Doing the Work according to Byron Katie means taking a statement and applying four questions to it.   I was going to choose...."Religion is a fairy tale".   I dont know what my intent is tho since it isnt really something I wonder about.  Maybe Ill choose something more personal.   How about..."I am overwhelmed."  or "My house is a mess."  Maybe..."I don't need anybody."   or   "I am a painter."

                  Choice.  hmmmm...Byron Katie offers certification in this type of therapy.  I am assuming that anyone can do it but there are ways to make it more effective and when I watch her actively solving problems with people she is sooo good.  I think the four questions just keep you coming back to the situation that troubles you in different ways so that in the end you see things with more clarity.  

                  Ill take the painter quandary because this beautiful volcano is staring at me this morning begging to be painted and yet it is disappearing in a bank of clouds now and I wonder at this urge we have as humans to capture images in paint or words or doctrine.  Can't i just enjoy the scene without wanting to stop time?  

                  Statement..."I am a painter."   Is that true?   Well, I have been one in the past and nowdays I am a lazy painter.  Does that count?  A painter is someone who studies the world around them and tries to translate the images into something permanent.  I dont see anything as permanent tho so maybe I am not really a painter.

                  Is that really true?   This is where I see that actually I am a painter as it is something that I have always loved whether or not I actually do it.  I did buy two big canvases yesterday and maybe I should just forget mopping the floor and paint.  I can do both tho.  I can be a painter with a clean floor.  That sounds good.

                  How would I feel if I didnt have to ask this question?    I would be relieved.  My status as a painter would not be questioned and I would just arrange my life around doing a painting.  I can do that.  I have done it in the past and I would like to not have any judgment about being a quality painter...Id like to just paint and not worry about who I am.

                   What is the opposite of this statement?   I am not a painter.   That makes me sad.   I want to paint and I even bought spray paint to spruce up the rusty old fan and water tank here.  Painting is fun.  I like to have fun.  I can do it all.   I feel better already.  

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Comment by Rosigami on August 30, 2016 at 12:33pm

What an interesting way to look at things. For clarification, the 4 questions seem to be:
Is it true?
Is it really true?
How would I feel if I didn't have to ask this question?
What is the opposite of this statement?

It seems like it forces you to be thoughtful and honest about whatever statement you want to analyze. I like the way you did that.

(and...the photo is gorgeous.)

Comment by Zanelle on August 30, 2016 at 12:50pm

Yes, there is lots of information about TheWork online.  It works.  

Comment by JMac1949 Today on August 30, 2016 at 12:59pm

Questions can be good.  Self reflection can help.  R&L

Comment by Ron Powell on August 30, 2016 at 3:53pm
Are you sure?
Comment by koshersalaami on August 30, 2016 at 5:52pm
A question like "Am I a painter?" can sometimes be confused with "Am I a painter for a living?" or "Am I a professional painter?" Think Writer. Yes, of course you're a painter. And, truly, you don't have to ask that question.

The time when you might be inclined to ask that question is if you haven't done it in a long time. After I got married, I didn't play musical instruments for a long time, like barely for a couple of years. I was in a couple of early music groups and I complained about them a lot, so my wife talked me into quitting. The groups may have been a pain, but not playing for that period was a mistake. Be a painter. Stop being a painter at your own risk.
Comment by Zanelle on August 30, 2016 at 7:21pm

Self identity is so important.  I second guess myself alot and as life moves along I am changing my ideas of who I am.   This getting older stuff is so valuable. It strips us down to bare bones and actually makes us all on a level field.  No pretense.  Letting things go is ok.


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