selling Sex: The Drama of Sarah Jones’s ‘Sell/Buy/Date’ - The Daily Beast
  • 11. Celebrities pulling X-rated faces is the new must-have selfie look writes SARAH VINE | Daily Mail Online
  • 12. The Bachelor's first lesbian couple kiss and cuddle while wearing sexy lace lingerie | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. The Bachelor's Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon topless for Maxim Australia | Daily Mail Online
  • 14. ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Will Make You Laugh Till You Cry - The Daily Beast
  • 15. Porn on Paper: Why We’re Still Hot for Erotic Literature | Alternet
b. dating
  • 1. This Woman Is Illustrating The Awkward Pickup Lines She Receives Online | Huffington Post
  • 2. A 24-Year-Old And A 69-Year-Old Went On A Date -- Totally Naked
  • 3. Austin Billboard for Dating Site Told Undocumented Workers to Find Sugar Daddies - The Daily Beast
  • 4. British Woman's Formal Rejection Letter Is The Perfect Response To Any Unwanted Dick Pic | Huffington Post
  • 5. Tinder and Hookup-Culture Promotion | Vanity Fair
  • 6. The Other Olympic Sport in Rio: Swiping - The Daily Beast
  • 7. After Backlash, The Daily Beast Removes Article That 'Outed' Olympians
  • 8. IOC Calls Daily Beast Sex Article 'Unacceptable,' Author Sent Home From Rio
  • 9. Former beauty queen lives life as a sugar baby but describes herself as a feminist | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. Don't Be So Sure About that 'Connection' You Felt on Tinder: People Are Hiring Ghostwriters to Do their Online Flirting For Them | Alternet
  • 11. Dating app Hinge reveals its 40 most eligible NY users | Daily Mail Online
  • 12. Rise of the sugar mummies, by LINDA KELSEY | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. Clover names colleges with the hottest singles in the US | Daily Mail Online
  • 14. I Was Ghosted 3 Times In The Last Year. Here Are 6 Things I Learned. | The Huffington Post
  • 15. Exes Explain Ghosting, the Ultimate Silent Treatment - The New York Times
  • 16. WATCH: Sex on campus makes college kids feel inadequate -
  • 17. Hooking Up as a Core Requirement: Casual Sex in College Isn’t Optional Anymore, 'It’s an Imperative' | Alternet
  • 18. Woman inundated with unsolicited 'advice' on dating site | Daily Mail Online
c. 1sthand/ stories
  • 1. Family throws New Jersey teen rainbow-themed coming out bash | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. Sex on Weed: 7 Ways Cannabis Enhanced My Sex Life | Alternet
  • 3. Porn Stars Remember Their First Times: ‘Was I Giving Up a Piece of Myself?’ - The Daily Beast
  • 4. How Does A 20-Something Virgin Go About 'Losing' Her V-Card?
  • 5. My Phone Thinks I Need A Nose Job
  • 6. Women's Health readers share their stories of why they've lost their sex drive | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Police Surround Woman at French Beach, Force Her to Remove Her 'Burkini' | Alternet
  • 8. Lianne Stokes who wrote Below Average didn't lost her virginity until turning 30 | Daily Mail Online
  • 9. 11 Amazing Things I Learned Touring a Sex Toy Factory | Alternet
  • 10. Realizing You’re a Lesbian in Midlife: What Coming Out Late Really Means | Alternet
  • 11. 'Decided to sleep with the next guy I see, we've been married for ten years': Women reveal what REALLY happened when they went out looking for a one-night stand  | Daily Mail Online
  • 12. My First Time Sleeping -- And Falling In Love -- With Another Woman | The Huffington Post
  • 13. Whisper users lift the lid on sleeping with their co-workers | Daily Mail Online
  • 14. Could YOU live without sex? | Daily Mail Online
  • 15. I’m Asexual And Here’s What Sex Feels Like For Me | The Huffington Post
  • 16. Game of Thrones rescued me from prostitution (by being a prostitute!) | Daily Mail Online
d. nudity/ beauty
  • 1. You Can Dine Nude At This Eatery, Unless You're Old Or Overweight
  • 2. Will New Orleans Have to Say Goodbye to Strip Clubs? | Alternet
  • 3. Thousands Of Naked Blue People Flood City Streets For Dramatic Photoshoot
  • 4. 100 Sheroes Just Posed Nude At The Republican National Convention
  • 5. Artist Sarah Attwell spray-paints jeans on model to see if Londoners notice | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. Dancers at famous Atlanta strip club The Cheetah detail horrific work environment | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Sarah Ashleigh body paints topless model in London | Daily Mail Online
  • 8. Woman walks around London in sexual harassment experiment | Daily Mail Online
  • 9. Model walks down beach in spray-on workout clothes | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. Dubai hotel complains about pictures of Russian models | Daily Mail Online
  • 11. Miami plastic surgeon Phillip Craft reveals he's created his 'perfect' bride | Daily Mail Online
