It's late, it's late, I should be abed

Asleep and a-dreaming where I lay my head

Instead I'm awake and reluctant to sleep

I don't think it's fear or even too deep

A question tonight, what do you hide

In fear that someone will tell you to bide

Instead of your freedom, you shouldn't be free

Your freedom's a threat to all that they be

Your bliss may be calling but what can you do

When others keep saying you're foolish to brew

A dream of a lifetime that's yours free and clear

Doing what's in you and having no fear

To do so would show them the life they have missed

As they toil and struggle and feel so dismissed

So they prey on your fears and slyly say go

But know if you do that no money will flow

You'll be broken and begging and homeless too soon

You'll be back, they just know it, before the next moon

But your job, it won't be there, your shelter is gone

There's no net there to catch you, you'll be all alone

They'll tut tut and say it's so sad this is so

And then tell each other we knew it would blow

Don't listen! They don't know, how could they, they're trapped

They've never been free, they are bound up and wrapped

They're stuck in their cages not seeing the key

Is right in their hand where it always will be

So take up your key and open that door

Just take it and go, let go of the mores

Your life, it is waiting and longing for you

Reaching out to you in all that you do

It's freedom and glory and comfort and bliss

Do what you love and it all comes to this

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Comment by J.P. Hart on March 22, 2018 at 8:59am


Comment by Anna Herrington on March 22, 2018 at 1:33pm

You're good with words, Phyllis, good with poetry/prose. Letting go of fear and 'safety' sounds so easy and it is just so not, sometimes, is it?

Having been so rootless in my adult life I never quite understood these fears of losing a roof over your head, losing a job, money, though.... but I was young, rather, and now as a home owner 'get' more easily the fears that rise over losing your roof... as a long term home becomes so much more, you get attached, memories all are contained within, while, when I was younger, I held no attachment to the 'roof' knowing I'd be fine in the back of my truck or in a tent if I needed, I know where some caves are....

Ahhhh, Youth.

Now, those fears creep in from time to time and I have to remind myself that it's just a house, even every thing I'm attached to, and I'd no doubt find a way to get along....

Then I remind myself a lot of this feeling of freedom and less worry I have is also due to being out in Pac NW where some people move into old school busses or into old-school tiny houses (read: funky cabin) and are proud of their out of the box solutions rather than ashamed or run out of town for it - or are proud of the chicken coop they rehabbed on somebody's farm for cheap rent.... there's always some weird vehicle turned home driving through around here.....and some people make great businesses building old timey caravans like an old circus caravan done up as a cute and tech savvy home. Tiny but adorable. ..... and 'home.' Much less conforming pressure going on out here, depending on where you look, I suppose...

Fear is crippling, isn't it? I'm so sorry your folks sucked at giving you confidence in your strength because dang, Ms. P, you are strong. NO DOUBT. You are one strong human, even on the days you're under covers and having full on PTSD triggers. You handle a lot.

...and please be careful of believing in, giving too much power to, words like Bliss as they seem so unreal - they can too easily make us imagine there's something perfect out there that does last forever without any misery or boredom or discontent ever showing up - and I suwanee, even if you're free as a bird all day every day we humans aren't meant to, aren't going to, fly high on/in bliss all the time..... unless the roller coaster of life of ups, downs, sideways, sudden lurches back and forth is what's really called Bliss - cuz no matter what that's how life goes for all of us.... up, down, backwards and sideways, sometimes, somehow or another, some level or another, no matter what it looks like from the 'outside'...

Sorry for rambling on, it's that word Bliss that gets me.

Maybe because I do live in the Pac NW.... (ha!)

Comment by Phyllis on March 22, 2018 at 5:07pm

Thank you, J.P. :)

Comment by Phyllis on March 22, 2018 at 5:15pm

Anna, I feel like you crawled inside of my head and described what you saw there:

old-school tiny houses (read: funky cabin) and are proud of their out of the box solutions rather than ashamed or run out of town for it - or are proud of the chicken coop they rehabbed on somebody's farm for cheap rent.... there's always some weird vehicle turned home driving through around here.....and some people make great businesses building old timey caravans like an old circus caravan done up as a cute and tech savvy home. Tiny but adorable. ..... and 'home.' 

