Exposing Government Graft circa 2009

Below, submitted for your gratification is a disturbing expose' into the way a plethora of fiat currency was printed under the aegis of preventing a major economic crisis that surely did not go to waste as it was left up to a Democrat Administration under one Barack Hussein Obama who along with the work of Bill Clinton used the occasion under each White House to exploit the budget, the trust of the American people, and to compromise our nation into the hands of the enemy. If you would indulge this dissertation to see where the money goes and just why we in America are on a head long collision course with a currency collapse please take some of your precious time to be informed and perhaps horrified at the same time.

Exposing Government Graft circa 2009

 in February 2009, the U.S. Congress passed an $862 billion "economic stimulus" bill to help the struggling American economy recover from the horrible financial crisis of 2007 and 2008. Right now, federal agencies are spending this stimulus money at the rate of approximately 196 million dollars an hour, and they will continue to spend it in staggering amounts up until the September 30, 2010 deadline. Unfortunately, instead of being spent on useful projects that would revitalize U.S. industry and put American workers back to work, much of this money is being flushed directly down the toilet on some of the most wasteful projects imaginable. The truth is that nobody is better at wasting money than the U.S. government. In fact, some of the things that the U.S. government has been spending money on are absolutely mind blowing.

The following are just some of the examples of "stimulus waste" that we have seen over the last 16 months….

*Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida used $15,551 in stimulus money to pay two researchers to study how alcohol affects a mouse’s motor functions.

*The U.S. government handed over a staggering $54 million in "stimulus cash" to Connecticut’s politically-connected Mohegan Indian tribe, which runs one of the highest grossing casinos in the country.

*Syracuse professor of psychology Michael Carey received $219,000 in federal stimulus money for a study that examines the sex patterns of college women.

*$1.15 million in stimulus funds was allocated for the installation of a new guard rail around the non-existent Optima Lake in Oklahoma.

*Researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo received $389,000 to pay 100 residents of Buffalo $45 each to record how much malt liquor they drink and how much pot they smoke each day. Instead of spending nearly $400,000, the U.S. government could have achieved the same goal by having a couple of scientists join a fraternity.

*$100,000 in federal stimulus funds were used for a martini bar and a brazilian steakhouse.

*A dinner cruise company in Chicago got nearly $1 million in stimulus funds to combat terrorism.

*$233,000 in stimulus money went to the University of California at San Diego to study why Africans vote.

*The Cactus Bug Project at the University Of Florida was allocated $325,394 in stimulus funds to study the mating decisions of cactus bugs. According to the project proposal, one of the questions that will be answered by the study is this: "Whether males with large weapons are more or less attractive to females."

*One Denver developer received $13 million in tax credits to construct a senior housing complex despite that fact that the same developer is being sued as a slumlord for running rodent-infested apartment buildings in the city of San Francisco.

*Sheltering Arms Senior Services was awarded a contract worth $22.3 million in stimulus money to weatherize homes for poor families in Houston, Texas but a new report from Texas Watchdog says that the weatherization work was performed so badly that 33 of the 53 homes will need to be completely redone.

*A liberal theater in Minnesota named "In the Heart of the Beast" (in reference to a well known quote by communist radical Che Guevara) received $100,000 for socially conscious puppet shows.

*California’s inspector general found that $1 million in stimulus funds for a program to give summer jobs to young people was improperly used for overhead expenses such as rent and utility bills.

*Landon Cox, a Duke University assistant professor of computer science, was awarded $498,000 in stimulus money to study Facebook.

*The town of Union, New York is being urged to spend $578,000 in stimulus money that it did not request for a homelessness problem that it claims it does not have.

*Lastly, who could forget the $3.4 million "ecopassage" to help turtles cross a highway in Tallahassee, Florida?

Yes, the U.S. government sure knows how to waste money.

And the truth is that there is simply no way that the U.S. government would have been able to accumulate a debt of over $13 trillion dollars (and growing exponentially) without being incredibly skilled at wasting money.

In fact, the Pentagon says that there are literally trillions of dollars that it cannot account for.

Now how in the world do you lose track of trillions of dollars?

That takes some major league incompetence.

It is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. We were once the wealthiest, most prosperous nation on the planet, but we have recklessly squandered our great wealth. Over and over we kept voting for corrupt politicians who endlessly wasted our money on the most ridiculous things.

So now we will pay the price.

We are already being taxed brutally, but because of all the debt our "leaders" have gotten us into we are going to be taxed even more. We did not demand accountability from our government, and so now we get to face the consequences.

But no amount of taxes will ever be enough for this government. If we give them more money they just take that as a signal to get into even more debt. As a nation we are on a path that can only be described as financial insanity.

So is there any hope that the U.S. government will stop wasting so much money? Not with the current collection of Republicans and Democrats that currently inhabit Washington D.C.

The truth is that both parties have been wasting our money for decades. Many politicians will often talk about the need to "control spending", but when time comes to do it very few of them are ever willing to take action.

So until the American people decide to start sending a different kind of politician to Washington D.C. we are probably going to continue to see huge mountains of money being wasted.

Wake up America.

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Comment by koshersalaami on November 8, 2017 at 1:24pm

The list of waste has been around since before William Proxmire gave out Golden Fleece awards. Like this is partisan. You know better. 

You know what research is being funded, but you don't know what the research is being used for and Fox isn't asking. Maybe we need to know how big a health risk college intoxication is collectively. Maybe we need to know how much resources we should allocate to prevent STD's and unwanted pregnancies in college women, given that both come with associated health costs. Maybe research on bees gives us details on keeping hives alive necessary for crop pollination. Maybe studying the effects of alcohol on mice can be done more cheaply than further studies on humans with generalizable results. Maybe cactus bugs eat a cash crop or ecologically necessary plants in certain ecosystems and mating research gives them data helpful in controlling populations. We don't know why these grants were given. We haven't read the proposals. My niece studies fish behavior in ways that may have implications in the development of artificial intelligence, but you'd never make that link without being told that. My point is that not all research that looks frivolous is, and it's in Fox News' partisan interest to make this particular research look frivolous. 

Comment by Arthur James on November 9, 2017 at 3:22am


Comment by Arthur James on November 9, 2017 at 6:18am




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Comment by Doc Vega on November 9, 2017 at 7:56am

Kosher, I can always expect that you can rationalize anything big government does and spends for. The US taxpayer should not be victimized by the fiscal irresponsibility of the federal government especially in the midst of a financial crisis! That's the damn point! If the Bail Out was for emergency purposes then they should not be funding frivolously! There are numerous charitable organizations that could fund these bullshit projects once again the US taxpayer is the one who ultimately suffers for croney capitalism such as Obama authorizing failed ventures like Solyndra to benefit his buddies for already proven obsolete and uncompetitive technology and there tons of such failures besides Solyndra. Wake up, the government is not concerned about us. We have lost control of the monster and it's tearing down the laboratory!


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