  • 12. Israeli female soldiers are not afraid to reveal their assets on Instagram | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. Inside the YouTube-Fueled, Teen-Spirited Wonder of Beautycon | WIRED
  • 14. New York surgeon 'has formula to make the perfect vagina'  | Daily Mail Online
  • 15. Changing face (and body) of women over six decades | Daily Mail Online
  • 16. Meet the 50-year-old woman really does look half her age | Daily Mail Online
e. celeb
  • 1. Bobby Brown Claims Whitney Houston Was Bisexual
  • 2. Today's obsession with fitness is leaving stars with androgynous physiques | Daily Mail Online
  • 3. Game of Thrones prostitute is a real life escort called Sahara Knite | Daily Mail Online
  • 4. Monica Lewinsky 'threw a tantrum when she found out Bill Clinton was cheating on her' | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. LA Lakers' Nick Young's pregnant mistress says baby is '200% his' | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. Jaycee Dugard reveals she had never been on a date but hopes to find love | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Micah Johnson Was Kicked Out of the Army for Stealing Panties - The Daily Beast
  • 8. Aubrey Plaza Just Revealed A Surprising Fact About Her Sexuality
  • 9. Kate Beckinsale swaps red carpet glamour for a giant inflatable PENIS costume | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. Chrissy Teigen’s Clapbacks Against Piers Morgan and Geraldo Rivera Make Her the Troll-Slaying Hero We Deserve - The Daily Beast
  • 11. How to Wear Chrissy Teigen’s X-Rated ‘Gyno Gown’ - The Daily Beast
  • 12. Johnny Depp's wife Amber Heard has the most beautiful face in the world according to face mapping | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. Dani Mathers sparks backlash after body shaming a naked woman on Snapchat | Daily Mail Online
  • 14. Meet Dani Mathers: The Playboy Playmate From Hell - The Daily Beast
  • 15. Sarah Jessica Parker reveals how she almost passed on starring in Sex And The City | Daily Mail Online
  • 16. We Need To Talk About WTF Is Up With Kristen Stewart's Sexuality | The Huffington Post
  • 17. The Candyman reveals his bedroom antics and tells Kyle Sandilands he lost count of the women he slept with at JUST 13 years old | Daily Mail Online
  • 18. That Famous Rape Scene In 'Last Tango In Paris' Was In Fact Not Consensual, Director Says | The Huffington Post
  • 19. Celebrities Express Disgust Over Non-Consensual Rape Scene In 'Last Tango In Paris' | The Huffington Post
  • 20. Model who was told she had to 'stop eating' to make it in fashion reveals how she became an Instagram star with more than 1.1 MILLION followers, earning thousands for just one post | Daily Mail Online
  • 21. The Year Celebrity Love Died: Brangelina, Aubrih and More Couples Who Split in 2016 - The Daily Beast
  • 22. Camila Cabello felt uncomfortable with Fifth Harmony being sexualized | Daily Mail Online
  • 23. The Bachelor's Megan Marx shows off her 'sex face' in revealing Instagram photo | Daily Mail Online
  • 24. Model sues ex-sugar daddy for kicking her out of free apartment | New York Post
  • 25. Miss Universe contestants in a swimsuit presentation | Daily Mail Online
  • 26. Scott Disick says he's a 'sex addict' in new KUWTK teaser | Daily Mail Online
  • 27. NAKED Doutzen Kroes and Lara Stone pose for Vogue shoot | Daily Mail Online
  • 28. Scarlett Johansson impersonates Ivanka Trump on SNL | Daily Mail Online
  • 29. SNL: Scarlett Johansson Savages Ivanka Trump with ‘Complicit’ Perfume Ad - The Daily Beast
  • 30. The Naughtiest Bond: A Glimpse Into George Lazenby’s Dirty Mind - The Daily Beast
  • 31. Anna Kendrick Had The Best Response To A Guy Giving Her An Orgasm | The Huffington Post
f. trump
  • 1. Trump Slut-Shames Alicia Machado, Urges People to Watch Nonexistent ‘Sex Tape’ - The Daily Beast
  • 2. Trump is seen in MORE Playboy videos taking Polaroids of models | Daily Mail Online
  • 3. Donald Trump Is Now Going Full On Pickup Artist - The Daily Beast
  • 4. Donald Trump says comments about women were 'for entertainment' as Playboy videos emerge | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. Every Woman in America Knows Donald Trump and Billy Bush - The Daily Beast
  • 6. Donald Trump 'would walk in on naked beauty queens at MISS USA pageants' | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Why Donald Trump's Latest Controversy Should Be A Wake-Up Call To The Pageant Industry | Huffington Post
  • 8. All of Donald Trump’s Accusers: A Timeline of Every Alleged Grope and Assault - The Daily Beast
  • 9. Attacked by Donald Trump - A PEOPLE Writer's Story
  • 10. Michelle Obama blasts Trump for 'sexually assaulting women' | Daily Mail Online
  • 11. Donald Trump And His Supporters Are Actually Making Women Sick | Huffington Post
