I am laid up right now.  Can’t use my right arm while it is healing from a fall.  

I was laid up once before, and at that time I could not walk.  My girlfriend (now wife) moved key art supplies to my bedroom from the studio in school, and I made small paintings on paper with opaque water colors.  This was during my probationary period in graduate school, and so in a few weeks, while still on crutches, when the faculty was invited into my studio to see my work, they were satisfied that, even when unable to get around, that I would paint.  I was granted full admission.

Now 43 years later I am again laid up.  Now the problem (temporary I am assured) is that I am effectively single handed.

I can’t use any of my cameras but one, and for that one am limited to auto options (since I don’t have a second hand to stay my shot and adjust the dials).  Also cannot use my right hand to steady the shot - so favor bright sunlight. 

So be it.  

These are with my Sony Rx100. 

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Comment by Terry McKenna on July 17, 2017 at 4:13am

thanks for taking time to look.


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