Dyson Set to Manufacture Its Electric Car in Singapore

Dyson Set to Manufacture Its Electric Car in Singapore:  After helping convince people in the UK to support Brexit, iconic UK vacuum manufacturer Dyson just announced it will manufacture its new electric car at a plant in Singapore.  Building their factory in Singapore instead of the UK after encouraging everyone to vote for Brexit?  Well - that sucks almost as much as their vacuums do.



World's Oldest Intact Shipwreck Found Off the Coast of Bulgaria:  The world’s oldest, intact shipwreck - thought to be an ancient Greek merchant ship, has been discovered off the coast of Bulgaria, with a complete rudder, rowing benches, and hold.  While maritime archaeologists were really jubilant about the find, President Trump told reporters that he prefers ships that stay above the water.


Study Finds Most Americans Wish to Die Before Hitting 100:  A Pew Research survey asked people if they would prefer to live a lifespan of 120 years or die earlier found that the overwhelming majority didn’t wish to live the longer lifespans.  Well, considering our exercise and dietary habits, I think its a pretty safe bet they’ll all get their wish.

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