I have a long time dream of a one room cabin, about 800 s.f. or so, a wooden bedstead with a patchwork flannel quilt, screens all around so it can be open for the summer, and a screened in porch. Grass all around and a woods at the edge of the meadow it's sitting in. Do you know a place like that? My sister is working to get my Dad to move to Texas which will give me my freedom, and I've longed to go to the PNW almost as long as I've dreamed of this cabin.

As for Bliss, I see it more as a trip than a destination and very mutable.

Comment by Anna Herrington on March 23, 2018 at 9:22am

Phyllis, your dream matches my own. Love the screens all around for summer, too.

I've lived in cabins like this, from Washington down into N. Cali., some delightful places, others with such hidden mold issues my health is still affected, others in communal groups (not for me. at all), others rented for tent, one school bus, two yurts, an octagon, one dome... a few cabins.

Legal marijuana has changed a lot of things out here, as have wine growers moving north, away from droughts in is more expensive, people are setting up grow sites without care for community or poisoning the land.... but there are definitely choices around, depending on what you're looking for, to buy land, to rent, to land share....

I want to buy land and live in a similar cabin as you describe, with plenty of room for dogs and trails I make through my own acreage, friendly neighbors not too close, not too far....

Some are found by real estate spots while other situations are through paper signs at local granges and natural food stores often have great spots on their boards that are never advertised widely.

I'm about to put a funky rustic cabin in my backyard, no acreage, and move out there for the summer nights, away from electricity to sleep, frankly...

Sorry, not really a help, but, you'd find your spot out here - it seems to me if the PacNW calls, those people tend to eventually show up. Remember Poetess/Carole Dixon? She and I didn't end up staying in touch much once she moved out here but she found her spot here, north of here, A frame, a bit of land, garden/orchard.... rented a place for a year or more to get to know the lay of the land then bought a place.... she felt called out here, too.

I ended up out here due to others being called but it's now home. I love the independent spirit so many have out here...

Good luck with your dreams and goals, good ones to have!

....and I hear you, on 'bliss.' You're more sensible than many  : )

Comment by Phyllis on March 24, 2018 at 2:01pm

Anna, Of course land is more expensive, The population of the planet is making land a scarce commodity. My fragile dreams can't handle stories of people spoiling the land, though. 

Monkey, I read a post this morning about aging, and why it hits us so suddenly when we're around 50. I've spent the day eating chocolate and cookies, and now I'm sorting out my book room because I'm going to be cat sitting this summer and that is going to be the guest cat's room. I hope it goes well, the three cats will have 3.5 months to get acquainted if they want to. But I want to get that room set up so that Simba will have a safe place if it doesn't work out. I'm going to find a screen door for the room, too, so that they'll have that way to get acquainted.

I sorted out my old dog bandannas today, too, not realizing that they still smelled like my dogs. The washer just got done washing them, so that smell is forever gone, as are the dogs. I'm thinking of getting a quilt made of the bandannas, and maybe incorporate the snippets of hair I have from all of them into the filling. That way they'll always be there to keep me warm.

Comment by Anna Herrington on March 25, 2018 at 8:26am

Aww, don't take my words too deeply, it's still the most beautiful land anywhere, imho, and the humans who live here know it and fight for it more than most humans do most places....

this land out here will change one, that is for sure. for the good, I do believe.

Comment by J.P. Hart on March 31, 2018 at 8:06am

and never mind at all

with eyes that watch the world and can't forget

nappy in torn clothing

this is not a test or is it

never my words ("^^")
I was over at the Vietnam Wall thinking maybe some of these 'state of the art' sports coliseums 'should have' the (last count) names of the 58,318 courageously fallen on stadium chairs. Name rank DOD. Tagged in copper embossed foil on the chairs where the shoulder blades rest. I was at the game...where'd you sit...section, row where ever with____how very many.
Maybe even a visual of holograms---gone soldiers relaxing, cheering,back home with us
On the other hand, gruesome horrific all this:
'Not until 1995 did Vietnam release its official estimate of war dead: as many as 2 million civilians on both sides and some 1.1 million North Vietnamese and Viet Cong fighters. The U.S. military has estimated that between 200,000 and 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers died in the war.'* *Brittanica

Phyllis do you remember Kind of Blue?
Fine blogger detailing on about PTSD of course not always w.a.r. related. I want to thank you for your adroit comment regarding sentience over on Steel Breeze's Art/Intel rendering.


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