My boobs ache. And not in the fun way. Is there a fun way for boobs to ache? I don't remember, it's been too long.

Sutures came out yesterday and I'm finishing up the healing process. Dr. Cutie wasn't concerned about some mild discoloration on my left breast or when I showed him that the incision came apart a little at the bottom. It looked like a little piece of chicken fat was hanging out of my skin...except that it was my fat. Freakish, right? I put some gauze over it instead of the bandaids I had been wearing, then the chicken fat dried out so my skin could finally close up.

Ok, yeah, that was gross. More or less as gross as, with the external sutures gone, a couple internal sutures making themselves known by separating a couple other incisions.

So this morning I'm using tweezers, manicure scissors, and fingernail clippers to get in there and trim back the internal sutures enough so my skin could close up over them.

Think I sanitized any of that?--um, yeah, of course I did...

But that's not the reason my boobs ache. I'm getting used to new bras and trying to operate around the fact I got cut open and put back together. I'm subconsciously slouching, trying not to press my boobs into my bra cups or some-such nonsense. And it doesn't help that my office is a refrigerator. Sweaters don't help. Ever notice when your in a nice toasty sweater and you catch a breeze just right across your nose? Goosebumps. Instant headlights. Instant pain.

Or maybe they ache because they know Dr. Cutie wants pictures...OH YES HE DOES!

He's a professional in the business of boobs and he couldn't look me in the eye to say he wanted after-pictures.

It was adorable.

"Oh sure!" I said with complete nonchalance, sitting topless on the exam table. "I can swing by after another of my appointments up this way."

He looks at me then, his face all lit up. "Awesome!" Apparently not every patient takes him up on the offer, let alone one with ability or interest enough to follow through.

So at some point after I'm all healed up and he updates his website, my nude, headless torso will be accessible within a completely medical context.

In the meantime, I'm concentrating on my abdominal workout.

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Comment by Arthur James on September 26, 2013 at 2:10am


V.C. Gives excellent advise.

I have hunks chopped in legs.

Both lowers legs are scarred.

I'll never win beauty contest.

I also have a big tummy scar.

Maybe we share scars? Look.

I get shy showing boo boos.

You have a potent stamina.

You be a Wounded Healer.

read that book years ago.

Comment by lorianne on September 26, 2013 at 10:15am

Maybe this would work.

Looks teddy bear soft & its heated!

BONUS!  The straps double as a fashionable lil scarf, and you can also buy matching shorts!!

Oh those wacky Japanese inventors.


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