Finally we get to "How the Russians did it." The vote total WAS effected by curbing the ability of certain voters to vote.

It cannot be overstated that NO election audit had been performed for the 2016 election in regards to the Russian hacking until very recently.  These specific and directed investigations being conducted by The Department of Homeland Security are now revealing that the Russians did, in fact, suppress Democratic vote totals through voter suppression by hiding their crime within the expected Democratic voter suppression now common in US elections.

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Comment by Ron Powell on June 25, 2017 at 5:22pm

@Kosh; I'm not the one that needs covincing. My common sense tells me that there is something inherently wrong going on here...

It's the juror who watches the video of a cop killing  an unarmed man and can see no wrong in the incident or no harm in an acquittal,  who will view all of this 'evidence' of treasonous malfeasance and  vote to acquit that you must reach...


Comment by MV Neland on June 25, 2017 at 6:23pm

@koshersalaami, I concur and ya got me thinking. Thx.

@ us all - Everyone is a little right in their assessments here. But, seeing them all together along with kosher's concise summary, i now see the Republican/Putin alliance as the key to much of the rest.

Standing back with hindsight over the past twenty to thirty years of US and Russian major events within our own respective countries, we can see the tension in the paradigm of conservatism that occurred in both countries, to a larger extent in the West  because of an already full-on Civil Rights Movement. The now threatened Civil Rights expansions last century shook conservatism and brought what was seen as dangerous upheaval to those favoring conservative values. The push for equity and social justice as many of us here would experience it, was expanding around the globe, sending shockwaves throughout any and all more autocratic systems. This propelled the Republicans onto a slippery slope where their interests and a Putin autocracy would later meet and become allies against what must have seemed an overwhelming onslaught of liberal tolerance. I don't see evidence of GOP alliance with Russian dissidents, but only with Russian oligarch's, heads of state, and their white Euro conservative Christian movement.

Thinking about it, i have to wonder why i didn't see the many similarities sooner. Maybe all the national security Cold War attributions that never made sense to me, like making sure vast resources got spent on preparation for winning an unwinnable nuclear war and surviving certain death instead of saving and enhancing life and our planet.

Alliances are often built out of need and mutual protection. There is no reason why many conservatives wouldn't have reached out for fellow conservatives while liberals reached out for dissidents and intelligentsia when the USSR collapsed. Each was the other's natural ally.

So, of course we're here! Where else would we be?

Comment by Ron Powell on June 25, 2017 at 7:26pm

@MVN;  "I feel the sun shining on my skin and i know some great source of energy and heat exists above me, tho i will never hold a single ray of its light in evidence of its existence."

There' no way to put it any better....

This IS poetry.....

Comment by koshersalaami on June 26, 2017 at 6:14am


Interesting analysis. The one thing I'll say about how Russia got that way is that American administrations brought some of this on themselves by mishandling the fall of the Soviet Union so badly.  We needed to assist Russian integration into democratic capitalism. Instead we both exploited and contained Russia, even though they were no longer exporting Revolution. Expanding NATO to their borders was a stupid idea- at that point, we should have been grooming them for NATO membership. We made them exploited, contained, and minor league. Russians yearned for a time when they had more global importance and weren't pushed around, so they turned to the past and a KGB apparatchik. Putin delivered. Putin was the answer to an American-created problem. 

Comment by MV Neland on June 26, 2017 at 12:30pm

@that angry buddha guy- Reagan had a deep river of cruelty running through him, that's for sure. Thank you for remembering. Yes, the Russians made an international plea for help for food, medicine, nuclear plant decommissioning, possible democratic processes...and he and his party leadership proudly saw to it that the Russian citizens starved by placing all levels of economic restrictions on congress and any sympathetic country in the UN, while US tax dollars helped fund any rising oligarchs that would do deals with US businesses.

@koshersalaami - And, somewhere in all of what angry buddha guy recalls about Reagan breaking Russia,  i'm thinking the seeds for an underappreciated alliance between certain Russian and US political players was forged. Clear the board and a new game can begin.

Wasn't Russia very much central - under different dynastic names. - to that region long, long ago?  Nor did the Western Alliance give them their central credit in defeating the Nazis. Ironically, had they not been successful, which entailed that they and Europe deplete their own resources and armies in the process, the US would not be the superpower it is today. Hmmm...Maybe Reagan knew a little history after all.

@Ron Powell - thx, Ron. The Muses flew into my keyboard yesterday. Always nice to see them when they do

@Ron Powell and @koshersalaami - the brilliance of the Russian/Republican/Trump electioneering, for all we see the evidence, is that Ron may be right...and they knew it.  We, at present, have no popular will to correct the voter disenfranchisement of blacks in this country, let alone reverse 400 years of white inculcated fear of blacks. Once again, one of our biggest weaknesses preventing us from protecting or advancing our democracy, is one of our biggest sins - racism.


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