  • 12. Howard Stern: I Knew What I Was Doing When I Had Trump on Show to Talk About Sex | Alternet
  • 13. The Race to Smear Miss Universe Alicia Machado as a Bloodthirsty, Drug Lord-Loving Porn Star - The Daily Beast
  • 14. Donald Trump’s ‘Apprentices’ Had to Agree to Go Nude - The Daily Beast
  • 15. On Melania Trump's Nude Photos
  • 16. Melania Trump poses naked for Max magazine | Daily Mail Online
  • 17. Melania Trump like you’ve never seen her before | New York Post
  • 18. Melania Trump’s girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed | New York Post
  • 19. Donald Trump Used Model Parties To Seal Deals, Industry Sources Say - The Daily Beast
  • 20. Why Trump Would Likely Turn the White House into His Fantasy Harem | Alternet
  • 21. Porn Stars Fear Life Under President Trump and VP Pence - The Daily Beast
  • 22. Our Sexist-in-Chief: Telltale Signs of A Misogynist In the Era Of Trump | Alternet
  • 23. The Man You Say Assaulted You Will Be President. Here's What That’s Like. | The Huffington Post
  • 24. Did Ivanka Trump say she wanted to MACE dad Donald after he complimented her figure | Daily Mail Online
  • 25. One Reason Trump May Have Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara | Alternet
g. ailes
  • 1. Andrea Tantaros: Roger Ailes Targeted ‘Wounded Birds’ for Sexual Harassment - The Daily Beast
  • 2. Sources: Kelly Said Ailes Sexually Harassed Her -- NYMag
  • 3. Ann Coulter Says 'Every Woman Who Has Ever Been Employed By Fox' Has Stories About Roger Ailes
h. robbie
  • 1. I Read VF's Margot Robbie Profile And Have No Idea What The Words Mean
  • 2. Renee Zellweger, Margot Robbie, and Blake Lively Exposed to Hollywood’s Insidious Male Gaze - The Daily Beast
  • 3. Margot Robbie Agrees That Her Sexist Vanity Fair Profile Was 'Really Weird'
  • 4. Twitter calls out Vanity Fair for sexist profile of Margot Robbie | Daily Mail Online
i. ratajkowski
  • 1. Emily Ratajkowski NAKED on a horse for Harper's Bazaar shoot | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. Emily Ratajkowski On The 'F***ed-Up Beauty Ideals Put On Young Women'
  • 3. Emily Ratajkowski’s Nude Attempt to Break the Internet - The Daily Beast
j. victoria secret
  • 1. Victoria’s Secret Paris Fashion Show underway as Gigi and Bella Hadid hit the runway | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. Jasmine Tookes stuns in $3m Fantasy Bra at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris | Daily Mail Online
  • 3. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Starred a Handsy Lady Gaga and Ethnic Clichés Galore - The Daily Beast
k. baloch
  • 1. Murdered Pakistani Icon Qandeel Baloch Had Zero F***s Left to Give - The Daily Beast
  • 2. Qandeel Baloch 'strangled by her brother for posting raunchy clips and photos' | Daily Mail Online
  • 3. Brother of 'Pakistan's Kim Kardashian' Qandeel Baloch killed her over Facebook posts | Daily Mail Online
  • 4. ‘Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian’ Drugged and Strangled in Honor Killing - The Daily Beast
l. bloom
  • 1. We Really Shouldn’t Gawk at Orlando Bloom’s Nude Paddleboarding Photos - The Daily Beast
  • 2. Thank You, Orlando Bloom, For Showing Us That a Dick Is Just a Dick - The Daily Beast
  • 3. The Internet Is Having A Field Day Comparing Justin Bieber And Orlando Bloom's Nude Pics
m. feminism
  • 1. Playing The Victim Card: Lindy West and Jessica Valenti’s Visions of Feminism - The Daily Beast
  • 2. The Daily Mail’s Sexist Crusade Against Women, from Maisie Williams to Hillary Clinton - The Daily Beast
  • 3. When Panties Are a Stand-In for Feminism, Because Capitalism Says So | Alternet
  • 4. Ailes' Downfall Is A Testament To The Rising Power Of Women
  • 5. The Upsetting Reason My Young Yoga Students Think I Should Be Married | Alternet
  • 6. Why Aren’t Feminists Up in Arms About the Slut-Shaming of Nude Melania Trump? - The Daily Beast
  • 7. Anita Sarkeesian on Life After Gamergate: ‘I Want to Be a Human Again’ - The Daily Beast
  • 8. Playboy and the False Normalization of the Hijab - The Daily Beast
  • 9. Map shows Hillary Clinton would win election by landslide if only women voted | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. Why Tearing Women Down Gives Us A Thrill | Huffington Post
  • 11. A Feminist Makeup Artist Reveals Why Women Are Afraid of Looking Overdone | Alternet
  • 12. More than 300 people stage peaceful yoga pants protest in response to Barrington letter | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. On Men's Disbelief That So Many Women Have Been Sexually Assaulted | Alternet
  • 14. Jennifer Aniston’s War Against the Paparazzi: We Must Stop ‘Buying the Bullsh*t’ - The Daily Beast
  • 15. Victoria's Secret is convincing young women this is the only way to be desirable | Daily Mail Online
