I’m rooting for rout, but a rout is difficult to find in the cards. The problem with half measures is that they can be, as we are watching now, too easily undone. There has to be a ever widening gap between them and us...and us needs to know not just the facts, but how to find them. 

        I’m with the kids, but I’m not letting them drive...yet. There is a great ignorance to step beyond...it’s difficult to straddle it patiently, but balance is required, at every step. They...the kids, are looking for flaws, and looking for shortcuts. Me, I’m looking for a rout. I’m looking to hear capitulation, and an admission of past  ignorance, personally overcome. 

         I can forgive. But not forget...not the petty crimes, but the high crimes, and those that went along for the ride. I’ll never forget...the facts.  I’m not angry,  but emotional. I feel.  It hurts to watch the ranking still, who have presided over this rightward shift, speaking as if they care, now. 

         I don’t blame the kids, the immigrants, the poor or even the great mass of deluded followers. I blame the power grabbers, the controller’s, the cold hearted dealers of destruction; those who cannot forgive. 

         A rout is difficult to watch, but I’ve mistakenly left the vanquished unsure of their defeat too often. I wish a good talking to would be enough.  They didn’t hear...they don’t hear...or see reality. They don’t seek truth or facts. They hate, and teach hatred, they monger fear. 

         I remain fearlessly optimistic, balanced...on both sides of a gap that needs to widen. We need to be beyond this, yet again. On one side is truth and justice, on the other side is a past that needs to be remembered and taught. We need to widen that gap so much so that we can’t return to an America that was never just, or truthful about her past. 

         If it takes a rout, then so be it. It will be no more difficult to watch then the crap we are being fed by ignorant elite of both parties. 

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Comment by Ron Powell on January 12, 2019 at 2:06pm

Well put....

Comment by Tom Cordle on January 12, 2019 at 2:07pm

I have predicted and am predicting a rout in 2020, despite the technical advantages the Founders built in for citizens in rural areas, advantages Reptiles have improved upon with gerrymandering and other corruptions of the democratic process. The test will come in the years that come after that rout, and that test will be whether Democratic power brokers learn from the mistakes of the Reptilian power brokers, evil men like Mitch McConnell who have clearly stepped on their dicks this time out. Only time will tell whether the Democrats, once they've gained total control, will be corrupted by power or not. To be or not to be, that is indeed the question.

Comment by Robert B. James on January 13, 2019 at 8:22am

Thank you gentlemen, for reading and commenting.

RP: I give it a tri.

TC: A rout is not the route that I would plan. I’d rather see five strong parties then one Russian and one fascist. I’ve been too close to the dems to think them the FDR version. That’s just me. When it comes down to those two choices, I’ll go with chaos.

As turtle on its back struggles, it  can bite the fingers off of its rescuer. 

Can I forgive? Yes. I can. Can I watch Nature do what she does? Yes I do. Is it difficult to watch? Yes it is. 

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 13, 2019 at 10:22am

A rout is coming, but, like the sixties, and I was one of them, you can't let young kids set the agenda, too idealistic and inexperienced. We need to lead them by EXAMPLE. It should be easier after the Report is released, even if it ends up having to be leaked, and we find out what really happened, a scumbag piece of shit fake billionaire did the bidding of the richest man on Earth because he desperately wanted to be more and more actual, not Fake, rich.

Comment by Robert B. James on January 13, 2019 at 5:25pm

Right on, except we already know. The shit is going down man. The kids need us there as much as we need them there.


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