Fairy Tales of Life


You and I once had a chance

It was to be a lifelong romance

It would have been our own little dance

You in your veil and I with my lance,


Sometimes we might have stumbled

While I did my best you just grumbled

It wasn’t about who could be humbled

We would share love if the world outside crumbled.


But as fate was to have it

Darkness of an empty tomb where a candle was lit

You and I were to be an unusual fit

Someday upon a porch a happy old couple would sit,


It’s funny how strangers become

Once united supposedly as one

A union meant to last is now undone

A torch that burned out and can never be won,


A future that once had promise and burned so bright

Suddenly cold and as dark as midnight

You were the angel who would shed the light

And I was to be your shining knight,


It’s funny how the fairy tales of life go

Then the darkness of evil upon the earth shows

Upon the warmth of a once loving breast it snows

In an old dusty attic you’ll find the groom’s festive clothes.




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