Pope calls for concrete measures as summit on clergy sexual abuse commences

it’s being called an unprecedented summit

to the masses this reads as flowery language

sowed to further distract


Saying that Catholics are seeking action and not just condemnation

forces people of good conscience to step back and say “really”

what is the pope smoking that he can say these words

with a straight face


How can this group of men all stand under the same roof

uttering insulting lines like

together we may all lend an ear and listen to the Holy Spirit

why not shut the fuck up and listen to the victims crying for justice


Words like the good people of God are looking at us

expecting from us not simple condemnations

what does that really mean

why not just listen to the corporeal and let the Holy Spirit be


Pope outlines summit road-map

of twenty-one reflection points

to the assembly of pedophiles

a further insult to the survivors in attendance


The pope’s list should contain one point

zero tolerance

how this is not understood is beyond

the comprehension of the good people of God


This corrupt institution needs to be dissolved

its assets counted and distributed

among the victims and their families

the remainder used to carry out charitable deeds


This cabal of evil has no place

masquerading as men of God

pretending to be pious and in communion with God

when in fact they are evil, abusive and corrupt

Evil people always support each other; that is their chief strength.

~ Aleksander Solzhenitsyn

~ Image courtesy of Google

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Comment by Ron Powell on February 22, 2019 at 7:57am

"...why not shut the fuck up and listen to the victims crying for justice

The pope’s list should contain one point

zero tolerance..."

With these lines, the case is made...


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