  • 16. Student wins the support of thousands online after she publicly called out an older classmate who hit on her and said she made him feel like a 'pervert' when she asked him for class notes | Daily Mail Online
  • 17. Emma Sulkowicz: From Mattress to Therapist’s Couch - The Daily Beast
  • 18. Taylor Swift’s Spineless Feminism - The Daily Beast
  • 19. This Artist Sent Her Painting To The New Yorker On A Whim. Now It's The Cover. | The Huffington Post
  • 20. Ivanka Is Where Feminism Goes to Die - The Daily Beast
  • 21. It’s Ridiculous to Accuse Emma Watson of Feminist Hypocrisy - The Daily Beast
  • 22. How I Hunted My Sex-Assault Suspect Online and on Mexico Streets - The Daily Beast
  • 23. The Web Nailed the Wrong Man for My Sex Assault in Mexico - The Daily Beast
  • 24. To The Men Who Offer To "Beat Up" Guys For Me: Please Stop. | The Huffington Post
  • 25. What No One Should Say To Huma Abedin About Anthony Weiner
  • 26. Why This Year’s Eisner Awards Are a Turning Point for Women in Comics - The Daily Beast
  • 27. Tech Bros Don’t See Women in the Future - The Daily Beast
  • 28. MailOnline video shows catcalling across the globe | Daily Mail Online
n. study/ poll/ science
  • 1. Australian scientists say empathy attracts almost DOUBLE the amount of girls | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. 5 Lies You’ve Been Told About Your Penis | Alternet
  • 3. TCU study shows woman are attracted to men with female friends | Daily Mail Online
  • 4. Dating experts reveal the reasons you could be struggling to find love | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. Mystery Solved: 7 Reasons Why Guys Send Dick Pics | Alternet
  • 6. Low-cut tops bOOST women’s chance in job interviews | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Half of singles admit using social media to find out more about a potential partner | Daily Mail Online
  • 8. Sexting Might Actually Be a Sign of a Committed Relationship | Alternet
  • 9. How Women Really See Men: A Survey of ‘The Female Gaze’ in Art - The Daily Beast
  • 10. Cardiff University study shows women like gazing at women's naked bodies just as much as men's | Daily Mail Online
  • 11. Landmark Study Links Hormonal Birth Control And Depression | Huffington Post
  • 12. Men are more violent when they are outnumbered by women | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. Why the Clitoris Is a Subject of Beauty, Pleasure and Intrigue | Alternet
  • 14. Periods make women smarter and more likely to cheat claims University of Hertfordshire professor | Daily Mail Online
  • 15. MailOnline discovers which body type men like best | Daily Mail Online
  • 16. Sexist men who see themselves as 'players' are more likely to be lonely and depressed | Daily Mail Online
  • 17. Sexist Men Are More Likely To Have Mental Health Problems, Study Finds | The Huffington Post
  • 18. Which body types do women like best? | Daily Mail Online
  • 19. How many old flames should your perfect match have? Men and women both agree that when it comes to long-term relationships just two is ideal  | Daily Mail Online
  • 20. What Your Beard Says About Your Relationship Status | Alternet
  • 21. Men think women like tattoos but actually they find it a turn-off | Daily Mail Online
  • 22. Prague's Charles University scientists reveal types of breasts men really prefer | Daily Mail Online
  • 23. Researchers discover 'social attraction' neurons | Daily Mail Online
  • 24. Female genital cutting follows 'evolutionary logic' | Daily Mail Online
  • 25. Men reveal the real reasons they rejected women on Whisper | Daily Mail Online
  • 26. The things that baffle men most about women | Daily Mail Online
  • 27. Men reveal the things women get totally WRONG about them | Daily Mail Online
  • 28. Countries where men exaggerate most about their penis size | Daily Mail Online
  • 29. Men Quit Birth Control Study Citing Same Symptoms Women Have Been Dealing With For Years | Alternet
  • 30. Erect penis sizes compared across the world | Daily Mail Online
o. history
  • 1. Who Invented the 'Booty Call'?
  • 2. Happy, Sexy 70th Birthday to the Bikini (PHOTOS) - The Daily Beast
  • 3. The Surprising Origins of Kissing | Alternet
  • 4. Where The Hell Does The Word 'P***y' Come From, Anyway? | Huffington Post
p. sex
  • 1. People reveal the worst reasons they had sex with someone | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. Porn is 'warping minds' of teenage boys over the realistic depiction of sex | Daily Mail Online
  • 3. Research find men who watch soft-core more likely to have negative female views | Daily Mail Online
  • 4. Having sex once a week is the perfect amount according to new research | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. People who have more sex experience higher levels of happiness, study says  | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. The Top 10 Things That Scare People Most About Sex | Alternet
