Donald Trump and the Arc of History. (a stoned rant)

We have to ask ourselves, what and how will the world think 300 or 400 years from now? What real difference will Donald Trump have made from that perspective?

These are big questions, but Marxism can offer one tool to examine that. I'll leave this question for others to respond to.

But if we want to analyze this, we have to have a deep understanding of history to make the best decisions. This is my take in a nutshell:

Perhaps the best historical era for us to study is 1780 to 1812. We went from the old monarchy to Napoleon in that time period. It was the 1700s versus the 1800s, but parts of significant changes affecting millions -- occurred rapidly. 

Take depressions, for example. They are economic earthquakes, and rumor has it the government defenses are inadequate. There will be no quick and easy fixes to reward the plutocrats when the Big One strikes. And just as Cheeto bragged about the stock market on its way up; soon he will get to wear the 50 lb. weight of a failing stock market and world economy.  In my opinion, there is no doubt that Mr. Trump will bumble his way into this swamp. It is only a matter of time.


Perhaps my second reason for writing about this is because I am an artist as well.  I go ga-ga about the idea of John Constable meeting David on a street in Paris. The crazy thing about artists is that they do all sorts of crazy things -- things like being a cultural detective and soothsayer. And in this process  I've come up with the theory that Trump may be perhaps be seen as a catalyst for a new aesthetic. What does that mean?


An obvious answer is that ultimately the world will have to start taking a left wing swing for a very long period of time.


But back to culture. Arts will flourish as they never have since the 1960s. There should be a cultural revolution coming down the pike. Perhaps we are entering a new post-imperial, post-colonial era. And that will be much, much better for us all.

The American Revolution started a match that ultimately landed on France. I am hopeful that the opposite thing will happen. I am begging to be adopted as an orphan of the French Republique.

 But I am trying to focus on what changes we can Think of John Constable meeting David in Paris.

This in my opinion, is one of the ways in which Mr. Trump will be remembered. Certainly from our perspective it is royally fucked up. But parts of history will be buffed away -- leaving only the pleasing change of aesthetic that happened then.

I think that Donald Trump is doing this. This is my joke:

What's the difference between Donald Trump and Godzilla?

A: Trump knows more words in English.

And no doubt, the third generation crime family is currently in the White House. 

US Grant, Nixon, and all the other grifter POTUSs, are penny slot machine players in comparison to the Orange Wonder.

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Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on May 21, 2018 at 3:40pm

First of all, I'd recommend that you go back to sprinkling your doobie brownies with powdered sugar instead of ecstasy.  

Number two, when there is a global depression, where do you think the money goes?  Are you a believer in the "POOF! Like magic, all the money is gone and now we starve!" theory???  If so, once them brownies wear off you should try to find a community college catalog and take economics 101. 

Fact is, the money supply only takes a slight dip during a depression.  The people who make out like the bandits they really are are the rich.  All of us proles get wage cuts, pink slips and eviction notices simply because the rich want to get richer.  Repossessing a $300,000 home because "POOF" it is now only worth $100,000 and the mortgagee owes them $200K NOW (which they and the mortgagee both know can't be paid) gets them a nice house to rent and makes them a bundle because the actual WORTH of the house never changed...  just the value that was arbitrarily assigned to it.

It's no different than what 'ol Johnny Rockefeller did with Standard Oil...  You force the little guy out of business because your fellow rich rat bastards give you a sweetheart, discounted deal (for Johnny it was the railroads) and then buy up the little guys assets for pennies on the dollar.  In other words, the rich get richer and during a recession/depression the rich get richer faster!

Make no doubt that if/when Trump causes a global recession/depression his Wall St. buddies and oligarchy global banker buddies with be quietly giving him the golf clap and will "buy" his reelection.

Comment by old new lefty on May 21, 2018 at 3:46pm

Actually, when the big economic downturn hits, money does just disappear. Values of stocks and bonds are just one thing. And when assets like this are tied as collateral to loans, the loans go bad, resulting in foreclosure and bankruptcy. It is a catastrophic chain.  As to the automatic bailout of the rich -- it might very well happen. But this does nothing to address the economic insolvency of "the little people."  Given current conditions, automatic bailout of the big boys may or may not be a feasible option at the time. 

My only hope is that in my semi-coherence, there were a few bits of reality.

Comment by Maui Surfer on May 21, 2018 at 5:21pm

SBA- I thought you were a finance wiz of some sort, can you say Bear Stearns?, does your vocabulary remember a family named Lehman Brothers? While asswipes like our current Treasury Secretary make out, even some of the traditional one percent take a dive, some, literally, 60 stories down ... Yeesus.

Comment by koshersalaami on May 22, 2018 at 8:55am

I don’t know much about the money supply stuff. However, I do know that the wealthy have to make their money from someone, and if that someone has no more money to spend (or even just a whole lot less), the wealthy have to make less money. Also, the worth of assets is not absolute. The worth of any asset is not just arbitrary, it’s based on demand. If, for example, a neighborhood deteriorates around a house that is kept up, the worth of that house drops because people aren’t willing to pay the same price for it as they once were, even in constant dollars. Yes, that house could now be bought at fire sale prices, but its worth is also determined by how much rent its owner can get for it, and if the neighborhood deteriorates, that number drops. On the other hand, if the house is bought on foreclosure, the new owners could still profit even off reduced rents because of how cheap the purchase was. 

The one good thing about the last election is that it will swing the country Left way more violently than would have happened if Hillary had won the election. We’re already watching it in the Democratic midterms, where establishment primary candidates are losing to candidates who are refusing to settle for Republican Lite in their Democrats, as more importantly are voters. (You’ll notice that this is happening without turning to the Greens.) If this continues, we’re looking at a reduction of the influence of money in politics, both from the standpoint of candidates who are ideologically less for sale and from the standpoint that the best funded candidates are losing. Money only runs elections and government for as long as votes follow money. Even though it doesn’t feel like the public has much of a say, given that candidates statistically follow the wishes of wealthy contributors a whole lot more than the wishes of their voters, who gets into office is ultimately a function of how many votes they get, not how much money was spent on their campaign. Citizens United may not only have a limited life span, the effectiveness of that Supreme Court decision may be weakening on the way down. 

In terms of what happens if a Depression hits to the wealthy, it helps to remember that by starving the Federal Government of revenue, they are starving their own safety net. The last two times this happened - the S&L crisis and the mortgage crisis - the Federal Government got involved in massive bailouts. What happens when they can’t? 

ONL, I hope you’re right about the arts. That would be cool. 

Comment by Maui Surfer on May 22, 2018 at 10:49am

Kosh- you just cheered me up. I now remember thinking what a blessing it was that the USA turned left to Obama as a response to Shrub the Lesser. Considering the Confederate Yankee makes Prince George look like Thomas Jefferson we may in the end benefit from all this far more than the tip of the nose can see ...

Comment by mary gravitt on May 22, 2018 at 12:07pm

Marx was never wrong about capitalism and politics.  Trump will go down in history as the President that put an end to Neoliberalism.  He will not do it on purpose, but by Karma.  He has too much faith in our "privatized" Werhmont.  Like Hitler, he will bring the finest military to its knees.  He wants to dictate history, but history will play him just like the Chinese do.  Like any demigod he wants to be worshiped and like any religion, it and he will end up in the dust bin of history a farce and a clown who deceived his people because they wanted to be deceived.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on May 22, 2018 at 3:25pm
Comment by Maui Surfer on May 24, 2018 at 12:23pm

duck duck quack quack


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