despite isn't really in spite of;

more, it's not necessarily so.

it's what you find that you don't like,

and how you work around what you've come to know.

a bristling is only a listening.

what made you alert? what was it you heard?

was there an attack or challenge; but to what?

you only know by what you learn.

to see by distance, and go 'round it

is the best alert i have found thus far.

what is engaged, by defensiveness,

of a Sacred something that someone else set ajar?

a slither is a crack, an opening you didn't exact;

but when it appears, you know it's thought.

and the amusement comes by the knowledge given;

that you have something someone else does not.

and the distance between precedes you.

the longer you know, the further it grows.

to hone intent by inclusion

is invitation to both sides, to let in, or let go.

discernment comes by in challenge;

agreement to disagree has no amend.

it's a self-perpetuating motion,

that spites a fork in a road that you yourself lent.

it lends an ear to your own position;

what supposition was taken by mistake?

yes, for once, does not mean forever;

what is momentary comes into permanent place.

to de-spite a fork into a pathway you make

is to see a boundary you opened, from outside.

if inclusion creates derision,

it is only greed, coming after your pride.

to allow invites the balance

of each two sides upon what anything is dependent.

to ask, not tell, eludes foregone conclusions;

opinion is no better, or worse, by concensus.


GRAPHIC:  Carrot Love

Happenstance Find

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