That was said to the tune of Fuck the PoLees.

I finished applying for welfare yesterday.  My "ten days to get in the documentation" included four weekend days, and a bout of the real true flu.  When I asked for an extension, I was given an extra day, which didn't quite cut it.  So I dropped off the last of the forms I was able to get and asked for one more day to get the last one, and told them I couldn't find my SS card but that they definitely have a copy of it already.  

The supervisor responded with a note saying they need the SS card anyway, and they need the last form, and the case will be denied, as I had already been "given an extension."

So I asked the go-between to please get back the ten documents I had already turned in, bc I would simply reapply right now and would be that prepared anyway at the new interview.

INSTEAD, upon hearing I wanted the docs back to reapply...

the supervisor came out and said, "ok we don't need your SS card, and here is a form you can fill out in lieu of giving us the last document."

I want you to let that sink in.

For LESS than 420 dollars a month (bc i do have some income) that hateful person was going to deny me for "reasons" she very obviously knew were not valid.

And so you ask me to vote for Hillary Clinton.

And the more understanding among you cite the SCOTUS as the reason.

I am not swayed by the SCOTUS.

No SCOTUS is going to overturn Roe v Wade.  Instead, family planning will simply quietly take more and more hits, as it has during the past 8 years, with a president who is supposedly a democrat, and who has made moderate appointments.  Birth rates will go up, as they already are, among the poor.  Four states already have only one abortion clinic.  Many have statutes making it nearly impossible to get an abortion.  Planned Parenthood is cut to the gills.  

We ALREADY have a law - completely ignored - that says an abortion should not be prohibitively hard to obtain.  YET in both Dakotas (HUGE states) and Missouri and Mississippi there are only one clinic each.  Call me crazy, but I think that travelling clear across a Dakota is prohibitive for many.

In a recent article stating how tough the SCOTUS women were being during an abortion case, they were DEBATING if 200 miles one way is an obstructive distance to travel.  Well, for those of us with helicopters, it's probably no problem.

Hillary has said she could compromise on abortion.

There are no reasonable gun safety laws coming to this country any time soon.  Will the New SCOTUS, if appointed by Cruz or Trump, will it make Concealed Carry Mandatory?  No.  Nor is any other Supreme Court going to make us any safer - accept that.

Will the new SCOTUS LOWER the minimum wage?  Currently 7.25 an hour.  6.25 an hour with taxes taken out.  It will be another blog where I figure out for you how many hours people have to work at minimum wage to do basic things.  

Remember when groceries went up when gas prices were more than double what they are now?  Because: shipping?  Well, gas prices have come down 50%, grocery prices not at all.  Grocery stores are scary places these days.

Is another SCOTUS going to make minimum wage 15 dollars an hour effective next year or the next? Nope. Best case would be it goes to 15 an hour by 2020 or so.  I think 2021, most likely.  

Is Hillary going to appoint people that will overturn Hobby Lobby?  Hillary gonna appoint people that will manage the costs of Pharmaceuticals?  She going to appoint a SCOTUS that will legalize marijuana?

Will the new SCOTUS outlaw private prisons, and their slave labor for For Profit Companies?  Will it?

All you people talking in your shocked fearful voices as if it is SO OBVIOUS.

What do you think they are going to do?  Overturn gay marriage?  I sincerely doubt it but IF THEY DO, my need to have a job that puts milk on the table trumps that for me.

My need for ALL THE KIDS I KNOW TO FEEL THEY HAVE A FUTURE trumps that concern.  But again, i don't see that happening.  Imagining them repealing civil rights is not reasonable.  They will simply continue, as they have been doing all along, to weaken any protections offered.

Do we think Cruz's or Trump's SCOTUS is going to make us wear Muslim stars?  No, it isn't.

I am asking you a real question - what DO YOU THINK the SCOTUS is going to do that is so very very important that I should sell my soul to the devil and pull the lever for Hillary?

Obama was vetting a dude whose best victories included winning a case for Exxon and winning a union-busting case.

No thanks - we can get someone like that from the Repub president.

You people say "moderate."

I say, "I am hungry. Today.  I see hunger around me, every day."  

I don't have time for increments, and the kids who are turning to heroin in droves bc they see no future for themselves?  They don't have time for incremental health care.

Welfare gives 420 dollars a month max to someone, to live on.  That is to cover everything - because if you earn a dollar, you lose a dollar.  Welfare here in the Hudson Valley pays 420 dollars a month total.  Housing, shampoo, toilet paper, transportation, telephone.  420 a month.

Minimum wage is 7.25 an hour, no places hire full time, and many places no longer allow you to have TWO part time jobs - the one part time job wants you available at all times.  You know that, right?

And we are going to talk about increments?  And imaginary SCOTUS appointments made by Hillary that leave us, 5 years or 10 years down the road - the time when all the kids I know should be starting families - leave us better off?

Not under Hillary's SCOTUS, it ain't gonna happen.

Again - my sincere question to you - what do you think a SCOTUS appointed by Hillary is going to do that is so important that I should vote for her?  I want full examples - I am not a political scientist - there might be many things I don't know about that you do, and you can educate me.

