Contract on (Kennedy) America

Contract on (Johnson) America

Contract on (Carter) America 

Contract on (Dukakis) America

Contract on (Clinton) America

Contract on (Gore) America

Contract on (Obama) America

Contract on (Hillary) America


By this ^  estimate we are in our 8th Chapter of u.s. right-wing fascUSt$’ Contract on America.

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- - - - - -

Maybe Russian hackers are involved in u.s. elections, but if I had to bet between Putin commissioning the hacking and our fascUSt$ hiring out the hacking to Russians or anyone outside u.s. jurisdiction, i'd bet on the latter, our tried and true fascUSt disinformation, geopolitical manipulators, deception-think tanks like American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, 

"EXPOSED: The State Policy Network: The Powerful Right-Wing Network ...," and with the launch of the website


Profiles of Right Wing Organizations

Right Wing organizations come in all shapes and sizes, from think tanks to legal groups, local and national lobbying organizations, foundations and media forums. At any given moment, the Right is at work in our public school systems, courthouses, in Congress and state assemblies. At the same time, right-wing groups are reaching huge audiences through media outlets they own or influence — promoting regressive policies that seek to drive wedges between and among Americans. '''


Marco Rubio Warns GOP: We Could Be the Next Target for Hackers

The Florida senator and former presidential candidate warns fellow Republicans not to try to capitalize on the leaked DNC or Clinton campaign emails '''

^ That was Rubio over a week ago,, maybe he's been brought up to par on our stink tankers'  schemes since then... and therefore is assured that at least for now the GOP is not on a hacker menu of exposure.

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