1980. Carter was well intentioned but no match for Dallas. The rise of American Fascism was not checked and segregation replaced with Internal state sponsored terrorism ...racism without race; the on going destruction of the FDR power base was not checked under Carter. It was not about race, it was about control; white elite control. 

             Legislating morality...White southern morality, perhaps related to Chip’s very public outing as a pot user may  have pushed Carter into a hard line position on pot, ratcheting up the Nixon race war via the selective enforcement of drug laws. 

              American Fascism came out of the closet in 1980, Nancy and Ron...or Nancy’s People and Ron, out witted Carter and a juvenile, diminished left. The Dallas Cabal’s California Cowboy from Michigan...and Fancy Nancy took over where Nixon left off.

               Taking down the Soviet Union...was one thing that Dallas and evangelicals saw eye to eye on. Trump’s Empire State criminal enterprise went international as the feds mysteriously continued to avoid shutting it down. Trump was into New Jersey, already expanding his unchecked operation. 

               Nobody saw anything, or enough to put him down  permanently. Great accounting has its advantages, and having friends like Epstein helped too. No doubt the fall of the Soviet made Trump Teflon. Where were the feds? The feds were busily trying to run their whiter  world via their interpretation of “New” world order, which was not the FDR version, or even the vainglorious Dulles Brothers version. 

                 “New Democrats”  became the post Bush 43 Version of American Fascism. The left was moving beyond Nixon’s version of right, via mass incarceration and genocide.  The new bottom went from the poor to middle class. The poor and incarcerated millions...urban America, powerless...voiceless, were no longer a significant factor in American politics. 

                  While Trump was washing the stolen assets of the collapsed Soviet Union for the oligarchs, the feds saw nothing? Or were they too busy dealing with their bastard child...Radical Islam by 1993, to follow the steady flow of assets flushed through American companies? 

                   There was no real left, left.  The “New American Century”  began after thirty two years of increasing levels of internal state sponsored terrorism. The electorate was more than six million voters lighter in 2000, and after the Supreme Court ruled against justice to decide the election, Gore capitulated. 

                    Buildings came down. Why they came down is still up for grabs. If radical Islam was American made, how or why would  it have been used against America? Was the now global MIC signaling a new, post American era? Had the MIC decided that post Soviet, the US had lost its edge? Did the US have any edge at all without the blessing of the global MIC? 

                     American Fascism...took the post WWII advantage and America  down the crapper.  Ignorance at home and skullduggery from abroad  stoked race, economic, and religious  divisions.  The global MIC is diverse, agressive; more powerful than ever... and for sale. The problem is not the game, the problem is no longer American Fascism...the problem is survival. The question remains unanswered. Who will survive? How many will survive? 

                      Beyond the chaos of the present, will we again stand?  For how long?  Unity and diversity...are musts, not just to meet the requirements of a global MIC, but for survival of the planet. Nation States that fail to diversify their command and control systems...and unify their populations will fail, just as the US is failing now. The MIC will out live the US, just as the MIC out lived Germany to sell itself to the Americans. As long as there is an earth, people who have the ability to command and control assets will find a way to land on their feet. 

                      Strength through peace, unity, diversity...is the only path that makes good sense. Standing down the MIC is possible, but not going to be easy, or happen overnight; one brain at a time, starting with my own, I am not driving, fighting, or prepping. I’m all in, and fearlessly optimistic. My end of the MIC is standing down, not capitulating. What is yours doing? 

                       We have fallen, divided, into chaos. Standing down until the chaos sucks all the air out of the room and drops dead requires patience, and the ability to conserve precious resources...without panic. Those who must fight, must fight...elsewhere. Not here, not near, or anywhere people who understand the stakes hold ground.  The MIC will have only those who choose to fight to target, and this MIC has never had a better shot  in history at making every shot a kill.  We have invested billions and billions...trillions into creating the most lethal arsenal the planet may have ever had. 

                        I’m a product of the MIC, 47 years in. I know little else. War is failure. Those who believe wars are won have never fought. I’m all in favor of lowering the human population, but by choice.  Those who choose to fight should be shown the desert. Fight there...kill all of those who share your belief that violence is a solution to anything beyond human population control, which can be managed easily by other methods. 

                          I’ve never been happier;  I’m breathing a single breath fully aware of the  miracle that is consciousness, in the midst of chaos. I got here the hard way, and am  not going back. Take a breath, feel the freedom, visualize peace, and repeat. This is how we win, and survive, one miraculous breath at a time, unified and diverse. I’m just one TBIed old man, recovering from early childhood trauma and PTSD...fully credentialed and half functioning, alive, grateful, living indoors, with hot water.  

                          Who made me? You made me. Your hard work paid for my doublewide in the hills. I watched...I listened, I learned. I’m still working for US. Just not fighting, anything. My plan is to keep breathing for as long as I can, and keep pecking away, one page at a time, until I’m done.

                          Is this the MIC you paid for? Maybe not, but it’s the one you got...the one reading your comments, and grateful for them. I’m responsible for my end of it, the tired old end of it...the one arguing for unity and diversity; standing down, but not giving up, not fighting, but prepared to defend myself with the best technology that borrowed money can buy. The MIC is really spending like there is no tomorrow, today. I’ll be here breathing, watching, hoping for the best, happy to be of service.

                                        Happy Holiday!                      



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Comment by J.P. Hart on April 21, 2019 at 5:00am

Can you see the ocean? Ocean sees you!
Today is the first day of the rest of your life...
Keep reading and writing not fighting that'll be me at the meeting.
Vigorous dreams again ;} speculator can't decide on a toothpaste so he buys one of each. Flashing on Hoffman's Rain Main, the fisherman finds baking soda behind the leaf lettuce and portobellos and, thinking of William Faulkner's 'kept dry toothbrush'...
LO ;}! Sun is shining it's a new morning...!
Refugees are inadvertent. Complexities are logistical. Joan and Richie agree: pack the car and go! This be my last Roosevelt Rustbelt winter (could be the last time, I don't know...)L0}! I'll be out there having F.U.N! Points for sure on your elongated 'tab' enjambment.

Message ap-parenthood-ly:
a): ...house the people, living in the street
b): ...shoe the children with no shoes on their feet
c): ...feed the people who haven't had enough to eat

X: Compassion is the fashion! Sure, yeah-yodel 5th Ave. gives one pause...
Y: win Rocky win!
Z: on a horse with no name

And why not have a celebratory Easter Sunday? Ain't nothing like IT!


whoops! There's Breaking News OO Sri Lanka

close on Bangladesh? 1,2,3,4...

Comment by Robert B. James on April 21, 2019 at 6:22am


Comment by J.P. Hart on April 21, 2019 at 6:50am

...16 Parkside Lane...

Comment by Robert B. James on April 21, 2019 at 7:35am

Yea...I rambled. Switched between bar tending at 6:30 and 11:00...AM. Pancakes for sale, free for veterans. 

Comment by Doc Vega on April 21, 2019 at 8:34am

Jimmy Carter a former scientific reactor officer for the US Navy, a president who criticized his own countrymen for being lazy as he presided over a recession brought on by Democrat policy the and the implications of the CRA enacted under his watch would again emerge to haunt the nation again! If you want to make comparisons and blame certain groups that you don't identify with try doing some research into facts first. Obama specialized in the politics of separation during his presidency a typical Communist tactic!

Comment by Robert B. James on April 21, 2019 at 4:40pm

Vega! Get help. 


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