Discernment is the key to the Universe.

It allows going forward, sideways, in circles, or in reverse.

It brings all the things you’ve ever known,

and all the things you’ve embraced as your own,

to play with, waylay with, and create what you intone.

The gift of speech can be oh-so human when properly used;

but do not mistake those who cannot speak to be thought of as fools.

For speech is myriad in itself ~

it includes gestures, blinks, and what’s felt --

the only matter is the emotion that comes through.

It’s okay to speak to a Baby with babble and glee.

And none think twice if you blather out what you think they might see.

But wherein you leave impression

is your very own internal lesson;

what is indelible, is what you, and you only, know what you leave.

For to leave it off is indeed, Discernment’s gift.

It has no commodity other than in the releasing of your own fist.

The instant it appears

is the same instant in which you forsake fears,

and the riches that become you only enhance another chance to entice this tryst.

Aaah, the gift of the Nothing from which you began.

The blank palette, the gesso’d canvas, ready for your hand.

Discernment even pigments each very hue;

are they dusky, lusty, neon, or subdued?

Only you know the tiny vibrations your own sinew demands.

Instantaenous, the firings of sensation, muscle, nerve.

The clockwork precision that emits, and turns, on a single word.

Or even an inflection, propelling acceptance - or rejection;

acid tongue or sparrow song,

you get and give exactly what you observe.

The lesson bends, and melds, liquid within your Mind.

And thus in instants you create friends, lovers, and Time.

Oh, yes, enemies too you can make, but then-- what, there, is at stake?

It’s easy to be cruel, indifferent, negative,

but what’s difficult is to be Fine.


Graphic:  Redhead,

by Ian Robin MacLaury

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Comment by JMac1949 Today on July 3, 2017 at 2:33pm

Excellent.  My favorite recollection is running and rolling down a hill of soft grass with no other thought than my enjoyment of the sensation!  Such are the open hearts of a children, who never walk when they can run or jump.  That and the joy of fireworks and cotton candy and popcorn at the 4th of July Fireman's picnic!

Comment by The Songbird on July 3, 2017 at 2:38pm

Yes!  Run awkwardly!  Let your arms and legs fly~!  Whee~!! Fiiiireworks!  Good for the spirit - Happy Independence, Macs!  

Comment by The Songbird on July 3, 2017 at 7:50pm

Thank you Sophie, and nice to make your acquaintance.  I think that was what I was striving for -- that part of Spirit that always knows.  What is there - as well as what is not, as you said.  And therein is the place from which we decide to proceed, or step away.  


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