As we sat in the little restaurant eating the delicious holiday food I noticed a little lady with a black kerchief and apron bring a plate and sit at a little table in the corner. She looked exhausted with eyes glazed over and a slump to her shoulders that told me she had been working hard since early in the morning back in the kitchen making the food we were enjoying.

I tried to get her attention to tell her how delicious it all was but even tho she had a name tag on I thought she was on break and I decided not to bother her. I watched her take her plate back to the kitchen slowly and head into the kitchen. I felt privileged.

In China they have restaurants that can seat a thousand people. We were eating at a Boston Market which has delicious traditional American food and it was geared to feed lots of people today for Thanksgiving. We were there early but a line soon formed and they were handing out the food for take out in massive quantities. The pies were all stacked up by the entrance and we grabbed a pecan one. Soooo good.

I gave a friend of mine a gift certificate to this place. I hope he enjoyed it as I know he doesn't have a penny to his name and appreciates food of any kind. This place has dinners for $11.89 that are very satisfying. Roast chicken, turkey, ham, great cranberry sauce, yams and mashed potatoes with gravy that seem very real. What is the secret to feeding lots of people?

We wondered what my Grandma would think of charging eleven dollars for a holiday dinner. She made do with the basics in dirt poor Indiana with an alcoholic husband and always produced food that was nourishing and good. They planted a big garden and turkeys and chickens were plentiful.

All the wait staff had on white shirts and black pants. There were tables with cloths on them outside to give food to the people who ordered online and were just picking things up. A hundred dollars bought you a dinner for four that just needed to be heated up. There was a lady leaving when we got there who was carrying five plastic bags of take out and a big strong man was hauling a large flat box that groaned with food which he put in his trunk.

The first customers we saw in line were on mobile wheelchairs that seemed extra large for these people. They were very serious about their food and took up a table for four. I tried not to look at them. A small lady with a shaved head sat all alone and a mother in a wheel chair talked to her daughter who prayed before they ate their meal. People watching was good today.

I'm glad the little lady in the black kerchief and apron got to eat quietly. I hope they pay her well to work that hard. I know the restaurant business is not easy. A chain restaurant like this has to be organized and human. I love to watch the show "The Profit" on television. He is a business man who goes around helping people be more efficient.

In a recent show he helped a family increase the productivity of their Bar B Que restaurant. He made efficient changes and supported the staff who worked hard while getting rid of the ones who were not doing a good job. He made the Bar B Que place a destination stop and increased the profits so that it will support the next generations well. Family businesses can work and people can be fed well while staff gets paid and the world keeps turning.

Feeding people is honest hard work. I noticed the Kentucky Fried Chicken place next door was closed for the day. That made me happy too. Corporations need to help their staff. Costco let their whole staff go for the day. Walmart was crowded and my neighbors who work there are still not home yet from work on Thanksgiving. I heard of a store where the staff voted to work the holiday because they wanted the extra money. Lots of trade offs in business.

Food. Maybe someday we will just pull up to some feeding tubes like we do with gasoline today. I am excited to hear abou the transparent solar panels that are being developed so things can charge with no cords when wrapped in the solar conducting film. We are going to be ok in the world. The future will be efficient and kind too. I just hope the little lady in the black kerchief and apron is getting some rest now.

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