  • 7. More Than Half of Teen Boys Think Porn Is Realistic | Teen Vogue
  • 8. People Are More Likely To Have Unsafe Sex If They Think Their Partner Is Hot
  • 9. Religious People Say They Don't Watch Porn. Internet Data Says Otherwise.
  • 10. Sexism Is Literally Ruining Women's Sex Lives | Alternet
  • 11. Superdrug reports men think their new girlfriend is promiscuous if she's slept with 14 people | Daily Mail Online
  • 12. Animation reveals the inner workings and science of the male orgasm | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. Study Uncovers The Simple Secret To Maintaining A Red-Hot Sex Life
  • 14. Nipissing University finds people who help strangers in need have more frequent sex | Daily Mail Online
  • 15. Come on baby, (re)light my fire - NewsCenter : NewsCenter
  • 16. Mystery of the female orgasm may be solved | Society | The Guardian
  • 17. Millennials Aren’t Having Nearly as Much Sex as You Think - The Daily Beast
  • 18. ASAPScience breaks down the male and female orgasm | Daily Mail Online
  • 19. Women reveal how losing their virginity has affected their sex lives | Daily Mail Online
  • 20. Mystery of the female orgasm may be solved | Society | The Guardian
  • 21. Another reason to be nice: Altruistic people have MORE sex, say scientists | Daily Mail Online
  • 22. Women reveal the most bizarre times they've had an orgasm WITHOUT having sex | Daily Mail Online
  • 23. The Horrors of High Libido! Six Ways We've Used Drugs to Try to 'Cure' Women's Sexuality | Alternet
  • 24. It DOES get better with age! Middle-aged women enjoy sex more as they get older, study claims  | Daily Mail Online
  • 25. What Controls Our Sex Drive? When and Why Do We Feel Like Having Sex? | Alternet
  • 26. Attention, Men: Bright Light Could Lead to Better Sex | Alternet
  • 27. How older women have less sex... but they enjoy it much more because they become more adventurous in the bedroom | Daily Mail Online
  • 28. Science Says: Car Sex Is Still a Rite of Passage - The Daily Beast
  • 29. Researchers reveal same sex experimentation is far more popular than thought | Daily Mail Online
  • 30. Neuroscientist from Northwestern University explains how orgasms feel so good | Daily Mail Online
  • 31. Have YOU regretted a one night stand? Men and women both feel bad after casual sex (but for very different reasons) | Daily Mail Online
  • 32. Sexual Pleasure Literally Puts You Into A Trance | Huffington Post
  • 33. Tracey Cox determines whether men or women enjoy getting intimate more | Daily Mail Online
  • 34. 5 Things That Can Happen to Your Body When You Don't Have Sex | Alternet
  • 35. Sexting: It’s Just Part of Growing Up Now | Alternet
  • 36. Do Happy Couples Masturbate? -- The Cut
  • 37. Women prefer a BIGGER penis for a one-night-stand than for a long-term relationship, study reveals (...but both are bigger than average) | Daily Mail Online
  • 38. Why sex DOES get better with age: Three medical experts explain... | Daily Mail Online
  • 39. Did Monogamy Kill the Penis Bone? | Alternet
  • 40. Ever Wonder Where Women Fantasize About Having Sex? Here’s Your Answer | Alternet
  • 41. Number of sexual partners could determine how likely you are to DIVORCE | Daily Mail Online
  • 42. The Psychology Behind Why Threesomes Are So Alluring | Alternet
  • 43. Young people are having sex before dating | Daily Mail Online
  • 44. Women are more sexually satisfied at 80 says survey | Daily Mail Online
  • 45. Both genders can suffer 'post-coital dysphoria' after sex | Daily Mail Online
  • 46. Sex triggers an 'afterglow' that lasts two whole days | Daily Mail Online
q. advice/ edu
  • 1. 7 Things Men Should Know About Vaginas
  • 2. 9 Ways To Have A LOT More Orgasms As You Age
  • 3. Do YOU need to see a sex therapist? Ten signs it's time to take control of those issues | Daily Mail Online
  • 4. What To Do When You're Bored With Your Sex Life, According To Sexperts
  • 5. Rock Her World: A Guy's Guide to Oral Sex | Alternet
  • 6. The best sex moves to have to get good in bed | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. France's Amazing Teaching Aid Helps Kids Learn About Female Pleasure | Alternet
  • 8. What type of lover are YOU? Take our quiz to find out whether you're driven by lust, comfort or intimacy in bed  | Daily Mail Online
  • 9. 6 Common Misconceptions Adults Have About Sex | Alternet
  • 10. It's a Great Time for Virgins: Here Are 5 Fine Alternatives to Sex | Alternet
  • 11. There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Asexual - The Daily Beast
  • 12. Why Isn’t Pornography Part Of Sex Education For Teens? | Alternet
  • 13. Fixing America’s Lousy Sex Ed—With Sociology | WIRED
