frying pan to fire, but . . . was it rape?

The following is an attempted reconstruction of real events as they were related to me orally.

Emily was her daddy's little darling. Was being the operative word. Was, until she grew tits and ass.

Daddy was youngest of eleven children from an Ohio hill family, a war veteran, and an alcoholic prone to violence. Emily had witnessed much physical abuse of her mother at his hands but was mostly herself spared until she began to turn into a woman. She said it happened practically overnight, going from flat chested to C cup---the rest of her young body not far behind in development. Soon her shape resembled that of a 1950's coca cola bottle. 

From that point forward Emily, in her daddy's eyes, was 'slut,' or worse yet, 'whore'-- words she barely recognized but came to understand quickly. He ceased all kindness towards her, treating her in fact with open disdain and distrust. God forbid she be seen hanging out alone with a guy. As a preemptive measure to prevent intimacy with boys (best she could figure in retrospect) Emily's dad would beat her mercilessly upon every small suspicion or imagined transgression. 

At thirteen she began to run away from home. Once, made it hundreds of miles away before her and her friend were caught and questioned by some podunk local country cop. She was returned home, where she was punished and her life made more awful yet.

At 17 Emily ran away for the last time.. to be married---from the frying pan into the fire.

I can't recall if she told me her husband's name. If so I've forgotten, but she described him as "a biker." We all know bikers have manly codes of macho behavior, and seem to run in packs. This was the case with Emily's betrothed. 

Such a guy her hubs was that he took her, now 18, out to get a job, at a strip club. There, she and her rocking bod', pretty face and long wavy auburn hair were quite popular. She made quite a bit of money in tips, all or most of which was confiscated by husband when he picked her up from work. She had no car of her own so he took her and picked her up. 

At some point husband (who I will call Dick from here forward as husband is getting old)....... Dick started taking all his biker buddies to the club where Emily danced, to drink beer, ogle and cat call.

Apparently, the logical progression from there was to have parties at Dick's place in the country with all his biker pals in attendance, where Emily was asked to do her strip routine for the guys. The first time, she refused. The second time she was asked she refused too, but this time Dick raised a hand as if to backhand slap her, and ordered her to "get naked and shake them titties." He was large, drunk and scary serious looking so... she did. From there after she was the reluctant entertainment. 

Emily recognized before, but especially now, that she'd made a huge mistake marrying Dick and started to formulate a plan of escape. To confront him with such an idea would be dangerous she realized, so she gave no inkling of her thoughts. Dick "joked" about owning her but she knew that in his mind it was no joke at all. She did know she didn't like being a topless dancer at the club. The faces of the customers haunted her at night. Bad as it was there though, at the club, the parties at home were worse yet. 

Next night, Dick and his gang of manly men were playing poker at the country house. As she came and went bringing the guys beers (yeah, now a fucking waitress) Emily saw that Dick was losing in cards, and that he was pissed off about that. Finally it seemed he had drawn some good cards but didn't have the capital to raise up the pot so made a proposal to the last guy left standing in the hand. 

"Raise you a hundred bucks. If I win the pot is mine. If I lose, you get Emily for the night." The guy agreed to the terms while the rest of them there laughed, howled and whistled approval.

All this happened so quickly that Emily didn't even get a moment to protest, as if that would have helped her case anyway.

Last card dealt.

Dick lost. 

The card game broke up then and nothing more was said about the final hand, so Emily figured betting her in cards was a part of their deviant version of a good time, a ruse designed to shake her up. Ha. Really funny. What a relief. The winner was a 300 pound brute with stringy hair that hadn't seen shampoo for a goodly while. Not the meanest of that bunch but, well, she shivered at the thought.

Midnight-ish---Dick yelled for Emily in the kitchen. She thought they needed more beer so popped her head into the den.

Dick said "get your ass in here. It's time." 

"Time for what?"

"Time to pay off our debt. Get in the first bedroom and get your clothes off." 

"I will not! Have you lost your mind? Bad enough you, my husband, has me dancing for these neandrathals.. you are nuts Dick if you think I'm climbing in that bed with... Tiny, ewwww. No way no how unless you beat me senseless."

So he open hand slapped her in her right ear with his huge mit and she fell to the floor, surprised and dazed. Dragged her into the bedroom by her long pretty hair. Emily came back around in time to find herself on the bed, naked except her panties with Dick holding her arms over her head and full naked "Tiny" climbing up between her legs. She kicked and screamed, as if there was someone there to come to her aid. The continued howls of the gang could be heard as she paid off Dick's gambling debt. Hours later it seemed, she was finally allowed to cry herself to sleep.

The next day Emily left with only the clothes on her back and a toothbrush, but Dick caught her "escaping," threw her into the loft of the hay barn and locked the door. 

When she heard his Harley pull out to the road, Emily kicked out some weak planks in the loft until she made a hole big enough to slide through--then, jumped to the hard ground. She said it was nearly twenty feet and her right ankle was twisted badly in the fall, but not broken. Still it was painful (as anyone who has sprained an ankle knows), so she half walked, half crawled to the main paved road and flagged down a passing farmer. 

Eventually, some kind of way, she made it the 75 miles back to her Mom and Dad's house. Her dad had mellowed some by then, and besides she was an adult now, and injured too, so he offered some kindness. Emily found herself telling the story to her father then, declaring how she would see Dick dead or at least in prison for accessory to rape. 

Then, daddy dearest, explained to poor battered Emily that "a wife must obey her husband." Dad was an asshole no doubt, but a Christian who knew enough Bible verse to quote now and then.

"Ephesians 5Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord."

"The chance of a rape conviction, Emily, are between slim and none. Closer to none. This is the bible belt sweetheart. Welcome home. Stay as long as you'd like, and... hey, while you're up, grab me a beer."


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Comment by Jenny on March 21, 2013 at 1:09pm

Terribly sad and powerful story. Your Emily is a survivor, I hope she someday finds peace. 

Comment by koshersalaami on March 21, 2013 at 3:21pm

I don't understand your question. She was taken against her will with violence and while screaming. What's ambiguous here?

Comment by tr ig on March 21, 2013 at 4:26pm

My opinion is that it is/was rape Kosher.

Emily's dad's opinion may differ. Messed up ain't it.


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