What's it gonna do, undo all the quasi-Jim Crow laws that have come up in recent years?  That would be worth a lot.  That would be meaningful.  But again, wouldn't giving all the people who are affected by the quasi-Jim Crow laws, wouldn't giving them all a living wage have a huge effect on every single day?

Wouldn't dismantling private prisons, wouldn't that help their every single day?

You think a new SCOTUS will pass a law that when a cop shoots someone, it must be investigated by an independent outside source?  Doubt it.

Things are bad in this country, perhaps far worse than plenty of you realize.  The transfer of wealth to the top did not happen incrementally.  In the time it took our kids to go from Kindergarten to 12th grade, the value of a college education was lost, bc there ARE NO JOBS for college graduates to get.  That wasn't incremental.

And it was ALL WALL STREET.  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, with, of course, the backing of our government.

And Hillary is Wall Street.

I need Bernie now, and my kid needs Bernie now, and all the kids I see on the streets, another one dead last week, another one slit his wrists this week - they need Bernie now.

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Comment by koshersalaami on March 10, 2016 at 9:25am

On your list, the only thing SCOTUS might very well do is reverse Hobby Lobby. There is, I suppose, an outside chance at Citizens United, though I think that will be legislative. 

Comment by Zanelle on March 10, 2016 at 9:42am

We need Bernie!!!

Comment by Ron Powell on March 10, 2016 at 9:45am
Daisy Jane, the problem is , and always will be , the President can't make wholesale changes in our society alone. Our Constitution won't permit unilateral action on the part of the Executive. Our system of government t requires a modicum of cooperation between and among the three branches of government t to make change or to thing s work.

The Republicans have simply refused to permit Obama to govern. The race based obstruction has een so thick you can cut it with a knife.

All that can be don is to throw the Republican rascals/bums/s o bs out and bring in a Democratic crew of rascals/bums/s o bs.

Voting for Bernie won't bring us closer to the resolution of your/our concerns unless he has a Democratic Congress to work with.

Re the Supreme Court: First let me remind you that SCOTUS does not pass law and has relatively limited power to enforce any ruling they issue on any law that is subject to the interpretation of the Court.

There are laws that need interpretation. There are laws that need to be struck down there are rulings that need to be reversed or overturned.

The Supreme Court is , and always will be of vital importanc. Under our system it is one of the three main branches of government. Having reasonable, fair, objective , aware and open minded justices sitting on the bench should be of paramount importance to any and all who care about the current and future course our government should take on the many issues you cite in your piece.

Whether it's Obama, Clinto, irn, Sanders, our only hope for positive, progressive change and/or improvement in legal matrix that permitted the political and economic environment to become so corrupted and skewed that there are some who can't even imagine brighter days and lifetimes ahead.
.All I can offer you is my solace and words of encouragement, and the reminder that we have a shot with a Democrat as President. With a Republican ad President, we have no shot at all.
Comment by DaisyJane on March 10, 2016 at 9:49am

I would love to see Citizens United undone, and Hobby Lobby undone.  I would love to see all the ridiculous voting laws made cohesive, but under what court was it changed back to states making their own voting laws?  No matter what, I am glad Scalia is gone.  Would be hard pressed to find someone too much worse than he was.

Comment by DaisyJane on March 10, 2016 at 10:00am

Ron I didnt see that as I was making lunch and responding to Kosher's comment.

You make many good points.  I understand your view, I do.  I just don't adhere to it.  I will not vote for someone whose NUMBER ONE CLAIM is who she is not.  I need more than that.

Comment by JMac1949 Today on March 10, 2016 at 10:03am

DJ, I hear you, but with the Dem Superdelegate count the way things look right now I doubt that Bernie will manage to get the nomination; however if it's close in June I'll change my registration from Green to independent so I can cast my vote for Bernie here in California.

Comment by Ron Powell on March 10, 2016 at 10:13am
I'm not suggesting that yo should vote for HRC in your state's primary. I'm not sure that I will.

But, we absolutely must no, cannot, have a Republican of any stripe in the White House.

If Hillary becomes president, she'll more likely be subject to the influence of Bernie,and Elizabeth Warren than we could imagine that any Republican might... In fact, she'll be beholden to the Liberal/Progressive element/component of the party and population.

Lindon Johnson became the Civil Rights President that we imagined Kennedy would be.

HRC has the potential to become the people's president if the circumstances and situation line up in such a way as to require her to be nothing less.
Comment by DaisyJane on March 10, 2016 at 10:22am

jmac - do not believe the superdelegate hype.  believe me, part of me thinks that they ARE preparing us for the superdelegates to steal it, but i have been told over and over that they simply cannot.  for one thing, they will not be re-elected, those of them that get elected.  and for another thing, it will be the final nail in the democratic party's coffin.

all we need to worry about now is pledged delegates, and he is nowhere near out of the race yet.

change your registration and vote for the person you want in the primary.  there is nothing to lose.

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on March 10, 2016 at 10:30am

D-Jane  the Constitution has always allowed the mechanisms of the vote up to the states. Where the Court has stepped in is where those mechanisms violate specific aspects of the Constitution.

Comment by DaisyJane on March 10, 2016 at 11:05am

thanks, jw, for clearing that up.  i thought something was in place that made them stop the shenanigans for a while, and then something else made them start again - but i may well be confused (you see how precise my brain's storage banks are...).


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