From the garden today.......bye bye Summer!




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...turned into curry-ginger stir fry....
oh, yummy, whatever the hell curry ginger stir fry tastes like.

summer tasted good, this year. i navigated it in exquisite taste,
getting back in touch with my body, which is still viable,
i have decided, ha ha.

not much beach time, but they say the sun aint good for u no more.

fell desperately in love, that was nice.

bye bye summer, u served me well, i shall quote a poem about u,
i love u so...

O thou who passest through our valleys in
Thy strength, curb thy fierce steeds, allay the heat
That flames from their large nostrils! Thou, O Summer,
Oft pitchest here thy golden tent, and oft
Beneath our oaks hast slept, while we beheld
With joy thy ruddy limbs and flourishing hair.

William Blake, To Summer.
Thanks, heidibeth : )
I was just the one who provided the dirt...
Love that cantaloupes can grow in my yard!
What great colors!! Thanks for sharing your harvest.
I have a serious case of melon envy. Surprised the deer didn't get them since they always know just when they are ripe.
Thanks, z : )

joe, deer like cantaloupes, eh? I didn't know. My front yard garden gets intense heat all summer - the only reason I can think of they do so well. Not such a long hot season, here....
I do have an 9' black net and post fence surrounding, as far as the deer go - figured that was my only chance, all the deer around here. 

I did go out late, twilight, to shut the forgotten open garden gate last week, to find a young buck standing in my strawberry bed. Guess they like strawberries, too : )
Looks like a good harvest! I pulled up my tomatoes a couple of weeks ago. That's neat about the young buck in the strawberries.
I'm about ready to get rid of the tomatoes, too. 
Have started to shut down to only a couple beds now for chard, kale and spinach, peas, lettuce, through Fall....
ready to focus elsewhere! Although I will miss all this abundance from the garden.
I really want to meet your garden!
I don't think melons need a long summer, just plenty of heat as they ripen. The most fantastic melons come from Afghanistan, Iran, and nearby countries with rather short summers.
Jealous of your garden, I haven't had a veggie garden for a few years, being away from home several days a week takes it's toll on weeding and watering. Lovely stuff here. Always sad when summer ends.
Beautifully composed photo...soon to be a beautifully composted photo. Seriously, I always get sad when summer ends. We are in Florida now trying to stretch it out before heating home, turning on the heat, and hunkering down. R
Them some good pickins'. Why what beautiful melons you have JT.
Good stuff.
Very little left in our gardens but it has been enjoyable and we have a lot of pesto in the freezer to last us through the coming seasons.
that is gorgeous. i can almost taste that basil.
Beautiful. It's hard to feel sad for the end of summer looking at that picture.
PoetTESS, this year was the year for peppers and cantaloupes....I was just picking them and throwing them in the old bowl, there, when I thought the colors so pretty, I added a little calendula flowers for a windowsill bouquet and suddenly it looked glossy and ready for a photo!
It will be fun for you to meet the garden - I'm hoping next year we'll have somewhere to sit out there other than the garden bed rail.

joe, you know more than I about cantaloupe growing - I just made them a little pyramid of trimmed cherry branches and they went wild - short season, high heat, is exactly what seems to be making those cantaloupes so delicious. They're almost too sweet!

Rita, well, I am a little jealous you have a full-on career of importance! while I have always worked 1-5 part time jobs at a time. 
The garden is how I get grounded and content in Life.

I'm usually glad to be rid of the heat - still reaching 90 degree highs currently - but now it's year 5 in our needs-more-insulation (and capital) fixer home and I'm frankly dreading more cold days!
(6 more weeks! woohoo! getting excited about this trip...)
Gerald, I took the photo because it looked arranged and as if on purpose : ) I'd just put the bowl down and filled it - I did add the calendula flowers for a little bouquet to take inside, but the rest was just there after harvest. 
The calendula plant itself has a couple fallen over stems, there...
When I brought the bowl inside I re-arranged there for a 'better' photo - and none of those shots looked pretty as the first, taken in the garden.

tg - aren't they lovely? ; )
They are the most delicious tasting melons ever! I still can't quite believe they just grew so happily and prolifically: 2 vines, 23 melons. 
Meanwhile, the tomatoes plants look terrible, as if after a hail storm - haven't been happy at all this year..... ??

