Dunkin’ Drops Donuts From its Name:  Restaurant chain Dunkin’ Donuts announced it’s dropping the word “Donuts” from its name and renaming itself simply “Dunkin’,” which will align itself with the company’s emphasis on coffee and other beverages.  In related news, Starbucks announced they will be dropping the “Star” part of their name and simply calling themselves “Bucks,” which will align itself with the company’s emphasis on charging a small fortune for insanely overrated coffee.


Scientists Studying Urban Coyotes Say They are Monogamous:  Scientists at Ohio State University who study coyotes living in an urban environment claim that they are completely monogamous and that couples pair-off for life.  Wow, imagine that?  I had no idea that scientists at Ohio State were monogamous. 



NASA Warns Human Activity Causing Earth to Wobble:  New research by NASA found Earth’s wobble or polar motion - has shifted by more than 10 meters over the last century alone, and says human activity like burning fossil fuels - which melts polar ice caps, is playing a major part in throwing the globe off balance.  Global researchers say that while there certainly plenty of things to be concerned about on our planet right now, its important to keep things in perspective and remember that nothing associated with global warming could ever be quite as frightening or disgusting as the city of Cleveland. 

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Comment by Ron Powell on September 25, 2018 at 9:28pm

It's just as well... Their doughnuts went the way of the dodo ages ago...

Comment by Johnny Robish on September 25, 2018 at 11:49pm

Interesting!   I'm not a fried food eater, so I don't believe I've even been in a Dunkin' Donut shop. 


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