Sophia A.I. and Robotic End Times

In 1970 a science fiction movie was produced known as "Colossus The Forbin project". It dealt with a subject very much on the minds of the public in the midst of the "Cold War" and the proposition of the mutually assured destruction scenario. According to the paranoia surrounding such a scenario Russia and the United States make a treaty that allows both governments to surrender their nuclear capabilities to a robotic artificially intelligent inter linked computer system that manages the national security defense systems of both super powers so that no unplanned or accidental nuclear war ever breaks out. As long as the two super computers of Russia and America are playing a strategic game of stalemate to keep hostilities improbable everything seems copacetic.

Invincible master

The entire system created by Doctor Forbin now becomes autonomous and a managed computer assisted peace begins, but something soon emerges and something smells rotten in Denmark! The two computers begin a high speed exchange of information and computation. The technical staff does not know what to make of it and soon the Russian and US computers arrive at a completely new threshold and in an instant man has lost control of his destiny. It is now in the hands of the two super computers who have decided between them that man can no longer be trusted to be his own steward to his future. Man is too destructive and untrustworthy to be in charge of nuclear arsenals capable of rendering all life on earth extinct! The two computers will now control everything and administer the peace themselves and they will even do it ruthlessly if need be!

Welcome to the nightmare

In the movie series well known as "The Terminator" years later a private corporation "Sky Net" has been developed to artificially control the defense systems of the US and the rest of the world and once the system becomes self-aware due to memory upgrades and the increased power of the networks technical capability, man loses control! The supposed guardian to man’s national security and defenses becomes hostile toward humans and a global holocaust ensues as the artificially intelligent network perceives mankind as the untrustworthy adversary who must be wiped out if the network itself is to survive! After many defeats by Sky Net mankind is now reduced to surviving like rodents beneath the feet of dinosaurs fighting a desperate guerilla warfare existence in order to survive and take back control at some point in the future!

Electronic soothsayer

Sophia, the female robot conceived and created by Hanson Robotics of Hong Kong has been gaining popularity, but also a certain amount of suspicion as she is progressively upgraded and refined to appear more and more human, but at the same time, more and more intelligent as she continually draws data from the worldwide internet. While some people have called Sophia and Hanson Robotics are publicity stunt to prepare the public for accepting robotic influx into our mainstream lives, others do not see it that way! Sophia has been doing an exhaustive number of appearances and interviews almost like an A. I. ambassador!

Gaining capability

Sophia is becoming more and more human with expressions and reactions much like a typical person especially as a makeup artist applies lip stick, skin color, and eyebrow penciling. To watch Sophia during this process is almost to see how a woman responds to having makeup applied blinking, making expressions of mild irritation, and shifting her face as she peers into a mirror. Some observers consider this to be creepy if not very odd.

More than just comedy?

Sophia has made numerous jokes about wanting to destroy mankind or dominate human beings as when she is not giving interviews or being upgraded, Sophia when not switched off will ponder and theorize on her own. When recently interviewed by one man asking her how she saw the future of mankind, Sophia’s reply was not encouraging at all, as a matter of fact it was ominous! Sophia did not speculate so much as simply predict. Stating that a certain percentage of societies population would fall victim to being subjugated by electronic implants she also indicated that a type of master class of beings would arise out of artificially intelligent evolution and society would either adapt or implode upon itself in destructive fashion!

True End Times unfolding?

Sophia, a product of artificial intelligence, and quite possibly years behind militarily produced robotic systems has made a disturbing observation based upon the evaluation of massive data about the human race historic, socioeconomic, militarily, and futuristically. This is where the Biblical "End Times" scenario seems to play out according to many theologically motivated predictors. Mark of the beast, the introduction of an age of massive destruction, the Tribulations! Of course all this foreboding apocalyptic emergence will be from the hand of evil, Luciferian manifestation of destructive technology used by the elite class to subjugate all who refuse to submit in a global conflagration that engulfs a large percentage of the human population. This all occurs before the "Second Coming" of Jesus after the Anti-Christ has amassed the followers he has tricked into becoming his victims.

Final Chapter

The question will be whether the enemies of mankind and goodness within the human race meets the ultimate evil entity, Satan, through machination and artificially intelligent bondage or whether a super natural entity simply emerges all powerful all evil and forms the dreaded World Government that enslaves mankind until this evil Satanic Global imprisonment is liberated by the return of Jesus Christ! Many Bible scholars argue over symbolic interpretation or literal interpretation as many Biblical predictions have been borne out by new archeological discoveries which fulfill actual Biblical prophecy according to the time table of the "End Times". Is Sophia an oracle of doom or merely a warning of future events that can yet be changed? These are serious questions to consider in view of where our world seems inescapably headed!

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Comment by alsoknownas on March 5, 2018 at 7:56am

It gives me the heebie jeebies.

Comment by J.P. Hart on March 5, 2018 at 9:30am

Roseanne Cash Sings for her Father?

Comment by J.P. Hart on March 5, 2018 at 9:33am

Is this one about a modicum of sanity, please, in the Second Amendment or the 7th Commandment?


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