aka - embarrassed to admit, I've only made pesto once. (This is the first year I've grown basil that looked decent, too.)
Was a Thanksgiving years ago where I thought I'd try something new, a little pesto to spread on the baguette, I'm not fond but all the guys in the fam are - and I'd decided a little pear sake while prepping was a fine idea! wasn't fine. 
I know how little alcohol I can tolerate, but no.....I had to start the celebration early, while still having hours of cooking ahead. Ha! Time spiraled away, nothing was ready on time, and in a particularly brilliant move, I used the rubber spatula to stir up the pesto that was in the blender......while the blender was still on.
Never have I sipped while making Thanksgiving feast, again : )

Got a good pesto recipe - sans spatula rubber - aka? anyone??
Nope. No pesto recipe.
Not me.
My Big Sister the Hippy Social Worker got one , though.
I would put u in touch with her but she might start really liking you, and then you would become her friend, then you would be
invited to Maine to listen to NPR and spend
all goddamn day preparing delicious meals
at her kitchen counter, listening to her beau,
bobby the king of the hippies,
talk back to the radio & curse the culture & lay profound nuggets
of wisdom on yer head, 
while i would be sitting in the corner , where she would prefer me,
mouth shut,
but drooling and wondering when the hell the dinner was gonna be ready.

Wouldnt wanna put u thru that.
James - omg, I *am* your sister, only sitting in Oregon talking back to the radio!
Ha! I would like your sister.
I'd insist on you joining in, though, give you the rubber spatula to stir something. 
I'd want to hear your views and I'd no doubt tell your sister to back off if she started oppressing your voice and then she might push back as we're both used to arguing with boneheads on the radio (I like a little 'push back' and all while cooking and chatting) - and suddenly the situation goes south and: 
Hippie Mama Catfight!!!

(hey, that sounds fun : ))
Oh, it's Bobby who argues with the radio....
he can join in, too!
Okay - now I have been picking tart apples from the tree in the backyard, too sour to eat but they are ripe - the gorgeous birds swooping in and pecking wildly at them let me know - think I'll make apple butter....???
I've googled around and have recipe - 
but has anyone ever done this?
I hate to have these apples just rot on the ground as they have each year since we bought the house.....attempting to tamp down a little obsession growing within about wasting perfectly good potential food...
oh that's just too gorgeous! such gorgeous colors....I know it's nearly done, summer and it's killing me. I lost a lot of it this year, didn't really get to enjoy and it was a perfect summer, weather wise.

and now JT, I'm having an attack of the jeallies. about the only edibles I can grow here are herbs and rhubarb. that's a lovely photograph.
We were on the same wavelength - and day length. Looks wonderful.
[r] wonderful pic! best, libby
Thanks everybody : )

Monkey, what's up over there? 
Here, the deer are outrageous - the whole front yard is surrounded by tall net fence...which fortunately disappears into the background. The only way a garden can survive in this town..
Mom used to make apple butter, I have her recipe somewhere but may have put it in storage for the "Great House Selling Caper." I'll check. Apple butter and peanut butter sandwiches are so yummy.
P, I found a Martha Stewart recipe I am using for this year's batch - but thanks!! Don't unpack : )
Glad I came to see what I've missed. Gorgeous photo, mouthwatering. 

What a miraculous thing, one photo and a bit of human warmth and a wonderful comment stream wrote itself. 

Equinox harvest indeed.
Hi l'Heure!
It was such a nice summer in the garden this year : )
Perfect sanctuary from too much internet - and also, now neighbors stop and say hello all the time.
I named our house Rose House when we moved in due to all the roses the previous owner had planted in the 70s.......
apparently now the neighborhood calls us the Garden House.
That just makes me smile : )
(my oldest son says we are the Hippied-out House, garden in the front yard (I tease and call him '1950' for his old-fashioned views). 
I disagree about 'Hippied-out House,' but it makes me smile, anyway. 
'Garden House' from the neighbors, I'll take.)
Was reminded this morning of this part of the photo....

The wooden bowl was my 4 or 5 greats grandmother's breadmaking bowl, made by her carpenter husband and given to her, very late 1700s. My mom would oil it regularly and kept it in good shape, even though it had turned a long oval shape over the years from being circular in the beginning. I didn't understand the importance of that regular oiling of the bowl - and it now has a long crack in it, grown over the years.....
The bowl carries on as the harvest bowl.

I also inherited the family porcelain nightpot and the cupboard it sat in.
Many a generation of family asses have sat on that pot in the middle of the night.

Youngests inherit the interesting stuff ; )
5 greats...her bread-making bowl.
Made the year the 4th great grandma was born.

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