  • 14. Make sex after 50 the best of your life | Daily Mail Online
  • 15. How to know if someone finds you attractive: The five signs someone is romantically interested | Daily Mail Online
  • 16. People reveal the things they REALLY wish they’d been taught about sex | Daily Mail Online
  • 17. Young women reveal intimate things they wish they'd known before having sex for first time | Daily Mail Online
  • 18. Orgasm explained: How to stimulate every part of a woman's body | Daily Mail Online
  • 19. What does YOUR sex fantasy say about you? | Daily Mail Online
  • 20. Can Porn Really Teach Us About Sex? | Alternet
  • 21. The 14 Characteristics Of A Sexually Confident Woman | The Huffington Post
  • 22. Dating expert reveals how the little things could be stopping you from finding love | Daily Mail Online
  • 23. How to Have a Hands-Free Orgasm | Alternet
  • 24. Is Casual Sex Right for You? 9 Questions That'll Help You Figure It Out | Alternet
  • 25. It's Not a Race: What We Gain From Sex Without Orgasm | Alternet
  • 26. Expert Gary Amers shares ten definitive signs that show you are in love | Daily Mail Online
  • 27. 10 rules that every long-term couple must follow in the bedroom to keep romance alive | Daily Mail Online
  • 28. This is the type of man who will make the best lover, husband and father | Daily Mail Online
  • 29. The simple test to reveal if your sex life is in trouble | Daily Mail Online
  • 30. Women reveal the signs that prove they like a man | Daily Mail Online
  • 31. 5 Reasons to Have Sex, Even If You're Not in the Mood | Alternet
  • 32. What is the difference between love and lust? | Daily Mail Online
  • 33. On Valentine's Day, What Plato Can Teach You About Finding a Soulmate | Alternet
  • 34. 10 secret signs he's flirting with you | Daily Mail Online
  • 35. Why you shouldn't compare your sex life to others | Daily Mail Online
  • 36. 10 signals women send when they find a man attractive | Daily Mail Online
  • 37. Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Be Having More Orgasms | Alternet
  • 38. How to make someone fall in love with you in 3 steps | Daily Mail Online
  • 39. Is ‘The Guide to Getting It On’ the Best Sex Ed Book Ever? - The Daily Beast
  • 40. Want a promotion? Have daily orgasms! | Daily Mail Online
  • 41. Tracey Cox asks is love at first sight simply lust? | Daily Mail Online
  • 42. Sex: Men Desire It, and Women Control the Supply * Hooking Up Smart : Hooking Up Smart
  • 43. 6 Things People Complain About In Sex Therapists' Offices | The Huffington Post
r. porn
  • 1. Inside the Real-Life Porn Dorm - The Daily Beast
  • 2. Virtual Reality Porn Seduces Red-Faced Gamers - The Daily Beast
  • 3. Homeless men 'have been watching PORN on free internet tablets at Times Square | Daily Mail Online
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  • 24. Porn May Have Forgiven James Deen, But His Accusers Are Still Suffering - The Daily Beast
  • 25. Erika Lust: The Director on a Mission to Get More Women Into Porn | WIRED
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s. marines
  • 1. Marines Keep Sharing Women’s Nude Photos in Secret Groups After Getting Busted - The Daily Beast
  • 2. Senators to Top Marine: You’re Losing the War on Pervs - The Daily Beast
  • 3. Why Marines Might Get Away With Sharing Nude Photos - The Daily Beast
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t. scandal/ political
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u. sexwork/ product
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  • 10. Hong Kong's Sex Workers Are Ditching Their Pimps for iPhones | Motherboard
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v. legal/ crime
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  • 12. Court to hear Christy Mack 'rape fantasies' in trial of MMA fighter War Machine | Daily Mail Online
  • 13. Frenchman given prison term after sex with girlfriend without condom in Switzerland  | Daily Mail Online
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  • 27. Was Orlando Killer Omar Mateen Poisoned by the Closet? - The Daily Beast
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w. lurid
  • 1. Russian man chops off friend's genitals with axe after losing penis-measuring competition | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. Man claims he was fired for not having sex with his cougar fashion designer boss who 'would brag about having sex with a gun' | Daily Mail Online
  • 3. Thai woman slashes her cheating husband's penis at popular tourist spot | Daily Mail Online
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  • 9. Mexican man with the half-metre PENIS rejects reduction | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. Perth identical twins reveal body dysmorphia diagnosis | Daily Mail Online 

