For Art James: Tale of the Baboon and the Ewe


'One day the baboon grew jealous of all the attention the ewe was getting by going lost for a few days, having all the news channels wallowing in every detail of the story to produce a lugubrious somewhat stomach-turning account of events.

The ewe was a well know attention seeker from grade school, when she would lay helpless in the meadow too overwrought to do her reading and writing, so a sister ewe stepped in to help her, sometimes guiding her hand on her tablet.

The baboon was a well thought of philosopher poet type character, a very cool mysterious low key type with different aspects to show that are not often shown i n situations that are related in print..though in cinema, with images flashing unaccountably through main consciousness, he would do well.

He came up with a plan: do an Oliver Stone type biography of ridicule on the ewe, showing her as she was and is, like Oliver showed us the real LBJ Nixon and Bush.

He bought an inconpicuous camera and knocked on the ewe's door. She had just been delivered home by 5 police guards , safe and sound, to be interviewed a few hours. She would come out to see him when she was done with the NY Times.

The baboon waits.

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Comment by Arthur James on August 31, 2015 at 1:30pm


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no comment? No.

I ( cc ) to local Zoo? 


no comment...

Farm seems sane,

and harvest winter

Squash - I get the

1/2 rotten gourds.


bambinos? and the

Alaskan Walrus have

Hard Times just like

James Mark Emmerling

and Cute EWES & Fun

Baboons, J.M. E ? I am

asked to try & not act?

as if Loco & a wine-o?

I swear 2-beers cause?

a Doze & no knows huh?


Who am I?

Who You?

I reads 

off line



Comment by James Mark Emmerling on August 31, 2015 at 1:42pm

it reads soberly off line but who you are Arthur, among other things is acting loco maybe wino, whether you are or not is not of the main is the context you build in your farm universe.

off line we read as sad courageous stories of diverse challenges and different traumas nbut  challenge is always stressful as are traumas...we all know stress...

it pulls us apart.

we chase the wrong part of our self.

eventually this quasi human being using yr body and tongue to talk and eat and drink

crumbles into you again and another mask

is manufactured

ad infinitum


mercurial.mercury swift.

Comment by James Mark Emmerling on August 31, 2015 at 1:43pm

a new moral sense encompasses the individual,it is unknownand like a new mysterious continent to discover but

part of me wants to  sail back to the mother land.

Comment by James Mark Emmerling on August 31, 2015 at 1:46pm

theres blashphemy on every tongue/let them say I walked in fair Nature's llight /and I was loyal to truth and to right.

the darknesss of masks must be looked above

up up look up

you will never surrender I know but you may be struck down by god for storming heaven too violently. humbled.

you ascend again.

bring baboon and ew =e  they are part of you of course.

send a letter to mother, I am off toseek our fortune I  shall return my darlingest girl

Comment by James Mark Emmerling on August 31, 2015 at 2:32pm

we ought to meet at a zoo at the baboon's house.

Margaret will bring a picnic lunch I will bring the music.

I was in your presence for an hour or so
Or was it a day? I truly don’t know
Where the sun never set, where the trees hung low
By that soft and shining sea
Did you respect me for what I did
Or for what I didn’t do, or for keeping it hid?
Did I lose my mind when I tried to get rid
Of everything you see?

In the summertime, ah in the summertime
In the summertime, when you were with me

I got the heart and you got the blood
We cut through iron and we cut through mud
Then came the warnin’ that was before the flood
That set everybody free
Fools they made a mock of sin
Our loyalty they tried to win
But you were closer to me than my next of kin
When they didn’t want to know or see

In the summertime, ah in the summertime
In the summertime when you were with me

Strangers, they meddled in our affairs
Poverty and shame was theirs
But all that sufferin’ was not to be compared
With the glory that is to be
And I’m still carrying the gift you gave
It’s a part of me now, it’s been cherished and saved
It’ll be with me unto the grave
And then unto eternity

In the summertime, ah in the summertime
In the summertime when you were with me

Read more:

Comment by James Mark Emmerling on August 31, 2015 at 2:33pm

that song for you art. go cry in yr beer? 2 today?

Comment by JMac1949 Today on August 31, 2015 at 2:52pm

Never paid much attention to sheep or baboon butts,  I do like beer though.  R&L?

Comment by James Mark Emmerling on August 31, 2015 at 2:57pm

baboons never paid much attention to YOUR butt jmac so you start at square one together.

they are canny philosophers.

sheep are attention seekers boo hoo I am lost save me jesus save me mr policeman mr army national guard. I am sailing in a storm to the Bahamas.

courage in physical things builds courage in life but just mowing the lawn is exercise.

Comment by Arthur James on September 1, 2015 at 1:38pm


James Mark Emmerling...

` ? ' no get overly  goofy?

Gov Agents can be Nice.

But? Fellow bloggers? huh?

Ya's Scare Some Away? no?

I read Off-Line after? Sun

Sets and-Hackers Doze?

no act as-Duh-Dry Drunk.


Comment by James Mark Emmerling on September 1, 2015 at 2:00pm

the ones I scare away are pussies Arthur no two or three ways about it. I am harmless as an old shoe. slip into me.

goofiness is a serious tool  of the kind of yoga I practice.


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