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One of my favorite walks at the lake goes by this gorgeous old oak...


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OCTOBER 8, 2010 9:38PM

Just a pretty picture for your Friday evening pleasure...
I want to be there! What a beautiful picture..
it would be my favorite walk too
OMG, I wish I was there, but since I am not, I am very grateful for this wonderful, beautiful, there are simply not enough adjectives, picture....R
Thanks for your comments everyone, was hoping a nice view would be welcome : )
a beautiful place and a really beautiful tree.
May I walk with you?
Oooo lala, thank you.
Wow this was soo worth coming! Fab!!!
Just put Oregon on my list of places to visit soon! Thank you for this....
Fabulous photo. Thanks! r
Looks like Maxfield Parish, feels like home.
Kim, I love Maxfield Parrish, I'm completely thrilled you think so....
Okay I just got home and can I go there now?
Rated with hugs
That looks so great, like a beautiful painting!
Beautiful,beautiful eye, thanks.r
I should stop looking at photo posts because as always they depress me with my constant view of sand and grey. Great photo though.
If I close my eyes, I can astrally project myself there...Nice capture of an Ent admiring the sunset.
Wow! Beautiful photo - thanks for sharing!
Wow! How beautiful.

That is quite a stunning photo. I spent some time soaking it up.
Simply breath-taking.
Old oaks and sunsets were made for silhouettes! Beautiful job at putting us there with you!
Oak trees are my favorite. Beautiful.
Mornin' .... Thanks again for your nice comments!!
Just discovered this. Glad I did. Hauntingly beautiful.
Stunning. I can see why this is such a favorite walk.
Wow - just made the I-5 drive from Portland to Seattle yesterday...certaianly didn't see anything as beautiful as this.
Thank you fro sharing and bringing BEAUTY into my day.
Thanks again for coming by, everybody...

trilogy: This lake is actually visible from I-5 at the southern end of Oregon, but the gorgeous oak requires a hike as thankfully it's far from any road....
You can't tell by the photo, but this tree is quite old and is hanging on to the bank, roots gnarled around rocks...a great stress reducer just to go sit by it...
I am jealous but thanks for sharing anyways. When the night comes falling.... Just Jali Smiling and rating.
Love this image and place Thanks...


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