Views: 143

Comment by Drew-Silla on March 21, 2017 at 7:26pm

Rated for your use of the term "revenge porn" in an Our Salon blogging context, though more details of what precisely that entails would be greatly appreciated. Inquiring minds and so forth...  e i ee ii yo

Comment by Drew-Silla on March 21, 2017 at 7:29pm

Oh, I see... am reading some of the link titles now. Let me guess - you have accounts at Documenting Reality and Cute Dead chicks don't you? 

Comment by Drew-Silla on March 21, 2017 at 7:33pm

 "Thai woman slashes her cheating husband's penis at popular tourist spot" looks interesting. If I'm not back in 45 minutes send in the hounds

Comment by nanatehay on March 22, 2017 at 12:52pm

"Men and women both feel bad after casual sex (but for very different reasons)

It seems to me that if a man and woman have casual sex and can't agree to feel equally distraught about the wet spot, they probably had no future as a couple anyway. 

Comment by vzn on March 23, 2017 at 7:57am

hey drewsilla, rhymes with movie monster, thx for your acute sense of absurdity, see you zoomed into the "lurid" section, have always wondered is that your real pic or some random model off the internet?

FM feel the same way. thank god for military and thank god am not in it. but maybe it wouldnt be so dangerous if we didnt live in the orwellian Enemy Du Jour reality.

TM there is a whole genre of critical analysis/ writing/ research now on concern about how porn affects kids esp boys. its prob a bigger problem than growing up in the playboy generation. 

N whats up/ new man, think you have some insight there :)


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